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a/n: In the interest of making things easier for my readers, I decided to construct a master list of all the pieces of flash fiction I've done, arranged by fandom and/or series if it happens to be an original work.

Flash Fictions written before August 3rd, 2011 will link to my livejournal. Flash pieces posted after will be linked to dreamwidth.


For firegirl0 - Aizen/Ichigo, kitten
For hockeyiris - Hitsugaya and Shuuhei, an unlikely friendship
For motoko_kir - Ichigo/Gin
For animelover1993 - Shuuhei/Renji, reunion
For TheSorrowfulVampress - HitsuGin, Coke vs. Pepsi
For mistress_pirate - ShirosakixUrahara, Letting the Hollow out to play
For yamitoyoru - Stark/Ichigo, feral
For shizukashadow - Yoruichi, Kisuke, and Ichigo; pancakes
For anonymous - Renji/Ishida, unrequited
For mandalee1013 - Urahara/Ichigo, "Hands All Over"
For lemmings_live - Stark/Ichigo, promotion
For deceivingyou - Renji/Uryuu, studying
For firegirl0 - Aizen/Shirosaki, biting
For animelover1993 - Tatsuki/Soifon, infinite
For firegirl0 - Urahara/Ichigo, Lies and Promises
For hockeyiris - Stark/Hisagi, forest
For mistress_pirate - Aizen/Ichigo, "I have a bulletproof heart; you have a hollowpoint smile"
For mandalee1013 - Renji/Orihime, "Stutter"
For mistress_pirate - Tatsuki/Soifon, mistletoe
For gypsygrrl420 - KenseixShuuheixKisuke, oblivion
For animelover1993 - IchigoxUrahara, protect and destroy
For gokuma - cheerful Komamura fic
For firegirl0 - Aizen/Ichigo, songfic to "Howl"
For kechirase - Kyouraku/Stark
For deceivingyou - a happy/fluffy Ichigo/Uryuu
For azardarkstar - Aizen, Ukitake, and Shunsui; pre-The Beautiful Lie
For mandalee1013 - GinxKiraxMatsumoto, "The Ghost in You"
For yamitoyoru - Gin/Ichigo, romance
For gypsygrrl420 - Shuuhei, "Numb," Linkin Park
For sarshi_k - Gin/Urahara, backstabber
For mistress_pirate - Aizen/Ichigo, "Familiar Taste of Poison," Halestorm
For hockeyiris -- ShirosakixShuuhei, "Hurricane," 30 Seconds to Mars
For azardarkstar -- sequel to UraIchigo, "Lies and Promises"
For firegirl0 -- Aizen/Grimmjow, "The Hand that Feeds"
For mandalee1013 -- Urahara/Shinji, handcuffs
For sarshi_k -- Byakuya/Ryuuken, pride
For kechirase -- Aizen/Stark, dominance
For hockeyiris -- Ichigo/Stark, happy fic, Misguided Manipulation verse
For anonymous - Urahara/Ichigo, Lies and Promises verse
For gypsygrrl420 -- Shuuhei/Stark/Grimmjow,  sudden pet owner
For yamitoyoru -- Gin/Ichigo, Minutes to Midnight verse
For mistress_pirate -- Tatsuki/Soifon, candy hearts
For yamitoyoru - Stark/Szayel, voluptuous
For mandalee1013 - Urahara/Ichigo, Lies and Promises verse, "The Crow and the Butterfly"
