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Fanfiction Master List

All links will either go to Archive of Our Own or the livejournal/dreamwidth tag if it's not posted on Archive of Our Own yet. They've been organized by fandom.

Ratings are K (All Audiences), T (mild language and references to sexuality) and M (full on smut and lots of violence) and NC-17 is reserved for rape and noncon, controversial themes and triggery content.

Now we begin.

DC Comics/Justice League

A Prelude to Discipline: Complete. Oneshot. Rated: T. Superman/Batman. In which Bruce is not amused and Clark remains unashamed.

Battle Sum: Complete. Oneshot. Rated: T. Batman/The Flash. Bruce tries to console Wally with words. He's not very good at it.

Cardboard WorldComplete. Short Story. Rated M for dark themes. Superman/Batman. Peace is only ever a pipe dream. There are some battles not even the Justice League can win.

Comfort FoodComplete. Rated: K+. BatFlash. Wally discovers another one of Bruce's secrets.

Compromises: Complete. Oneshot. Rated: K+. BatFlash. Wally asks a question and Bruce gives him an answer.

Nine-Tenths: Complete. Big Bang Fic. Rated: M. Superman/Batman. In which the man who's faster than a speeding bullet, is really slow on the uptake. Bruce corrects this the only way he knows how, by being smarter than the average bat.

Same Old Story: Complete. Short Story. Rated M for angst and slash. Superman/Batman. When a team of unfamiliar supervillains start wreaking havoc in Washington DC, Batman immediately suspects Lex Luthor until he discovers that they are ghosts of Smallville past. Ghosts with a thirst for vengeance against Superman.

Simply IrresistibleComplete. Ficlet. Rated: T. Clark is both creative and persistent. He's also, much to Bruce's dismay, irresistible.

This Time: Complete. Ficlet. Rated: T. BatFlash. One of the hardest parts of being together, is knowing that they belong to their costumes first.

Complete. Ficlet. Rated T. Onesided BatFlash. Sometimes, Flash takes a little detour to Gotham.

Numerology Series (In Progress, Superman and Batman friendship). In which Batman is the first superhero, and all the others that come after are only annoyances to make his existence more difficult. No more so than the Boy Scout in Blue, Superman.Overall Rated K+

First Encounter  The beginning of a beautiful something. 

Second Meeting:  In which Superman tries again and Batman is not impressed.

Third Strike: Batman exercises restraint while Superman doesn't know the meaning of the term 'lost cause'.

Fourth Base
In which Superman seeks some advice and Batman doesn't have time for this.

Cabal: The meeting of two brilliant minds spells future doom for the World's Finest. (feat Martha Kent and Alfred Pennyworth)

Fifth Gear:. Batman grits his teeth and calls for help. Superman barely restrains his glee.

Sixth Sense: Superman swings by to say thank you and Batman gives him a gift.

Seventh Heaven: In which Batman acquires a sidekick and instantly regrets introducing him to Superman.

Eighth Wonder:
An enigmatic new supervillain prompts Superman to finally use the communicator Batman gave him with positive results.

Ninth Grade: 
Batman finally agrees to join the Justice League, part-time, of course. Superman insists on a party to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Tenth Standard
Clark is let in on a little secret and he couldn't be happier.



Alone Together
Rated: T. Post Predacons Rising. Ratchet/Ultra Magnus.  In the aftermath of victory, Ratchet and Ultra Magnus mourn being left behind again.

Ashes and Embers:  Rated: T. RatchetxShockwave. Message received. Ratchet ventures into the ruins of Kalis for one last conversation with Shockwave.

Diplomatic Liaisons: Rated: M. Ratchet/Knock Out. It's a philosophical quandary. If an Autobot and a Decepticon meet and no one's around to see it, do they have to fight? Knock Out's got other ideas.
Adaptive PerformanceRated: M. Sequel to Diplomatic Liasions. Ratchet/Optimus Prime. This is all Knock Out's fault. And Ratchet can't stop thinking about it.

Dynamic Symmetry
: Rated: M. Dreadwing/Orion Pax/Skyquake. Orion fantasizes. Dreadwing plots. Skyquake indulges. And Megatronus incites.

Event Horizon Series

Event Horizon: Complete. Transformers: Prime, post-season one. Rated: M. RatchetxSunstreaker. Ratchet and Sunstreaker are forced to reveal a hidden truth while the Autobots struggle to come to terms with their absent leader.

In Perpetuum: Complete. Ficlet. Rated: T. RatchetxSunstreaker. Forever is a long time, beyond comprehension and measurement. (Introspection)

Critical MassIn-progress. TFP, S2 AU. Rated: M. RatchetxSunstreaker, Others. New allies have come to assist but Optimus is still missing and other matters have complicated the fight. Time draws ever short as the war between Autobot and Decepticon races to its inevitable conclusion.

Event Horizon OriginsIn Progress. Transformers: Prime, pre and post season one. Various ratings. A collection of oneshots detailing the backgrounds behind the characters in my Event Horizon verse.
Fidelis Series: Complete. TFP. DreadwingxSoundwave.
With Honor Intact: Pre-series. Rated: T. With Lord Megatron's displeasure hanging over his helm, Skyquake makes a choice and Dreadwing is hard-pressed to approve.

Eden in Morning: Pre-series. Rated: T. Dreadwing is assigned a mission at the worst time.
Homecoming: Rated: M. (season two, directly after Loose Cannons). Dreadwing returns to the Nemesis, to Lord Megatron, and to the mech he left behind.

From An Angry Mech: Rated: T. Dreadwing-centric. (S2, during Regeneration). Dreadwing was not an Autobot. He would never be an Autobot.

