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Because I need some kind of list to get myself organized. Feel free to ignore. ^_^

I'll probably update this as I go. It's just nice to get some organization down and see what kind of things to expect. I'll delete things I feel I won't ever do, and add things I'm feeling more energetic toward. Things may disappear and then come back. I just never know. XD

Chapter-Length/Arc Type WIPS
  • The Art of Self-Destruction
  • Apple a Day
  • Flights of Fancy
  • Despicable Me
  • Until It Breaks
  • Wretches and Kings/Points of Authority/Through the Never/Across the Line
  • Event Horizon - Zero Sum
Ongoing Series
  • This Calamitous Life
  • All This and Heaven, Too
  • Upon a Star
  • Play By Numbers
Upcoming Additions to a Series
  • War Without End - Megatron
  • War Without End - Sequel
  • Truth in Advertising Sequel - Raise the Bar
  • Crown the Empire, post Salvage and Reign sequel, featuring Hot Rod(imus)!
  • Play By Numbers Sequel
  • Interwoven Final Arc - Inseparable
  • Seven Days - Harpyformers BluestreakJazz
  • The Beginning - Perceptor/Drift
  • Number One Crush
    • Ageplay
    • Docking
    • Remote control sex toy
    • Clothes/Lingerie
    • Alt-Mode Sex
  • Mastermind Final - Bluestreak/Soundwave
  • Crown the Empire - Postscript - Undaunted
  • Behind the Scenes
    • Ratchet/Prowl - petplay
    • Bluestreak/Jazz - handfeeding and trust
    • Bluestreak/Jazz/Ratchet/Prowl
    • Wheeljack and Starscream, trapped in a cave
Random and Unrelated Oneshots
  • Deathsaurus/Starscream, post DotL and AU
  • Eyes on Me, Tracks/Sunstreaker
Unrelated Future (Hopefully) Chapter-Length
  • Lost in the Echoes (BatFlash)
  • Somewhere Only We Know (JazzSoundwave)
  • One More Night (Hot Rodimus/Tracks)
  • Barbarian AU, Starscream/Rodimus, Megatron/Sunstreaker/Sideswipe/Ratchet, Drift/Cyclonus
Ideas for Consideration
  • TFP based Smokescreen/Ratchet, wherein the old mech is hot stuff, and newly en-Primed Smokescreen just can't get enough
  • TFP/Rescue Bots crossover, wherein Heatwave learns he has two daddies, and boy have they been at war for a long, long time
  • Sunstreaker/Thundercracker IDW-based, in which Sunny doesn't know how to seduce, and neither does TC. Awkward shenanigans ensue. 
  • Optimus/Megatron, in which there are few things that makes Megatron go off like a rocket, and Optimus' voice is one of them. 

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