For mistress_pirate - Ichigo/Aizen, seduction
For azardarkstar - Aizen and Shunsui, The Beautiful Lie verse
For hockeyiris - Ichigo/Neliel, mild fluff
For gypsygrrl420 - Ukitake/Shunsui/Shuuhei, tattoo
For azardarkstar - Kisuke and Lisa, Buyer's Remorse verse
For yamitoyoru - Stark/Ichigo, romantic fluff, humorous
For mandalee1013 - Renji/Kisuke/Shuuhei, "Hold it Against Me." 
For nati_a - Kisuke, "The Best of You" 
For azardarkstar -- Shinji and the Buyer's Remorse hit list
For hockeyiris -- StarkxHichigo, reflection
For mistress_pirate -- IchigoxIsane, "I never thought you'd notice"
For mandalee1013 -- GinxIchigo, Minutes to Midnight verse, First Times
For azardarkstar -- UraharaxShinji, Buyer's Remorse verse, Urahara's scars
For truebluefool516 -- UraharaxIchigo, cheesy pick-up lines
For hockeyiris -- ShuuheixGrimmjow, "The Kill" 
For ttenandayo -- IchigoxIshida, mullet
For mistress_pirate -- TatsukixSoifon, breakfast in bed
For gypsygrrl420 -- KenseixShuuheixKenpachi, "What did he do to deserve this?" 
For yamitoyoru -- Aizen/Ichigo, Nothing Ever Changes
For mandalee1013 - IchigoxAizenxUrahara, "Judas"
For firegirl0 -- GinxIchigo, "Jack's Lament"
For azardarkstar -- UraharaxUkitake, "Edge of Heaven" 
For ttenandayo -- UraharaxYoruichi, "shopping cart"
For azardarkstar -- "I was never worth noticing.
For kr4nky -- KenpachixByakuya, "tea ceremony"
For lemmings_live -- UraharaxShinjixIchigo, tag team
For mistress_pirate -- AizenxIchigoxGin, "I'm Not Your Pet"
For hockeyiris -- KenseixShuuhei, "Battle of One"
For mandalee1013 -- Renji, TBL verse, crush
For ttenandayo -- Chad/Himself, the doctor is in
For mistress_pirate -- AizenxIchigoxGin, playtime
For shizukashadow -- IchigoxKisuke, art prompt
For mandalee1013 -- Kisuke, Parallax 'verse, "Break"
For kr4nky -- Playing with Fire verse, KisukexShinji, comb
For firegirl0 -- AizenxGinxIchigo+Espada, Somehow, it just happened
For mistress_pirate -- YoruichixSoifonxTatsuki, sneak attack
For mistress_pirate -- TatsukixIchigo, For Your Entertainment'verse
For firegirl0 -- Yumichika, "Perfect Isn't Easy," Oliver and Company
For mistress_pirate -- "Inside Out." , YoruichixSoifon, SoifonxTatsuki
For hockeyiris -- IchigoxGrimmjow, snowfall
For azardarkstar -- UkitakexAizen, perfect enemy
For hockeyiris -- ShirosakiXRenji, intrigue
For mistress_pirate -- TatsukixSoifon, snowball fight
For azardarkstar -- Ichigo and Ulquiorra, long live the king
For firegirl0 -- RenjixIchigo, rebound
For mistress_pirate -- TatsukixSoifon, "Love Bites"
For mistress_pirate -- TatsukixSoifon, "I don't know what she saw in you"
For mistress_pirate -- TatsukixSoifon, blindfold
For azardarkstar -- Ichigo/Gin, have you tried evil?