Heaven's Not Enough: Rated: T. Soundwave-centric. (season two, directly after Regeneration). Soundwave had already known who Lord Megatron would choose if it came down to it.

Good EnoughRated: T. Ratchet/Soundwave. Pre-canon. Wrapped in the chains of unrequited love, Soundwave makes Ratchet a tempting proposal.

The Heir Apparent:
Pre-season one. Rated: M for tactile interfacing. SoundwavexStarscream. Among those who share a throne there can be no loyalty.

Learning Curve: Rated: M. Knock OutxOrion Pax. Megatron might have an unstaked claim on Orion Pax, but Knock Out can't help wanting a little taste for himself.

Misbehavior: Rated: M. Arcee/Bulkhead/Wheeljack. A ficlet series in which Arcee is the Dom, Bulkhead is the Switch, and Wheeljack is the happy Sub desperate for more.

Not the T-Rex You're Looking For: Rated: K+. Rid2015/Rescue Bots Crossover. A case of mistaken identity results in headaches for everyone involved.

One More Again
: Rated: T. RatchetxOptimus. It was always meant to end this way. (Post-Predacons Rising)

Once Burned Series (TFP, RatchetxStarscream, In Progress)

 Line in the Sand: Rated: M. (season two, during episode Crossfire). Starscream is a temptation Ratchet is too weak to resist. Again.

And Bridges Burned: Rated: T. (season two, sometime after Armada, sequel to Line in the Sand). Starscream contacts Ratchet again and a choice must be made.

Turning Tables: Rated: T. (post-season two). A conversation, an implication, and Ratchet's the one left ashamed.

Out From Under: Rated: T. (post-movie). Ratchet goes searching and comes back with Starscream, something that's a bit of a surprise to both himself and the other Autobots.

Try Asking Nicely: Rated: M. (post-movie). Starscream is the single most frustrating mech Ratchet has ever met. 

Despicable MeRated: T. (post-movie). Starscream goes looking for Shockwave, and finds someone else instead, much to Ratchet's outrage.

Seasons to Cycles: Rated: T. Eventual Smokescreen/Knock Out. Building bridges between Autobots and Decepticons require small steps. Very small steps. Smokescreen makes the first move and Knock Out responds in kind.

Serious Injury May Occur
Rated: T. (Knock Out, Dreadwing, Breakdown). Knock Out has a problem with keeping his servos to himself. Dreadwing does not approve.

ServeRated: T. Megatron/Predaking. A deal is struck, and Predaking comes home with a new pet.

Shelter:  Rated: T. Optimus + Bulkhead. In which Bulkhead offers reassurance and Optimus returns the favor. 

Steel to Rust: Rated NC17 for noncon. Megatron/Ratchet. It would be much easier if this were simple torture or interrogation. Without either, Ratchet could only endure.

Stress Relief: Rated: T. Optimus and Wheeljack disagree on the merits of meditation.

Taste Test Series

Inexplicable Fascination
: Rated: M. StarscreamxKnock Out. Starscream doesn't like groundframes; Knock Out can't stand aerials. There are exceptions to every rule.

Share and Share Alike: Rated: M.  Knock Out's been telling tales and Starscream intends to test their authenticity. Breakdown's just in it for the high grade. BreakdownxStarscream.

Test Drive: Rated: M for smut. SoundwavexKnock Out. Soundwave's being stalked; Knock Out doesn't know how to be subtle.
There Can Be Only One. Rated: T. Worlds collide when the Matrix decides that the best way to deal with an Optimus problem, is to throw a Megatron at it. Or multiple Megatrons, as the case may be.

Three of a KindRated: M. MegatronxOrion Pax/Soundwave.Megatronus had promised a night of pleasure the likes of which Orion would never forget.

Words of Praise: Rated: M. (MegatronxSoundwave, BDSM). There was nothing more arousing than the sound of Megatron's approval.


Bumper Cars Series
Survivor's Guilt: Pre-films. Rated: M. RatchetxTwins. Sideswipe didn't have any answers. Neither did Ratchet. And maybe that was the problem.
Anywhere But Here: Pre-films. Rated: T. JazzxBluestreak. Jazz hasn't changed his mind met and he isn't going to.

: Rated: T. (MegatronxSideswipe, angst). The last place Megatron ever expected to see his former partner was in a Decepticon prison with an Autobrand stamped on his chestplate.

Electric Slide: Rated: M. (SideswipexRatchet). Sideswipe couldn't help himself. Indulging Ratchet would never get old.

For All I Lack: Post DoTM. Rated M. RatchetxSideswipe. Implied RatchetxTwins. Together they are two and it will never be enough.

Hands On Experience: Rated: M. (SideswipexRatchet). Ratchet doesn't ask for help, which is fine, because Sideswipe is going to give it anyway.

Interwoven Series

Indivisible: Rated: M. Optimus/Sideswipe-centric. Love does not preclude hate, nor does it presume loyalty. Nothing proves this more than the thin line drawn across Cybertron, between brother and brother, twin and twin, Autobot versus Decepticon.
Insoluble: Rated: M. Complete. Megatron/Sunstreaker. Stab the frame and it heals. Injure the spark and the wound lasts a lifetime. No one knows this better than Megatron.

InseverableRated: M. AU to series. Complete. Megatron/Sunstreaker. Miracles happen. With Sunstreaker back in his arms, Megatron is unwilling to wait any longer.

