Joyous July

Jul. 1st, 2017 08:10 am
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 Joyous might be something of an overstatement, but I definitely feel a heck of a lot better than I did last month. Let me tell you, medication is amazing and a life-saver. I've been prescribed an anti-depressant and it has changed my life. I don't feel like I live under a dark cloud anymore, I can enjoy things again! I enjoy writing again! I don't feel like I completely suck! 

I forgot how it is to want to live again, so I'm very, very happy about this. So July may not be all kittens and roses, but it's definitely not gloom and doom anymore, and I am so, so happy about that. 

So what's on tap for July? 

Well, I'm gonna finish editing and posting Trial by Fire since it's pretty much complete, just needs the editing. I'm going to try and work on Crown the Empire's Post-Script. And keep on working on Flights of Fancy -- Uncharted Territory. I also have this idea for an Insectiqueen Sunstreaker fic that I really, really want to work on. And a Bluestreak/Rodimus fic set in the Play by Numbers universe that I want to work on, too. Plus whatever bits I get inspired for here and there. Nothing's abandoned still. I just have a lot less writing time so progress is gonna be sloooooow. 

I've decided to keep posting on AO3 because I have way more good readers on there that I don't want to punish, then I do asshole readers. I still intend to stay away from Tumblr though. No good can come of that place. XD. I'm getting more and more active on Twitter, or at least I'm trying to be to try and come out of my shell more. 

So that's July. A new and improved outlook. And thanking the universe for medication that lets me function again. ;__;
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