Apr. 13th, 2017

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I had a random thought while I was at work today and maybe canon already answered this but...

If Cold Constructed mechs were sparked while the war was still ongoing, on either side of the faction lines, were they given a choice in which faction they wanted to be a part of? Or were they just slapped with a badge when they defrosted, sent to the frontlines, after being force-downloaded the bare minimum of what they needed to know?

How many mechs died without knowing what they were dying for? How many survived but still weren't sure what they were fighting for? Did they just stay in the faction they were sparked in? Were there defections? How common was that? Were they basically programmed/brainwashed into believing whatever side sparked them was the one they wanted to fight for?

Just food for thought and another tickmark of things that were Super Fucked Up about the Cybertronian War. Imagine screaming that "freedom is the right of all" and "till all are one" but defrosting newsparks into cold frames for the sole purpose of creating soldiers that didn't have a choice? (though I suppose the choice doesn't matter since they really expected these mechs to be cannon fodder, in that respect Optimus is no better than Megatron).

The hypocrisy burns, doesn't it? On BOTH sides.


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