Requiem for a Tower
: Complete. Mirage/Thundercracker. Rated: T. In the beginning, there was a Towerling and the Seeker who intrigued him. By the end, what's left is ashes on the air flows.
The Thin Line Series

To Wish Impossible Things: post-ROTF. Rated T. Implications of Megatron/Optimus. Only a great love could spawn such all-consuming hate.

The Great Divide
: post-DoTM novelization. Rated: M. Optimus/Megatron. Optimus and Megatron have one last conversation before they go their separate ways.

Toward the End
Post-2007. Rated:T. (JazzxVortex). Lightyears away, Vortex receives a transmission that gives proof to what he's suspected all along.

War Without End -- Bayverse. Post-DotM. Rated: T. Complete.

Ratchet: In the end, Ratchet isn't sure why this particular horror amongst all the others is the one to make him break. But betrayal is a double-edged sword and his Prime struck the first blow.
Prowl: Empty words, empty promises. Optimus Prime is not the mech Prowl remembers at all.

Will Lennox: Will's seen a lot of things. Some heroic. Some terrible. But he's never been ashamed to be human until now.

Optimus Prime:
The war is over. They've won. But why does victory feel like defeat?

Thundercracker: He is tired of merely surviving. He wants to live.

Skywarp: Friends. Alllies. Peace. Family. Skywarp never imagined that any of those terms would include an Autobot.

Sunstreaker: This Optimus Prime is not the same one Sunstreaker offered his blade.

Bumblebee: He doesn't know who Optimus is anymore and the Autobots are but strangers.

Drift: He is neither Decepticon nor Autobot. He is a survivor.

Sideswipe: His brother is a stranger. His friends are ghosts. In the end, Sideswipe still has to choose, and it isn't much a choice after all.

It ends as it began -- with Ratchet. His only regret is that he didn't act sooner.

Somebody Loved: Ficlet. Pre-series. On a ship packed beyond capacity, Sunstreaker is the only one who doesn't share his berth.

The Lucky Ones:
Ficlet. Drift can't afford any more mistakes. So he takes a leap of faith. (DriftxRatchet)

We Three Kings: Ficlet. Prowl never, in all his eons, could have expected this. (Prowl/Thundercracker/Dreadwing)

Still and Quiet: Ficlet. Snippets of moments of peace, as told by Thundercracker.
Generation One
A Helping Hand: Rated: T. Mirage/Tracks. Mirage needs some assistance and Tracks is more than happy to step in and lend a paintbrush.
Afterhours: Rated: T. Skyfire/Hotrod. Being lost isn't so frightening if someone is there beside you.

All the Small Things: Rated: M. (RatchetxProwl, BDSM). A series of vignettes. Ratchet, Prowl, and the navigation of shared desires.

Almost Lover:  Rated: T. RatchetxStarscream. Starscream is Ratchet's past and present, but he's no longer convinced the Seeker is his future.

Apple a Day: In Progress. Ficlet Series. Rated: M. RatchetxTwins. Other pairings. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But Sunstreaker and Sideswipe have no clue what Ratchet has in store for them. The hunters become the hunted.

Arbitration: Rated: M. (TrailbreakerxSideswipexSunstreaker.) Sideswipe's in a snit, Sunstreaker refuses to apologize, and Trailbreaker plays the peacemaker. All in all, business as usual.

A Tempest in a Teapot: Rated: M. (SunstreakerxHot Rod). Sunstreaker and Hot Rod's arguments are the stuff of legend. Well, Autobot legend anyway.

Battleaxe: Rated: M. (GrimlockxOptimus, BDSM). The hardest part was admitting what he wanted and asking for it.

Be My Escape: Rated: M. (SkywarpxOptimus Prime). Here in this room, with the collar on, Skywarp was only Skywarp, and it was that much easier to surrender to the desires of his spark.

Both of Us: Rated: K+. Red AlertxBluestreak. Red Alert is not the only one who pushes himself beyond his limits.

Case in Point: Rated: M. SideswipexSunstreaker. Sometimes, having Sunstreaker for a twin can be exhausting.

Damaged Goods: Rated: T. RatchetxRed Alert. Ratchet is stubborn but Red Alert doesn't play fair.

Days Like Masquerades: Rated: T. Vortex-centric. Vortex is not himself, not the mech he remembers, nor the mech he thinks he should be.

Dear Lies series -- Complete, G1, JazzxRatchet, Rated NC-17 for dark themes. Read at your own risk.

Blank Pages: (Commission for Jenn). Jazz looks at Ratchet like he's never seen him before and lo and behold, Jazz likes what he sees.
Dear Lies:  It starts, as horrors are known to do, with the little things.

Half Truths: It's a universal truth that the best lies are half true.

From Yesterday: Set during Half-Truths. Rated T. Wheeljack only wants the world to make sense again, especially for his conflicted mate. (ProwlxWheeljack)

What Friends Are For: Follow-up to Half-Truths. Rated: T. Somehow, Ratchet has acquired a pair of Lamborghini nanny-bots.

What Lies Beneath: Rated: M. Jazz wakes and something is off. Something is not quite right. Ratchet is not beside him, and that's the biggest concern of all.
Give a Little More:  Rated: M. (BluestreakxJazz). Losing is all a matter of perspective in Jazz's opinion.

Good Vibrations: Sunstreaker/Trailbreaker. Rated: M. Trailbreaker could continue as far as Sunstreaker would let him, which in all their months of playing, had not yet found a limit.

Grey: Rated: M. BluestreakxJazz. Perception and reality are only ever passing acquaintances at best.

Illuminate: Rated: M. Optimus/Wheeljack. Sometimes we don't see the light, but that's okay.

