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 I am so. Goddamn tired. Of the Transformers fandom. 

Ya'll wanna know why there isn't much new content nowadays? 

Maybe you should check yourselves about how you're treating the creators and driving them away and start looking in the mirrors, if you want something and someone to blame. 

I'm done. 

If I wasn't already slowly drifting from the fandom, I'd start charting the course away this very moment. But since I'm on the outs anyway, I don't have to. I swear if it wasn't for the valiant, kind few, I'd have already deleted all my shit off every platform, that's how sick I am of entitled asshats.


And yes, I know, this stuff is prevalent in every fandom. Which is why I'm not moving into a new fandom either. But Transformers is my MAIN fandom right now, and so that's where I'm directing the rant in general.

Fandom used to be a safe place. One of the few where I could be comfortable being myself. Not anymore. Now it's just a field of landmines that I have to cross to get to the good stuff and honestly, that shit ain't worth it anymore. I've got enough battle wounds as it is.


Wasn't even going to post this. Was just gonna let it rot away in drafts like so many other rants I have. But since I don't even want to read reviews anymore because I can't be certain they're going to be positive or some backhanded ass compliment, I'm going to post this.

Because I'm done.  

Date: 2017-05-31 07:19 pm (UTC)
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I'm sorry to see you going, but I fully understand. Unfortunately, the TF fandom really isn't fun any more. You're a fantastic writer and I hope that the fandom hasn't soured you on your craft.


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