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So I couldn't wait until March to start posting these. So have some early! ^_^

For Anonymous
Prompt: TFA Kup/Springer, sexual, sparkplay, contract

Kup was under the impression that Springer needed a firm hand.  )

For Anon
Prompt: Prowl/Optimus, Non-sexual, Playtime with Discussion of Contract

The peace Prowl's command offered was all the satisfaction Optimus wanted.  )

For Anon
Prompt: Wheeljack/Starscream, post sexual sticky aftercare

Your field is doing that soft, fuzzy thing it does when you're content.  )
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For ladydragon76
Prompt: Megatron/Sunstreaker, “what is this I feel?"

He could not see Megatronus hurt.  )

For Mistress_Pirate
Prompt: BatFlash, Alfred, comfort food

Eat your breakfast. )

For Ephdraws
Prompt: Blurr/Starscream, “don’t play a game you can’t hope to win”

Blurr hadn't made a single plan to go.  )
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For megadad anon
Prompt: megatron acts dadly towards soundwave's symbiotes

They were fine Decepticons. )

For nkfloofiepoof
Prompt: Grimlock/Starscream, “You’re Not Here,” Silent Hill 3

He felt wanted.  )

For Rayearthmagic
Prompt: Iron Chef Megatron

I honestly don't know if I should consume these or shoot them.  )

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a/n: Flash Fic Fill and another installment of This Calamitous Life 'verse. It's mostly sfw, self-edited, and I hope you enjoy!

Title: In Too Deep
Universe: This Calamitous Life
Characters: Sunstreaker, Megatronus
Rating: T
Warning: bit of physical violence
Description: Sunstreaker comes home itching for a fight, but there's more than that brewing beneath the surface.

For Werewolf Anon's FFF#63 Prompt of Megatron/Sunstreaker, This Calamitous Life, Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Supreme excellence consist of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting

You're the one mech I told myself I couldn't be serious with. And as it turns out, you're the only one I want to keep. )

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a/n: Update and flash fic fill in one. Go me! This is SFW though sadly there isn't any actual Blurr in here. Oops. ;)

Title: Complications
Truth in Advertising, IDW RID AU
Character: Starscream, Wheeljack, Rattrap, Jazz
Rating: T
Warnings: None really. Some flirting?
Description: Starscream ruminates. Rattrap finally has a name. Jazz swings by to flirt.

For exographik's Flash Fic prompt of Blurr/Starscream, they say silence can heal but I know it can kill

This was unexpected. This was unsettling. This changed a lot of things.  )
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a/n: Four more flash fics down, seven to go. These are entirely SFW and self-edited. Enjoy!

For thepheonixqueen
Prompt: Jazz/Prowl, Western AU, Prowl as Sheriff

Just another day on the edge of the Rust Sea.  )

For Tumblr Anonymous
Prompt: Rescue Bots, introducing the parents to the Burns family

Chase expected fireworks. )

For Iopele
Prompt: Ratchet/Drift, trying to protect each other to the point of ridiculousness

Ratchet was a lot heavier than he looked.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: FlashBat, water balloons

Wally was not built for stealth.  )
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a/n: First three of fourteen. Phew. This round was a challenge. Awesome! Two of these are NSFW. They are all self-edited. Some of these characters/pairings I've never written before so bear with me. And enjoy!

For yami_samuraiflo
Prompt: TFA, StrikaxLugnut, wanton destruction

Strika had no care for waiting.  )

For SixshotAnon
Prompt: Sixshot/Ratchet, close encounter with a former killer but the war's over

I just want the pleasure of your company.  )

For Anonitron
Prompt: Optimus/Starscream, let me hear you whisper

He was more than halfway to overload, and all without a single touch.  )
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a/n: Another update. Wahoo! The plot inches forward, moving toward the end of part one. A new character is introduced. Stuff happens. Enjoy!

Title: Push
Universe: TFA, Post S2 AU, The Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Turmoil, Optimus
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Optimus finally asks what Megatron wants from him.

For dellessa's flash fiction prompt of Megatron/Optimus, needy

Megatron wants to reclaim Cybertron and keep it, not embroil the planet in another war.  )

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For Jenn-oddballpunk
Prompt: Jazz/Ratchet, the cleansing effect of rain and the brutal nature of it

A little bit of rain never hurt anyone.  )

For Nkfloofiepoof
Prompt: IDW or G1 Optimus, “Origa's Rise”

The ability to take a life was not one Optimus had ever desired.  )
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a/n: Three of ten with now five more to go. Pay attention to the opening warnings. The first one is very NSFW, the middle one SFW, and the last one borderline. Barely edited. And enjoy!