Inside Out: Rated: M. ????xSoundwave. Submission is a word that doesn't exist in Decepticon vocabulary. Except, perhaps, in secret.

Hurricane: Rated: T. one-sided SoundwavexBluestreak. Soundwave wants what he cannot have and desires what he should not touch.
Jazz's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Vacation: Rated: T. Vacations are supposed to help you relax. Somehow, Jazz missed that memo.

The Last of Us: Bluestreak/Jazz, First Aid. Rated: T. No one remembered what had been the last straw, but by the end, it didn't matter anymore.

Memento Mori Series

Curtain Call: Rated: NC17 for noncon and character death. Jazz/Megatron. Someone had to be willing to cross the line and Jazz had nothing left to lose.

Ovation: Rated M. Optimus Prime/Jazz. The consequences of Jazz's actions reverberate through the Autobots, no more so than for Optimus Prime.

Mirror, Mirror:  Rated: M. Bluestreak/Sunstreaker. Sometimes, all Sunstreaker wants is to put himself in another mech's capable hands.

Misconstruction: (In Progress) Rated: T. Skyfire watches. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker do not approve.

Quick 'n Dirty: Rated M. Sideswipe had an idea, Sunstreaker was inspired, and Ratchet's always up for a challenge.

Push It: Rated M. Sometimes, there's only way to trick a trickster. Pity he enjoys it so much.

Love, How It Hurts: Rated M. This time, Ratchet's the one on the naughty list.

The Trick is to Keep Breathing: Rated M. Sunstreaker wants something but is too embarrassed to ask for it. Too bad for him, Sideswipe is the weak link and Ratchet knows it.

Bad ThingsRated: NC-17. Triggery content. There are few things worse than waking up in a Decepticon brig. Except this is not a brig and these aren't any interrogators Sideswipe's ever met.

Sound it Out: Rated: M. Sunstreaker's desire is Ratchet's pleasure and Sideswipe's along for the ride. (Warnings for sounding, twincest, and sticky)

A Tasteful Experience
: Rated: M. AKA Skittles: Taste the Lambo. If Optimus was going to insist that Ratchet take a vacation, then by Primus, Ratchet was going to take a vacation. And he was going to drag his Twins along for a ride. Commissioned by Jenn.

Old FaithfulRated: M. Hot, wet, and messy. Of course it was Sideswipe's idea. (kink: squirting)

Love Games: Rated: M. A collection of shorter ficlets featuring Ratchet/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker in various smutty scenarios.
Naughty Knotty: Rated: M. (Grimlock/Optimus, beast-mode sex). Optimus has a desire that Grimlock is all too happy to fill.

One to Ten: Rated: M. (BluestreakxJazz, BDSM). The hardest part wasn't suffering the pain, but remembering to count each blow without mistake.

Only if For a Night: Rated: M. (SideswipexRatchet). Because Ratchet once asked and Sideswipe has never forgotten that novelty. Or that honor.

Operation: Berthtime Story: Rated: T for mild ghost story gore. Ratchet sees a group of new recruits waiting for their induction, and it's an opportunity he can't pass up. Plus, Sideswipe and Jazz owe him a favor.

Rumor Has It: Rated: M for twincest, threesome, sticky. RatchetxTwins and Jazz/Blaster. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker's reputation precedes them. So does Ratchet's.

Runaway: Rated: M. (BluestreakxJazz). Bluestreak likes the chase; Jazz likes to get caught.

Scare Tactics: Rated: K+. Starscream was quite sure the resident pranksters were to blame for the sticky, rainbow mess that sent him stomping to the washracks.

Sharing is CaringRated: K+. It's Bob versus Prowl as they both have their optics set on an unattended box of donuts.

Shatter Me. Rated: M. Sunstreaker/Sideswipe(/Hound). Somehow, it happened. But Sunstreaker would worry about tomorrow when it actually came. Right here, right now, there was only today.

Sing Along: Rated: T. BeachcomberxPerceptor. Beachcomber has a hypothesis and Perceptor is a most willing test subject. (Does have sparkplay for whatever def. of nsfw you want to call that)

Six Feet from the Edge: Jazz/Sunstreaker. Rated: T. It isn't ideals or the Autobot way that keep Jazz fighting anymore. It's desperation to keep his Autobots alive, and most especially, Sunstreaker.

OnceJazz/Sunstreaker. Prequel. Rated: T. Jazz couldn't replace Sideswipe. Sunstreaker would never make him try.

You Fight MeSunstreaker/Sideswipe. Prequel. Rated: NC-17. Love don't live here anymore. This is how it's going to end. (Warning for NonCon)

Sweet Nothing
: Oneshot. G1. Rated: T. (InfernoxRed Alert, Red AlertxBluestreak). Mechs changed. And while Inferno promised to do so, Red Alert already had.

They Say SurrenderOneshot. G1. Rated: M. (Onslaught/Blast Off). Onslaught was patient. Methodical. Cold. Brilliant. He was everything that Blast Off could ever admire in a mech.

Thieves Like Us: Ficlet series. G1. Rated: T. (Bumblebee/Rumble, Frenzy). Before the war. Before Soundwave. Before Optimus Prime. There was Rumble, Bumblebee, and a chance encounter that was the kind of stupid drivel born of cheap romance novels.

White Lies: Rated: T. (ProwlxRatchet). There are no lies between them, just truths he'll never tell.
Wired Life: Rated: M. Not knowing is half the fun. Blasterx???? and an unrepentant Jazz.

With Benefits: Rated: M. (OptimusxAutobots). Optimus is about to have a very good day, he just doesn't know it yet.

