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Well, January went by in a huff.

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a/n: Greetings. This here is the masterlist for my 2013 SciFiBigBang fic. Enjoy!

Special thanks to fuzipenguin for the initial idea and to ladydragon76 for the cheerleading. Without either of them, this fic would have wallowed in the sea of Writer's Block.

Wayward Sons
Author: dracoqueen22

Beta Reader: lululara12
Transformers (elements of G1, Bayverse, and Prime)
Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Tracks, Smokescreen, and various cameos of Autobot and Decepticon origin, a few OCs
Dark themes. Canon-typical violence and character death at the least. Transformer-sexuality of all flavors. References to abuse, both past and present, and one scene of maybe-explicit non-con, but still possibly triggering.
Snapshots of an alternate history where twins Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were raised separately, without knowledge of each other, on a planet in turmoil, fast approaching an all-encompassing civil war. Family forms your past, history defines your present, but the future is what you make of it.

ArchiveofOurOwn: Prologue | Act I | Act II
Pandora's Box: Prologue | Act I | Act II

Dreamwidth: Prologue | Act I | Act II

a/n: There will be more parts to this. Act I can standalone as a bigbang entry but I decided readers wouldn't mind more fic so I posted Act II as well. Acts III and IV are in progress. There will also be sidestories and such as I go along. :)


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Title: Keeping the Innocent
Series: Wayward Sons, Act II
Universe: Transformers (G1, Bayverse, Prime)
Characters: Sunstreaker, Tracks, Hoist, Prowl, Red Alert, OCs
Rating: M/NC-17
Warnings: Dark themes, possibly triggery content, non-explicit non-con (depending on what you consider explicit), canon typical violence

Act II – Sunstreaker

Without a Prime to lead them, and Primus a silent deity, there's no one to mediate, no one to slow the fierce rush to war. )
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Title: Carry On
Series: Wayward Sons, Act I
Characters: Sideswipe, Drift, Barricade, Jazz, Smokescreen, Swindle, Megatron
Universe: Transformers (mix of G1, Bayverse, Prime)
Rating: M
Warnings: OCs, minor character death, canon typical violence, dark themes

Act I – Sideswipe

Survive is what we do, down in the rust and gutters. It's what makes us strong.  )

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Title: Prologue
Series: Wayward Sons
Universe: Transformers (G1, Bayverse, and Prime)
Characters: OCs

Rating: T
Warnings: dark themes

We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies. ~Shirley Abbott

His first memory is pain.  )

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Late post is late. This year is going by so fast I didn't even realize it was July until today. Holy Primus on a pogo stick.

In which I whine and babble and discuss my July goals. Be afraid.  )

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June already? Where did 2013 go? I swear it's flying by and leaving me behind.

What's on tap for June. Let's start at the top. lol

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Monthly Author Babble ahead!  )
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Cheerleader needed. Inquire within. :D  )
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Title: War Without End
Universe: Transformers Bayverse, post-DotM film
Characters: Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Will Lennox, (Others)
Rating: T
Genre: darkfic, Angst, Drama
Word Count: ~41,000
Warnings: spoilers, canonical and non-canonical character death, violence, some disturbing imagery, mentions of m/f and m/m relationships
Description: In the end, Ratchet isn't sure why this particular horror amongst all the others is the one to make him break. But betrayal is a double-edged sword. And his Prime struck the first blow.

Notes: Written for the SciFiBigBang 2012

Beta: azardarkstar
Artist: ellie-kat89

Story: LJ | DW | AO3 | FF.Net | Dragon's Den
Art: LJ

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War Without End: Ratchet

Part Six


He's betrayed his Prime in more ways than he can count. This would only be the final twist of the wrench. )
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War Without End: Ratchet

Part Five


I'm through with listening to Autobots hide behind their hypocritical ideals while ripping out the sparks of their enemies.  )
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War Without End: Ratchet

Part Four


I have to believe we picked the right side. Otherise, I'd have to turn my blades on my own spark.  )
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War Without End: Ratchet

Part Three


We, as a species, are facing extinction. We're the last, dying revolutions of a fading spark. )
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War Without End: Ratchet

Part Two


The war's over, so why are they still fighting?  )
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War Without End: Ratchet

Part One


For the sake of the humans. Always for the sake of the humans.  )


Jun. 7th, 2012 01:29 am
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... Just ignore me over here, clapping myself on the back for finally finishing my bigbang fic.

Sucker decided it wasn't happy confining itself to 20K. Oh, no. It decided to go double. And then, decided that this is only part one. Part. One. Which means more parts in the future. Luckily, part one can stand on it's own. And I can call it complete as part one. But there will be more. Oh yes, there will be more. The Transformers have abducted all my muses and have taken over.

*slumps in exhaustion* Soooo, I think June will be a nice easy month. I'm going to finish all these oneshot ideas I've been ignoring in favor of the bigbang. Plus, I'm going to write these flash fiction. I'm going to get that Soundwave/Knock Out finished. And the Knock Out/Orion Pax one, too. And maybe, if I'm lucky, the Soundwave/Jazz one, too. Oh, and more in Apple A Day series, too. Busy, busy.

And now the author is off to go to sleep early. Ah, the novelty of this. *happy dance*


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