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: Arcee/Wheeljack/Bulkhead, down time

Wheeljack was insatiable, Arcee was creative, and the two of them combined often left Bulkhead an exhausted, yet satiated heap of green metal.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: FlashBat and Alfred, late night munchies

To each his own.  )

For Skywinder
Prompt: G1 Bluestreak or Bumblebee, not that innocent, gen or romance

Nobody noticed him noticing Bumblebee.  )
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a/n: Two of Ten fills are a go! Please heed the introductory warnings and enjoy! These are both NSFW

For Megafan Anon
Prompt: An AU where Sunstreaker doesn't die and bonds with Megatron

You are the mech I chose.  )

For Anonymous
Prompt: Seekers/Orion Pax, breaking in

You knew your place. You chose to come into the light. This is no one's fault but your own.  )
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a/n: Little undercurrents of plot running through here. This would have been up a lot sooner if I had posted it when I thought I posted it two weeks ago. I just realized today that, oops, I never actually posted it. Sorry!

Title: Revelations
Universe: TFA, Art of Self Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Optimus, Onslaught
Rating: T
Warning: Mild violence
Description: Megatron is always watching and Onslaught pays for taking liberties.

For dellessa's April flash fiction prompt of Megatron/Optimus, stalking

There is no comfort, no feeling quite like realizing you've been betrayed by everything you ever trusted.  )

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a/n: Good afternoon! Here be all the flash fiction that aren't either a) part of a series or b) long enough to stand on their own. :) Enjoy! Oh, and these are self-edited. Beware the errant commas.

For nkfloofiepoof
Prompt: anything with the cassettes, author's choice went for Frenzy, Rumble, and threw in Bumblebee

But... if Rumble ate it then Bumblebee couldn't and that... that would probably be a tragedy.  )

For Skywinder
Prompt: Skyfire and Megatron, Gen, “don't underestimate me”

Skyfire made a choice. And he'd reached the point where he no longer cared about the consequences. )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: FlashBat, “Bruce did not like broken things.”

Bruce wasn't good at fixing things, but he tried anyway.  )

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: TFP ArceexWheeljack, “let's see what we can make go boom"

Be a good pet and don't overload until I get mine. And then maybe you'll get your reward. )
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a/n: Update. Now with Swindle! (And no Starscream, sadly)

Title: Rumor Has It
Universe: RID, Truth in Advertising
Characters: Blurr, Swindle
Rating: K+
Warning: None
Description: Swindle fishes for information and Blurr comes out feeling a bit cheated. All in a day's work.

For ladydragon76's flash fiction prompt, TIA, Star/Blurr, mystery wrapped in an enigma and it's giving me a fragging headache

Mechs gotta drink no matter what's going on in the world.  )

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a/n: I'm still planning on editing through the previous chapters and re-uploading the newly edited, new material but that's gonna have to wait for the weekend when I have the time to sit and re-upload all those chapters. Until then, have an update!

Title: Boundaries
Universe: The Art of Self-Destruction, TFA
Characters: Optimus, Onslaught, Megatron
Rating: T
Warning: canon-typical violence, mentions of sexual harassment
Description: Optimus is getting a little too comfortable in the presence of Decepticons.

For jeegoo's flash fiction prompt of Megatron/Optimus, peripheral

Where did you find those bearings, little Prime? )
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a/n: Good evening! Here are two fills out of seven with many more to come. These came to me surprisingly quick, I'm quite proud. Enjoy!

For jenn-oddballpunk
Prompt: something short and sweet with TFP Ratch and Jazz

Ratchet had not yet learned how to say no to Jazz.  )

For Fuzipenguin
Prompt: Any 'verse. Sideswipe/Jazz. “Come on now honey, bring it on bring it on, yeah/Just remember me when you're good to go”

Sideswipe had already had four overloads.  )

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a/n: The last of my March flash fiction, here for your enjoyment. This one's lighter fare compared to what I posted before. Hope it makes you laugh!

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: SuperBat, interview, Clark is given the chance of a lifetime

But I'm Superman! )

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a/n: Another flash fiction fill! This one's longer than my usual update but hopefully, just as interesting. ;) Also, is self-betaed.

Title: Debates and Determination
Universe: Animated, Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Optimus, Strika
Rating: K+
Warning: None really
Description: Megatron dodges Optimus' questions, presents a couple of his own, and in the mean time, Strika acquires a few Autobots.

For dellessa's flash fiction prompt: MegatronxOptimus, TFA, reserved

I am loathe to be rid of anything or anyone that could be useful.  )

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a/n: Two more flash fiction with the last one on it's way tomorrow. ;) I do hope you enjoy and keep in mind, both of these are NSFW.

For tumblr anon
Prompt: G1, OptimusxSoundwave

Optimus could leave Soundwave here all night if he wanted. )

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: anyverse, SideswipexSunstreaker, light, “live fast die young/bad girls do it well”

You wanna ride a Lamborghini? )
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a/n: Two more flash fic fills ahoy! These are pretty SFW so enjoy!

For tumblr anon
Prompt: IchigoxKenpachi, fail flirting

Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world? )

For Skywinder
Prompt: Skywarp and Bluestreak, partners in crime, gen

It would be the prank to end all pranks. )


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