Wretched and Divine: Rated: M. (Bluestreak/Jazz, BDSM). Control and trust. Having both handed to him was all the satisfaction that Bluestreak needed.

IDW Comics

A Happy BottomRated: M. MTMTE. In Progress. (EveryonexRodimus, BDSM). He may be the one on his knees, legs spread, and at their mercy. But Rodimus knows who really has the power here, and it's not the one holding his leash.
As You Go: Rated: T. MTMTE. SunstreakerxRodimus. Sunstreaker was barely strong enough for himself. He couldn't bear the burdens of another.

Daylight Robbery: Rated: T (for non-explicit rape). Mystery/Cylonus. Cyclonus/Tailgate. Of all the dangers he's had to face on the Lost Light, this was not one Cyclonus ever expected to battle. Reaching out for help is the hardest part, but fortunately for him, someone is already reaching back.
Silver LiningsRated: M. Cyclonus/Tailgate. Cyclonus knows that recovery is a solitary burden, but it becomes one easier to bear with the unwavering support of Tailgate beside him.

Fear the Fever:
Rated: M. MTMTE. Megatron/Rodimus. You can't always get what you want. Sometimes, you get what you need.

Freefalling: Rated: T. MTMTE AU. RungxWing. Gone but not forgotten. Wing teaches Rung how his clanmembers used to court each other.

Give It a WhirlRated: M. MTMTE. Sunstreaker/Whirl. Because Sunstreaker's gone through slag and so has Whirl.

In Between: Rated: M. MTMTE. Drift/Rodimus/Megatron. Past and recent past collide when Drift walks in on Rodimus bent over Megatron's desk, but the last thing he expects is to join the fray.

Kings of the Street: Complete. Rated: M. RID. Blurr/Twins. Number one racer Blurr remembers when he used to run for the joy of it. Sneaking down to the illegal races in the underlevels is bringing him back that excitement. Until a new challenge arrives in the form of twins, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, who have no interest in being tamed, but plenty of interest in making a claim.

Map of the ProblematiqueRated: T. MTMTE. Cyclonus/Tailgate. Commission fic. In which Cyclonus and Tailgate are different shades of clueless and it's up to Whirl to save the day. Primus help them all.

Marry Me: Complete. Rated: M. MTMTE. (Ultra Magnus/Swerve) Rodimus does something stupid, and Ultra Magnus has to save his plating. Swerve is voluntold to assist, but fortunately, he doesn't mind one bit. Commission Gift Fic for Nothumanafterall. 

Politically Correct. Rated: M. Ex-RID. Optimus/Starscream. Starscream knew what Optimus didn't, that the Prime wasn't the one in control here. He never was.

ResonanceRated: T. MTMTE. Cyclonus/Drift.The Great Sword calls and Drift follows the pull of his spark, straight to Cyclonus' door

SlideRated: M. MTMTE. MegatronxRatchet. “Is this why you came to me? Can no one on this ship give you what you need?”

Trust Exercises: Rated: M. Ratchet/Drift. Drift makes a request and Ratchet is all too happy to oblige.

Truth in AdvertisingRated: M. RID/Dark Cybertron. BlurrxStarscream. Starscream makes an offer that Blurr won't outright refuse. What comes after will alter the course of history. Or at least break a few berths.

X-Amount of Words IDW MTMTE. The art of moving on is a journey earned in fits and bursts. Sunstreaker-centric.

The Art of Self-Destruction: TFA. In Progress. Eventual Optimus/Megatron. Rated: T. Megatron sees an opportunity. Megatron takes an opportunity. Optimus searches for a way out. But the enemy gate is Down. It might be the only option he has left.
Rescue Bots
Echoes: Complete. Rated: K+. When the past rears it's ugly head, Blades needs a gentle reminder of what he means to his team. Commission Fic.

Family Matters. Complete. Rated: K+. The Bots get an unexpected surprise when their parents swing by for a visit, and the Burnses get a lesson in Cybertronian families.  

Left Behind: Complete. Rated: K+. Ratchet's visit is no cause for celebration. (ft. Heatwave, Chase, Boulder, and Blades, references the end of TFP)

Multi-Verse/Amalgamated Universes
Audition: Complete. Oneshot. TF AU. BluestreakxDrift. Rated: M. In which Drift is eager and Bluestreak is happy to oblige.

Houses of Cards. Complete. NC-17. Combaticons/Megatron. Starscream miscalculates. Megatron suffers. But by the end, neither manages to tip the scales.

Into the Nothing: Complete. NC-17 (for dark themes and noncon). AU. Megatron/Ratchet. A costly mistake on the battlefield lands Ratchet in Decepticon hands, and Megatron's not about to let go of his new trophy anytime soon.

Make Us WholeComplete. NC-17. Shattered Glass. Ratchet/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker. Sideswipe left. Sunstreaker yearned. And Ratchet vowed to complete the set

OublietteIn Progress. NC-17. For Optimus, the war has never been personal. Hate has never been part of the equation, not even for Megatron. Pity perhaps, but never hate. Now, with the weight of shame on his shoulders, he begins to understand where loathing might have its roots, and how it can so easily slide into hate. Commission for NK.

Defiance Series - Commission Series for Anonymous - AU

The Winglord's Gift: Complete. Skywarp brings his leader a present.

In the Dark
Complete. Orion Pax/The Command Trine. Rated NC17 for rape/noncon. Orion worried that he was getting used to them, that by the end, he would only be a shadow of his former self.
Training Day: Complete. Orion Pax/The Command Trine. Rated NC17 for Rape. They've had him for a week. Orion begins to wonder if they ever intend to free him.