For hockeyiris - Doumeki/Watanuki, celebrating the new year
For theablackthorn -- Doumeki/Watanuki, "The Fallen Butterfly"
For theablackthorn - Doumeki/Watanuki, Doumeki's birthday
For hockeyiris -- DoumekixWatanuki, "Maybe" 
For theablackthorn -- DouWata, "I'm ready now."

[Justice League (Various Universes)]

For firegirl0 -- Batman/Superman, "I thought that was mine"
For firegirl0 -- SupermanxBatman, "So... how are you?" 
For tmelange -- SupermanxBatman, jealous!Batman
For firegirl0 -- SupermanxBatman, tease
For tmelange -- SupermanxBatman, Save the last dance for me
For tmelange -- SupermanxBatman, catch me if you can
For tmelange -- SupermanxBatman, surprise kiss is a surprise
For firegirl0 -- SupermanxBatman, out of his comfort zone
For ancientlybroken - SupermanxBatman, invincible
For tmelange -- SupermanxBatman, I'll wait for you
For azardarkstar -- Superman finds lost keys feat the Flash
For rionarch -- Batman and Wonder Woman, "Shaken"
For ancientlybroken -- BatmanxSuperman, "Pieces"
For ancientlybroken -- "You look better when I'm drunk"
For tmelange --
SupermanxBatman, "Losing My Religion" 
For ancientlybroken -- BatFlash, I had the strangest dream
For mistress_pirate -- who spiked the egg nog? 
For firegirl0 -- SuperBat, voodoo
For ancientlybroken - SuperBat, sugar and spice
For truebluefool516 - BatFlash, cupcakes and evidence
For mistress_pirate -- SuperBat, Alfred's POV, "He's good for you"
For mistress_pirate -- SuperBat, Superman asks Alfred for advice
For mistress_pirate -- SuperBat, "I would wait until he's had his coffee first"
For truebluefool516 -- BatFlash, As the World Falls Down
For mistress_pirate -- SuperBat, what do you get for the man who has everything?
For mistress_pirate -- SuperBat, a little romance
For mistress_pirate -- SuperBatWonder, it's not easy being the normal one
For mistress_pirate -- SuperBatWonder ft Alfred, why are men idiots?
For mistress_Pirate -- SuperWonderBat, date night wasn't easy
For mistress_pirate -- Batman/Poison Ivy, One More Night
For mistress_pirate -- SuperWonderBat, lying to Diana is a bad idea
For mistress_pirate -- Numerology 'verse, Alfred, he gave me pie
For mistress_pirate -- Poison IvyxBatman, "Toxic"
For mistress_pirate -- SuperWonderBat, Fortress of Solitude
For mistress_pirate -- SuperBat, Alfred, let me tell you about the time...
For mistress_pirate -- SuperBat, turnabout is fair play
For mistress_pirate -- Martha and Alfred, tea and conspiracy
For mistress_pirate -- the Bat family, good old-fashioned country Xmas

[Fullmetal Alchemist]

For anonymous - Roy/Hughes, your memory visits me at night
For mistress_pirate - Mustang and Hawkeye, scorched earth
For hockeyiris - Roy/Maes, forever
For deceivingyou - Maes/Roy, first times
For hockeyiris - Roy/Ed, heat
For hockeyiris - MaesxRoy, possessive
For trappedbybunny -- EdxRoy, challenge
For hockeyiris -- RoyxMaes, "You and Me"
For hockeyiris -- RoyxMaes, coffee
For hockeyris -- RoyxEd, "Soldier" 
For ancientlybroken -- RoyxMaes, "I Should Go"
For mistress_pirate -- RoyxMaes, "not over the phone"
For ancientlybroken -- ensemble, the fire is so delightful
For hockeyiris -- RoyxMaes, drinking and New Years
For hockeyiris -- MaesxRoy, knives
For hockeyiris -- RoyxEd, "how the years go by"
For hockeyiris -- RoyxMaes, "you broke it"
For hockeyiris -- RoyxMaes, RoyxEd, it's a tradition

[Avatar: the Last Airbender]

For azardarkstar -- Jeong Jeong and Piandao, believable bromance
For rionarch -- Sokka and Ty Lee's White Lotus Order induction
For tsukiryuu -- older!TophxZuko, Tophdoesn't know how they didn't see this coming
For rionarch -- Sokka, Ty Lee, and Chey with Hakoda getting freighted
For rionarch -- Sokka and Tom Tom, hero worship
For azardarkstar -- better red than dead
For azardarkstar -- Zuko and Iroh, legacies
For mistress_pirate -- Azula, dangerous and beautiful like a forest fire
For mistress_pirate -- Azula, "I'm sorry, my nice button is out of order"
For mistress_pirate -- Zuko vs. Azula, she's still my sister

[Final Fantasy VII]

