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Commissions are OPEN. They will CLOSE on September 30th, 2017. 

Fanfiction and Original Fiction Commissions 


$13 for the first 1000 words
$10 for every 1000 words after that

Questions and Answers
These prices are for the minimum I will write to complete your commission. I may, however, go over the word count in the course of writing and if I do, that is on me.

We will discuss what all you want prior to me accepting any payments and I will let you know if your desires can fit in a particular word count or if you might have to pare it down a little. Turnaround time varies by fic size. 

You can choose to be represented as Anonymous by me. You may also choose to purchase a commission as a gift to another individual. 

Invoices will be issued. Payment is expected before the first draft is completed, but after the outline is agreed upon by both parties. 

If you wish to commission NSFW material from me, you must be at least 18 years of age, regardless of what country you reside in. I am in the United States and therefore, I am subject to US law. This is non-negotiable.
I have the right to refuse any commission. These things are non-negotiable, and I will not write them.
  • glorified pedophilia
  • abuse/rape=love trope
  • genderbend/genderswap
  • Jazz/Prowl romantically
Feel free to ask me about any other specific pairings/kinks/etc, but only the ones listed above are solid refusals. 

You do not have the right to claim my work as your own. I will post the story on my dreamwidth, AO3, and personal archive. The commissioner will receive a .doc file of the commission, but you are not allowed to re-post it anywhere. 

These are the fandoms I am familiar enough with to do the source material justice:

  • Kingdom Hearts I and II
  • Final Fantasy VII and VIII
  • Justice League (including DCAU, DCUA, Nolan-verse, Smallville, and the CW Arrow-verse)
  • Transformers (Bayverse, G1, TFP, IDW-MTMTE, IDW-RID/Ex-RID, Rescue Bots and TFA)
I am willing to add to an existing universe of mine; however, I may not claim the commission as canonical to that universe if it clashes with something I've already put together. 
How to Commission:

Please contact me through e-mail at wilkinson.cass@yahoo.com.

Initial contact should include a brief description of what you're looking for and your preferred contact e-mail. You will receive a response within twenty-four hours. 

The Commission Process: 

After receiving your initial request, I will contact you to discuss whether or not I can accept the commission. If I can, we will then further discuss the particulars of your request.

Once we have agreed upon a basic premise and rough outline, I will request the payment. Once received, I will write the initial draft. This will not be a final version, but a rough sketch that I will send to you for approval and to ensure that I am on the right track. Please do not hesitate to be honest and specific.

Once approval is received, I will refine and edit the fic into a final draft. I will send the final copy to you and then post it in a few days.

In the event of a cancellation: Should you find that after purchasing the commission, you do not wish to continue doing business, I will keep a portion of the payment equal to the amount of time I have spent working on the fic. If it is prior to the beginning of the writing process, than I will only keep enough to cover the fees. I reserve the right to keep what I have written thus far and finish it however I want.

If, for some reason, I am incapable of finishing your story, I will fully refund your payment to you and tuck the story into my "dead, never to be revived" folder.

If you are confused about anything, please ask. There's no such thing as a dumb question. I want to make sure we are all on the same page so that there is no confusion and that you are satisfied with the work I've given you.


1. Anonymous
2. Uglynicc
4. theaircommand
5. Open
6. Open
7. Open

Editing Assistance for Fanfiction or Original Fiction

$13 – for the first 5000 words
$10 for every 5000 words after that

I am offering grammatical editing assistance. I will use a track changes option so that the customer can accept or deny any changes made. I will offer suggestions to reword sentences if I find any that read oddly, and will point out characterization errors (within the context of the fic) along with plot-related contradictions and other activities typically associated with beta-work.

I will edit two pages of a document as an example of my process for any prospective customers. Payment will be expected once the project is agreed upon, and the customer will be invoiced. Completion time varies by the size of the fic and your placement in the queue. 

I will do my absolute best to catch all of the mistakes I possibly can. Each document will be double-checked. However, I am only human. I may miss a typo or two. However, if upon receipt of your edited document, you find a significant amount of mistakes and are dissatisfied with the work, you are welcome to contact me to resolve the issue. 

Feel free to ask any questions for clarification purposes. 

Please send an e-mail to wilkinson.cass@yahoo.com to contact me. In the e-mail, include a brief description of the work you wish to have edited including potentially sensitive content, and an approximate word count. 



1. Open
2. Open
3. Open


Feedback Assistance on Fanfiction or Original Fiction


$13 – for the first 10000 words
+$10 for every 10000 words after that

I am offering in-depth feedback. I can answer specific questions the author which has the author concerned, or I can address the more common issues such as characterization, plot, tone, setting, readability, etc. 

The feedback will be constructive and honest. I intend to offer helpful feedback so that improvements can be made and weaknesses can be addressed. I am not going to be mean, or purposefully cruel. However, if you are not prepared for honest feedback, please don't consider this service. 

I will not be posting this feedback publicly. I am not offering to post positive-only reviews on fic websites. This service is purely intended as a means to assist a writer with revising their work.

I am willing to offer feedback on up to three pages so that you can see what the feedback process will look like and how I will address any possible issues which concern you.

Please contact me at wilkinson.cass@yahoo.com with a brief summary of the work in question, any possible sensitive content, and an approximate word count. Completion time will vary based on the size of the work and the placement in the queue.  


1. Taken
2. Open
3. Open

Thank you for considering hiring me, and I look forward to doing business with you!



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