The Wicked Game: Complete. Orion Pax/The Command Trine. Megatronus/The Command Trine. NC-17. Megatronus leaves the safety of the underground to search for his missing friend and gets more than he bargained for when he stumbles into the path of the Winglord and his trine.

Nobody's Home
Complete. Kup and Ironhide discover that their ward is missing, and that's not something they're going to accept lying down, no matter what their Magnus says.

Complete. Skyfire receives a summons from his Winglord, and is appalled by what he sees.

 In-Progress. Multi-verse. Rated: M (for non-explicit rape, dark themes, violence, character death). Sideswipe and Sunstreaker-centric. Snapshots of an alternate history where twins Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were raised separately, without knowledge of each other, on a planet in turmoil, fast approaching an all-encompassing civil war. Family forms your past, history defines your present, but the future is what you make of it.
Nor Iron Bars: post-Act II. Tracks-centric. Sunstreaker has no business being in the midst of this war but he's the one who wanted this. Tracks isn't sure how to reconcile that.

Coping Mechanisms Series
Moments of DisarrayComplete. Oneshot. G1. Rated: R. Bluestreak/Jazz. A series of flashfics, not in chronological order. Can you keep a secret? It's more than just a question; it's a promise.
Undisclosed Desires: Complete. Oneshot. G1. Rated: NC-17. BluestreakxJazz. What Jazz needs, Bluestreak provides. No matter what. (Warnings for potential dubcon, bondage, painplay, breathplay, dirty talk, aspects of dom/sub, tactile and pnp)

Collateral Damage: Complete. Oneshot (sequel to Undisclosed Desires). Rated: M (BluestreakxJazz, Ratchet, Prowl). A line is crossed. A mistake is made. And once lost, trust may be impossible to regain. (refs d/s relationship and interfacing gone wrong)

Before Now: Complete. Oneshot. Bayverse. Rated: K+. Optimus meets Sideswipe and Sunstreaker for the first time, much to Ironhide's dismay.

Just For Now: Complete. Oneshot. Bayverse. Rated: M. (OptimusxSunstreaker). Promises made and promises kept. A burden shared is a burden halved.

What About Now: Complete. Oneshot. Bayverse. Rated: M. (OptimusxSideswipexSunstreaker). They aren't here for appreciation. They are here because they understand and can share the load. (Sequel to Just For Now)
This Calamitous Life Series

DesignationOneshot. Rated: T. New scrap in the arena and Sunstreaker thinks he might have found his next protege.
Lessons in Leverage: Oneshot. Rated: T. Sunstreaker is more than a little exasperating, but right now, he's all Megatronus has.

In Too Deep: Oneshot. Rated: T. Sunstreaker comes home itching for a fight, but there's more than that brewing beneath the surface.

Bright SparkOneshot. Rated: T. Sunstreaker did not know how he felt around Megatronus, only that he wanted to stay.


Sweet NothingsRated M. Megatron/Rodimus. Megatron's daydreaming leads to a surprise for Rodimus involving a little bit of his favorite treat, and a lot of courting romance. Win-win.

Final Fantasy VII

A Fate Worse Than Death: Complete. Rated: M. Cid/Vincent. Why is Vincent running? Who is chasing him? And will Nanaki ever stop talking? Answers inside! Warnings for massive OOC, comedy, and general strangeness.

Ain't That Sumthin'?
: Oneshot. Cid/Cloud. Rated: M. Everyone's gone to find their reason, and Cloud thinks he's the only one left on the Highwind. Yet, a certain pilot just can't leave his baby unattended. The two blonds find other ways to pass the time.

Body Switch
: Complete. Multiple pairings but Sephiroth/Cloud centric. AU. Rated: M. Bitter rivals switch bodies in this hilarious parody, only to realize they've been in love with each other all along. Expect the unexpected. Warnings for various pairings, drug and alcohol use, and questionable humor.

Chronicles of Valentine: Complete. Vincent POV. Multiple pairings. Xover with FF8. Rated: M. It all started with a woman named Lucrecia, or so I have long lamented. Cursed with this immortal body... I suffered through the ages. But now, centuries later, I may have found my redemption.

Everything I DoOneshot. Rude/Reno. Rude's POV. Rated: T. A mission gone awry. A promise made. A night remembered. A broken materia and tears never shed. A cocksure grin and smirking eyes. And a silence louder than any sound.

Head Over Feet: Complete. Ficlet series. Sephiroth/Tseng. Rated: M. The story of two men harboring feelings of love and the path they took in hiding those feelings... or revealing them as the case may be.

Mirrors of Guilt: Complete. Four-part series. Cloud/Vincent. Rated: M. When two men with nearly identical sins handle their sorrows in different ways, can they learn to help each other? Or will the past leave no room for the future? 

Complete. Four-shot. Sephiroth/Tseng.
Rated: M. He only wanted him to know whom he belonged to. And in the end, he realized that he never knew what he had until it was gone. Winner of BND: Smut Contest 2007, Best Multi-Part. Warnings for S&M and character death.

Unfaithful: Complete. Three-shot. Cloud/Vincent. Reno/Cloud. Rated: M. Sometimes, there's never just one answer. Sometimes, the choices are taken before you can even make them. And sometimes, you don't even have one.

The Shattered Arc: Complete. Rated: M. Massive eight-story, over 200 chapter series that focuses on several pairings (Cid/Vincent, Reeve/Reno, Sephiroth/Tseng, Nanaki/Yuffie to name a few) and takes place over a span of several years and covers Final Fantasy VII, an original adventure, and Advent Children.