For margyydoodle - Sephiroth/Tseng, be creative
For firegirl0 - SephirothxCloud, packages
For firegirl0 - Sephiroth/Cloud/Zack, "Dance with the Devil" 
For firegirl0 - Cid, "You Can't Take the Sky From Me." 
For firegirl0 -- SephirothxCloud, badges and medals
For firegirl0 - SephirothxCloud, "Impossible," Shontelle
For boreal_forest - SephirothxTseng, control

[Final Fantasy VIII]

For cancerheart69 -- Zell/Seifer, "Mmm, tastes like chicken"
For cancerheart69 -- ZellxSeifer, tears and teddy bears
For kechirase -- SeiferxLaguna
For cancerheart69 -- Squall's dreams
For cancerheart69 -- "Unfaithful", ZellxSeifer, ZellxSquall
For rionarch -- Selphie in charge


For animelover1993 - Jazz/Prowl, "Pain," Three Days Grace
For hockeyiris -- IronhidexWill, "Iridescent"
For azardarkstar -- RatchetxMirage, "Monster"
For hockeyiris -- SunstreakerxSideswipe, incomplete
For azardarkstar -- ProwlxMirage, Prowl/Jazz bromance, "Set Fire to the Rain"
For animelover1993 -- OptimusxRatchet (TF: Prime), "Cinema"
For azardarkstar -- SunstreakerxProwl, (G1) "No Curtain Call"
For azardarkstar -- "these aren't the bots you're looking for"
For animelover1993 - Optimus and Sam, "Moves like Jagger"
For animelover1993 - BeexBarricade, "Riot"
For dellessa - Jazz and Prowl, (G1) consideration
For azardarkstar -- Knock Out, (TFP) the past is weakness
For animelover1993 -- RatchetxTwins, "Blame It"
For azardarkstar -- JazzxRatchet, love is a battlefield
For animelover1993 - JazzxPrime, Bayverse
For dellessa -- ProwlxThundercracker, are you surprised? 
For azardarkstar -- Knock OutxOptimus, (TFP) "trust me, I'm a doctor"
For dellessa -- JazzxStarscream, rattled
For jalaperilo -- MiragexHound, decadence
For azardarkstar -- TracksxWheeljack, he blinded me with science
For dellessa -- MegatronxOrion Pax, politics
For azardarkstar -- Jazz,Blaster, Bluestreak, Twins, celebration
For dellessa -- JazzxBluestreak, being stealthy
For jalaperilo -- Tracks and Sunstreaker, lovers/friends/rivals/snark
For azardarkstar -- MiragexSkyfire, "Someone Like You," Adele
For hockeyiris -- Ironhide and Lennox, birthday
For fuzipenguin -- SideswipexSunstreaker, "Inertia Creeps"
For animelover1993 -- Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, "The Sound of Madness," Shinedown
For camfield -- BlasterxSoundwave, the kids are at it again
For dellessa -- WheeljackxRatchet, science is tricky
For animelover1993 - JazzxProwl, "Stutter"
For fuzipenguin -- SideswipexSunstreaker, "Like Whoa"
For fuzipenguin -- SideswipexSunstreaker, glitter
For dellessa -- BluestreakxSoundwave, caught
For camfield -- Spike/Raoul, you are the worst gay man ever
For azardarkstar -- Jazz, alien abduction
For fuzipenguin -- SideswipexSunstreaker, smiles
For dellessa -- HoundxRavage, catch me if you can
For shibara_ffnet -- Chop Shop and Swindle, commercial tightrope walking
For fuzipenguin -- SideswipexSunstreaker, pirates
For azardarkstar -- ProwlxMirage, fairy tales are full of shit
For fuzipenguin -- Sideswipe and Wheeljack, hijinks
For dellessa -- MiragexThundercracker, happenstance
For fuzipenguin -- the Twins arrive into TFP verse, poor Fowler
For fuzipenguin -- SunstreakerxSideswipe, hate sex
For dellessa -- MegatronxOptimus (TFA), issues
For azardarkstar -- JazzxBluestreak, "Die Young"
For dellessa -- BlurrxShockwave, TFA, expedient
For fuzipenguin -- SideswipexSunstreaker, Prowl, exhibitionism
