Mar. 12th, 2017

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Title: Flustered
Universe: Transformers Prime
Characters: June Darby/Arcee
Rating: M
Enticements: Xeno, Implied Sticky, Implied toys
Description: June did not know if their relationship was a tenable thing, she only knew how she felt, and how much she would fight to keep it.

Inspired by this absolutely wonderful piece of fanart by Novelty-Spark. 

Optimus had first caught her eye, but it was Arcee who left her weak in the knees.  )
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a/n: C'mon. Ya'll can't say ya didn't see this coming. ;)

Title: Seven Minutes in Heaven
Universe: IDW, Truth in Advertising
Characters: Bluestreak, Jazz, Blurr
Rating: T
Description: This is entirely Starscream’s fault. And as soon as Jazz escapes this closet, he’s going to make Starscream pay. He only has to survive being this close to Bluestreak without making a fool of himself…

He was starting to suspect that this was not a glitch, but sabotage. Sabotage by the name of a smirking, smug Seeker who was going to need a new paintjob and quite possibly a new spike by the time Jazz was through with him. )


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