After the Fall: Complete. Threeshot. Ukitake/Stark. Rated: M. Winning the war was easy. Recovering afterward was the hard part.

A Thousand Suns: Complete. Four-shot. Urahara/Aizen. Rated: M. For many, the war ended with Aizen's death. For Kisuke, the war had just begun.

Breathe In, Breathe Out: Complete. Oneshot. Ishida/Ichigo. Rated: T. It was a simple request, and only hours later would Ichigo come to regret it.

Buyer's Remorse: Complete. No Pairings. Rated: M. For all he can't remember, this is something Ichigo will never forget.

Daring to Breathe: Complete. Ficlet series. Shuuhei/Kenpachi. Rated: M. Inner musings lead Shuuhei to seek out a friendship he never expected. Nor did he ever think it would lead to more.

Family Guy: Complete. Four-shot. It was all Kurosaki's fault. Yachiru had been perfectly fine before.

Fetch and Carry: Complete. Ficlet series. There are certain things a captain-commander just knows.

For Your Entertainment: Oneshot. IchigoxKisuke. Rated: M. Give it all you've got until he screams your name.

Gravitation: Ficlet Series. IchigoxGrimmjow. Rated: M. Ichigo doesn't know what draws him to Grimmjow, but it is inescapable, like gravity.

Heaven Can Wait: Oneshot. Sidealong to "Just Rewards". Gin/Ichigo. Rated: M. This is his punishment, but somehow, Gin feels more like it's the reward.

Hero Worship: Oneshot. ByakuyaxRenji. Rated: M. Byakuya thinks that this is good enough for a man like him. He really can't expect anything more. 

Just Rewards: Oneshot. IchigoxGin. Rated: M. AU. It may not have been what Ichigo pictured for himself, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

Minutes to Midnight: Complete. Ficlet series. Rated: M. Gin/Ichigo. When Soul Society decides the unthinkable, Ichigo makes a decision. With his family and his life at stake, he heads into Hueco Mundo, determined to make his own fate. 

Misguided ManipulationComplete. Sixshot. Rated: M. Stark/Ichigo. Sent to the Living World to recruit Ichigo on Aizen's orders, Stark finds himself led astray by the orange-headed teen. What a surprise. 

Modern InconveniencesComplete. Oneshot. Rated: M. IchigoByakuya. Seven times Byakuya was baffled by the Living World. Seven times Ichigo was baffled by Byakuya.

Need, Want, Desire: Oneshot. Rated: M. RenjixByakuyaxShuuhei. It was a night Byakuya would never forget, no matter how much it might hurt in the morning.

Never RegretComplete. Fourshot. Rated: M. Urahara/Aizen. From the first farewell to the last chance. Includes Solitary Serenade and related fics.

Of Violence: Complete. IchigoxRukia. IchigoxByakuya. AU. Ichigo and Rukia have been married for years, and now live in Soul Society, but something seethes beneath the surface of their happy union. A secret that may prove to change everything and Byakuya can't help but feel caught in between.

Oneshot. Urahara/Aizen. Rated: T. His actions will forever paint him as a traitor. Now, years later, Ichigo is the only one who will ever understand why. AU to Turn Back the Pendulum Arc.

Parallax Redux: Oneshot. Aizen/Urahara. Rated: M. The other side of the coin. Taking another look at the events in Parallax, this is a 'could have been'.

Past Imperfect: Rated: T. Three-shot. The war had been won but a price too costly to pay. Everything has been traced back to a single, defining moment. And Ichigo makes a choice.

Playing with Fire: Ficlet series. Complete. Shinji/Urahara. Urahara/Ichigo.Shinji/RenjiRated: M. On a surprise visit, Shinji runs into Renji and finds himself intrigued. A chase ensues.

Set Fire to the Rain: Oneshot. Aizen/Urahara. Rated: M. DUBCON warning. There's a side to him Kisuke never knew, and the games he played were never true. Save one.

Seireitei MonogatariDrabble series. Complete. Rated: K to M. Various pairings in het, gen, yaoi, and yuri. A collection of humorous oneshots and drabbles depicting the cast of the Bleach series.

Tadaima: Complete. Ficlet series. Rated: K. Takes place at the future 'end' of the Hueco Mundo Arc. Written for MM.org's April Drabble challenge where the prompt was "home at last".

Tarnished (Silver): Oneshot. Ichimaru's POV. Rated: K. The confessions of a man who seemingly gave up everything. The reasons why and the reasons how. And all the words he couldn't say aloud.

Ties of Blood: Ficlet series. Complete. Interconnected pieces. Prequel/Sidestory to The Butterfly Effect. No pairings. The untold story of the relationship between Urahara Kisuke and Shihouin Yoruichi. It is the truth of their bond, the link that connects them, that of half-brother and sister.

The Beautiful Lie: Complete. Rated: M. Epic. AizenxIchigo. UraharaxIchigo. Years after the painful end, the echoes of war still prove their influence and Ichigo finds a dead man in his kitchen.

The Butterfly EffectIn progress. Rated: M. Epic. Urahara/Ukitake. Ichigo/AdultNel. Other Pairings. All it takes is a single moment, and the future is changed forever. If both Isshin and Masaki had died on that fateful day, and Ichigo and his sisters were raised by Urahara, how would things be different?

The Sweetest DownfallComplete. Eight-shot. Rated: M. Gin/Renji. Renji/Kira. Gin/Kira. In a reckless attempt to save his friend, Renji discovers himself more ensnared than he ever expected to be.