For jalaperilo -- Tracks being fabulous
For azardarkstar -- ProwlxThundercrackerxDreadwing, WWE-verse
For dellessa -- ThundercrackerxProwl, captivity
For fuzipenguin -- Ratchet and the Twins, Dear Lies 'verse, friendship
For jalaperilo -- SunstreakerxTrailbreaker, unconventional
For dellessa -- ShockwavexBumblebee, TFA, a good time to run
For fuzipenguin -- OptimusxSideswipe, Bay, the things we shall not name
For dellessa -- MiragexThundercracker, regrets
For dellessa -- RatchetxSunstreaker, Event Horizon 'verse, infinity
For fuzipenguin -- OptimusxSunstreaker, have what you need
For dellessa -- JazzxBluestreak, groove
For azardarkstar -- never stick your spike in crazy
For dellessa -- RatchetxProwl, adventure
For fuzipenguin -- SideswipexSunstreaker, anniversary
For jarakrisafis -- Jazz/Bluestreak, time heals all wounds
For fuzipenguin -- SideswipexVortex, why do I always end up with the crazies
For dellessa -- MegatronxBluestreak, brazen
For jalaperilo -- Knock Out and Breakdown, fluff
For dellessa -- BluestreakxVortex, all kinds of trouble
For fuzipenguin -- TwinsxOptimus, Sinister Kid
For dellessa -- MiragexMegatron, burn baby burn
For ladydragon76 -- BluestreakxSkywarp, now what?
For dellessa -- MegatronxSmokescreen, not according to plan
For ladydragon76 -- IDW, BlurrxStarscream, fast as fast can be
For fuzipenguin -- Dear Lies Verse, the Care and Feeding of Ratchet
For dellessa -- IDW, Cyclonus and Tailgate, dreams
For starfire201 -- JazzxStarscream, a little bit dangerous
For ladydragon76 -- RatchetxStarscream, G1, "Quit it!"
For dellessa -- ShockwavexBlurr, TFA, inescapable
For fuzipenguin -- RatchetxOptimusxSideswipe, Bay, agekink
For ladydragon76 -- SunstreakerxSideswipe, G1, wax n buff
For fuzipenguin -- SkyfirexTwins, G1, Aint No Mountain High Enough
For ladydragon76 -- IDW, Bob meets Megatron
For dellessa -- IDW, Megatron and Rodimus, "No, really, I'm the captain"
For fuzipenguin -- G1, WheeljackxOptimus, a little less conversation
For ladydragon76 -- Bay, MegatronxOptimus, making up is hard to do
For dellessa -- CyclonusxTailgate, exposed
For fuzipenguin -- G1, SideswipexSunstreaker, controlfreak
For Skywinder -- G1, SkyfirexMegatron, hiding from a persistent courter
For dellessa -- TFA, MegatronxOptimus, messages
For ladydragon76 -- IDW, Nautica and Bob, can I keep him?
For dellessa -- TFA, MegatronxOptimus, confusion
For fuzipenguin -- G1, SidesxSunny, Santa baby
For starfire201 -- G1, Bluestreak and Starscream, make you talk

[Ouran High School Host Club]

For deceiving you- KyouyaxTamaki,"We control our thoughts which mean nothing, and not our emotions which mean everything."
For theablackthorn -- KyouyaxMori, Kyouya tries kendo
For theablackthorn -- KyouyaxMori, Kyouya catches Mori napping
For ancientlybroken -- Kyouya, Dear God, it's me Kyouya
For theablackthorn -- KyouyaxMori, misunderstanding
For hockeyiris -- Kyouya and Kaoru, understanding
For hockeyiris -- KyouyaxMori, changes
For firegirl0 - KyouyaxTwins, sit down and shut up
For gypsygrrl420 -- HaruhixKyouyaxMori, strong and silent from the shadows
For firegirl0 -- KyouyaxTamaki, opportunistic
For hockeyiris -- KyouyaxKaoruxHikaru, thunderstorm
For theablackthorn - MorixKyouya, Mori does what it takes
For yamitoyoru - KyouyaxTwins, sexy times, "just a little bit"
For theablackthorn -- TamakixTwins, making sense of it all
For Sam -- Ensemble, cruel joke

