Apr. 15th, 2017

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 So I finally sat down and watched Captain America: Civil War and not only do I have tons of feels, I have observations I need to write down before they eat me alive. 

1) TONY STARK NEEDS THERAPY YA'LL -- Like not even a joke, get this dude a therapist and some medication and someone give him a goddamn hug because can't any of his so-called friends see that he's falling apart? Jesus Christ. That moment that sold it for me was the final confronation between him and Captain America and he threw up his hands, fully believing that Cap was gonna kill him and the stark terror in his eyes, no pun intended, it gave me the fucking chills and there he is, sitting in the ruins of the Avengers and it looks like his goddamn prophetic nightmare from Age of Ultron and will someone please just notice he needs HELP. 

2) That kiss. Omg. That kiss. Why did they think this was a good idea? It made me really uncomfortable was what that kiss did. I knew, thanks to spoilers, at some point Sharon and Steve would kiss. But when the moment came, I watched it with a sense of horror that went kind of like "oh, look she helped him, that's great, oh god they're looking at each other. wait, is this where they're gonna kiss? but why? right here? there's literally no romantic tension in this moment? omg they did it. they kissed and why do I feel like I need to go throw up?" I think this is one of those instances where I have to side with the masses. That Kiss was both not needed and kind of gross and highlighting that she's Peggy's niece and then later they kiss only makes it more gross. DX

And it's not even a case of "eww het romance" but man, Cap had way more romantic tension with Black Widow than he did Sharon, and I definitely prefer the sincerity of the Cap and Black Widow friendship. 

3) Clash of Team Titans. Basically Team Cap America vs. Team Iron Man. There is a difference here. Not just in composition but also how they work together. Like seriously. Team Cap had way better rhythm in terms of working together. They were already a unit, united. Team Iron Man was definitely one of conflicted individuals who had no idea how to be a team. 

4) The quiet dignity of T'Challa has stolen my heart, good lord, I am so ready for the Black Panther right now. So. Fragging. Ready. He is handsome and I want to keep him and I don't know who that fierce lady is but I want to see her throw down with Black Widow, yes I do. 

5) Rhodes hitting the ground, Tony's reaction, and both him and Falcon arriving too late was probably the moment in the movie that I felt the most emotionally gutpunched, out of all of the emotional gutpunches this film delivered. 

I'm sure other things will pop up the more I think about it, but these are the things that stuck out to me the most. :)


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