Two to TangoComplete. Four-shot. Rated: T. It started with Jyuushiro's need to cure his two-thousand year old virginity and Ichigo's willingness to provide said cure.

The Virtuous Man: Oneshot. Aizen/Ichigo. Rated: T. Patience is a virtue. And despite popular opinion, Aizen Sousuke is a rather virtuous man.

UnwrittenFourshot. Complete. Hitsugaya/Ukitake. Rated: M. Decades in the future, an older Toushirou is tired of being seen as a child by the one he likes. Taking matters into his own hands, he sets out to make Jyuushirou see him for the man he has become.

Whatever It Takes
: Fourshot. Complete. RenjixIchigoxUryuu. Rated: M (Overall).
Ichigo’s tired of fighting, but Renji and Uryuu aren’t willing to let him go.

Kingdom Hearts I and II

Comatose: Oneshot. CloudxRiku. Rated: M. Post-KHII. He had thought he'd learned how to reconcile both the darkness and the light within, but learning to control it and learning to live with it were entirely different than bearing the truth of it.

Desperate Reflections:
Complete. AxelxRoxas, SoraxRiku, CidxVincent. Other pairings. Rated: M. Post-KHII. Death is not the end. The heart is intangible, its existence perpetual. A Nobody finds new life. Fleeing glimpses for a past he shouldn't remember haunt him as he yearns for what was, refusing to allow what may be.

In Spite of All the Damage: Oneshot. Sora/Riku. Rated: M. Post-KHII. A stolen moment in time where words are expressed and not spoken.

Lusty Liaison: Onesh
ot. Sephiroth/Xehanort. Rated: M. Pregame, possibly AU. After another experiment fails, a furious Xehanort wreaks havoc in the library until a mocking Sephiroth shows him a better outlet for his anger.

Price to Pay: Oneshot. Saix/Marluxia. Pre-game. Rated: M. Bearing the brunt of Saix's anger was never something Marluxia expected to endure when he signed up for this. Warning for noncon and bondage.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Between Love and Redemption: Oneshot. Roy/Ed. Rated: T. Anime-based. The Flame Alchemist tries to save the one man he loves from his own destruction. But can Ed see through his own pain to make the right choice.

No One But You: Oneshot. Roy/Hughes. Rated: K. It's Elysia's 12th birthday and Roy finds himself musing on lost friends and lost loves. He's speaking to a man who no longer lives except for in the hearts of those who remember him.

Beneath the Blue and Flame: Oneshot. Roy/Ed. Roy's POV. Rated: M. Anime-based. Ed is asking for a part of Roy that Roy is not sure he is ready to give up. Can Roy surrender the darkness of his past? 

Samurai Champloo

Incomplete: Oneshot. Jin/Mugen. Songfic. Jin's POV. Rated: M. In the end, one lonely ronin realized that life before was so much more fulfilling.

Secrets of the Heart: Complete. Sequel to Incomplete. Jin/Mugen/Jin. Alternating POVs. Rated: M. They've found each other so now what? Happily ever after, right? Obviously, fairy tales have never met Jin and Mugen.

Ouran High School Host Club

Consequences and Repercussions: Oneshot. KyouyaxKaoru. Rated: M. Kyouya makes plans to ensure his fture, and doesn't realize he's being spun into a web of his own making.

An Overlap of Coincidence:
Complete. Ficlet series. MorixKyouya. Rated: T. Like predator chasing prety, Kyouya is first wooed, teased, and finally captured... strange how he doesn't seem to mind.

Legend of Dragoon

More Than I Deserve: 
Oneshot. LavitzxAlbert. Pre-game. Rated: M. In the still of the night, a secret liaison, hoping for something that can never be, but it is his eyes that I love and his touch that I desire. But he is the king and I... am just his knight.

Good Enough: Oneshot. LavitzxAlbert. Spoilers. Sequel to More Than I Deserve. Rated: T. Albert realizes that in the end, it was he who had not been deserving of his knight. There is nothing like the pain of loneliness.

Of Fear and Weakness: 
Oneshot. GrehamxServi (unrequited). Pre-game. Rated: T. He only wanted to be with him, so that their friendship would never end, always fighting together, side by side.


AmatsukiSwept Away: Oneshot. Kon's POV. Anime-based. Rated: T. It's useless to try and escape at this point. He's been locked on, swept away, and trapped. Friendship-fic.

AmatsukiOf Confidence: Oneshot. Toki's POV. Anime-based. Rated: T. He smiles like that, and somehow, Toki always feels that it's going to be okay. Friendship-fic. Companion to Swept Away. 

Final Fantasy VIII: Love Potion No. 8.5: Oneshot. Seifer/Zell. Rated: M. Two years after the defeat of Ultimecia, tow former enemies have become friends of a sort. But Selphie has her mind set on making things better for all with the use of one of her favorite potions.

Inuyasha: Confessions of a Western LordComplete. Miroku/Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru's POV. Rated: M. A series of oneshots describing the possessive and twisted affair with Miroku that led to startling and bloody conclusions. Warnings for character death and dark themes.

Lunar: The Silver Star Story: Never Spoken: Drabble. Rated: K. Ghaleon/Dyne (unrequited). Ghaleon had only one regret in his life, for the words he had never spoken, for the emotions he didn't know he held. And now it was too late. Because there weren't second chances in life, no matter how hard Ghaleon wished.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Forgotten Son: Complete. Rated: K. Piandao-centric. After-series. It's been decades, but Piandao has never forgotten that face.

X-Men: First Class/Transformers CrossoverCold War Transmissions: Complete. Oneshot. Rated: T. Hello, Soundwave. Meet my telepathic friend.

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