[Kingdom Hearts I and II]

For ancientlybroken -- Axel, Is this possible? 
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, I'd spank you if I had a free hand
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, If you don't stop apologizing, I will grab you somewhere unpleasant
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, you're getting a little predictable
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, My feet can't find purchase, my eyes see only blurs. Everything I am is nothing without you, because now only you make my body more than a corpse with strings attached.
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, come on. Merman. Underwater sex. You can't tell me you've never thought about it before
For camfield -- RikuxSora, a little bit nonsense
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, sex in the dark
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, I refuse to lick that, call me pretty big boy
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, It wasn't that Riku minded that Sora called the cat pussy
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, don't say you love me you don't even know me
For camfield -- SoraxRiku, 'Fishin' Hole'


For yamitoyoru -- Gojyo/Sanzo, "Closer"
For yamitoyoru -- Kenren/Konzen, greed
For yamitoyoru -- KenrenxKonzen, "Feels like it should"
For Samantha -- Gojyo and Sanzo, punishment
For ttenandayo -- GojyoxSanzo, don't patronize me
For cptnsuz -- Youkai!HakkaixSanzo, vines
For cptnsuz -- Ensemble, end of the road

[Harry Potter]

For ancientlybroken -- SiriusxRemus with a touch of Snape, "don't you dare"


For azardarkstar -- Stark+Banner=science bros feat Pepper
For mandalee1013 -- Tony Stark, "Carry On," Fun


For sarshi_k - Voldemort and Co summon a demon and end up with Sesshoumaru (HP/Inuyasha)
For gokuma - SiriusxHakkai, beast (HP/Saiyuki)
For mistress_pirate -- Yuuko and Rangiku, sake (Bleach/xxx-Holic)
For sarshi_k -- Roy Mustang and Yoruichi Shihouin (FMA/Bleach)
For mistress_pirate -- Yuuko and Rangiku, up to no good (Bleach/xxx-Holic)
For sarshi_k -- Hermione and Gin, whomping willow (HP/Bleach)
For azardarkstar -- Zuko meet the Host Club. Host Club, Zuko. (AtLA/OHSHC)
For ttenandayo -- Azriel and Kisuke, do I know you from somewhere (IE/Bleach)
For hockeyiris -- Kyouya and Uryuu, good better best (OHSHC/Bleach)
For rionarch -- Ty Lee and Fuu, teahouse fun (AtLA/Samurai Champloo)
For mandalee1013 -- Roy and Yoruichi, hot springs (FMA/Bleach)
For ancientlybroken -- Wrath (King Bradley) and Zaraki, you can't do that (FMA/Bleach)
For k4nky -- KyouyaxShinji, afternoon tea, semi-public groping (OHSHC/Bleach)
For firegirl0 -- HawkeyexKomamura (FMA/Bleach)
For mistress_pirate -- Yuuko and Rangiku, I like the way you think (xxx-Holic/Bleach)
For cptnsuz -- Toph meets the Transformers (AtLA/TF)
For azardarkstar -- Sokka and Sideswipe (AtLA/TF)
For mistress_pirate -- Lady Crysan and Ichigo (WOTA/Bleach)
For mistress_pirate -- Lady Crysan and Ichigo and Sleet (WOTA/Bleach)
For firegirl0 -- Kyouya and Ishida (Ouran/Bleach), let us handle things

 Please let me know if there are any incorrect or broken links! :)

*LAST EDIT* 01/16/2015


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