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a/n: Got inspired for this one out of nowhere, scribbled it down all in a rush. It's a small thing, but I'm so proud of it.

Titled for the song of the same name by A Great Big World and Christina Aguiliera, though the cover by Pentatonix is largely what drove me.

Title: Say Something
Universe: Justice League/Young Justice Amalgam
Characters: Batman/Bruce Wayne, Wally West/The Flash, Alfred Pennyworth
Rated: T
Warnings: None
Description: Bruce gets older, grayer, and slower while Wally remains as bright as ever.

Reality is not so black and white.  )

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Title: Jealousies
Universe: Justice League Animated and Young Justice Amalgam
Characters: Batman(Bruce Wayne)/The Flash(Wally West), Superman
Rated: T
Description: Sometimes, Bruce forgets how very young Wally is.

Batman does not like mysteries. Or at least, mysteries he hasn’t solved.  )
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Title: Tis the Season
Universe: Justice League Animated
Characters: Batman(Bruce Wayne)/The Flash(Wally West)
Rated: T for some mild kissing and sex implications
Description: Bruce tries to concentrate, but Wally singing out of season songs out of tune makes that spectacularly difficult.

I say you take off this thing, and I take off my thing, and then the both of us go use that cot I know Alfred put down here for you.  )
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For ladydragon76
Prompt: Megatron/Sunstreaker, “what is this I feel?"

He could not see Megatronus hurt.  )

For Mistress_Pirate
Prompt: BatFlash, Alfred, comfort food

Eat your breakfast. )

For Ephdraws
Prompt: Blurr/Starscream, “don’t play a game you can’t hope to win”

Blurr hadn't made a single plan to go.  )
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a/n: Okay. I lied. THIS is the last flash fic fill and I can't believe I forgot about it until I found it in my To Post folder. *bows* I am so sorry. Please enjoy!

Title: This Time
Universe: Justice League Animated AU/Young Justice AU
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Wally West, Batman/Flash
Rating: T
Warnings: a few kisses, some angst, a discussion
Description: One of the hardest parts of being together, is knowing that they belong to their costumes first.

For Mistress_Pirate's FFF#63 prompt of BatFlash, don't believe everything you hear in the tabloids

One more bright light to stave off the dark.  )

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a/n: My tenth and final installment of the Numerology series. Phew. What a ride! :) This didn't go anywhere I wanted it to but I'm very pleased with it anyway. It's still SFW, self-betaed, and hopefully, cute and funny. Enjoy!

Title: Tenth Standard
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Rating: K+
Warning: None
Description: Clark is let in on a little secret and he couldn't be happier.

We have a mutual interest. A league, you could say, of certain talented individuals.  )

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a/n: I'm particularly proud of this one and it gives me several chuckles. SFW. Self-betaed. Please enjoy!

Title: Ninth Grade
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Batman/Bruce Wayne, Superman/Clark Kent, various members of the Justice League
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Batman finally agrees to join the Justice League, part-time, of course. Superman insists on a party to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Superman's cape billows behind him. His eyes sparkle. His hair is immaculately styled. It is singularly impossible for someone to be this perfect.  )
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a/n: Four more flash fics down, seven to go. These are entirely SFW and self-edited. Enjoy!

For thepheonixqueen
Prompt: Jazz/Prowl, Western AU, Prowl as Sheriff

Just another day on the edge of the Rust Sea.  )

For Tumblr Anonymous
Prompt: Rescue Bots, introducing the parents to the Burns family

Chase expected fireworks. )

For Iopele
Prompt: Ratchet/Drift, trying to protect each other to the point of ridiculousness

Ratchet was a lot heavier than he looked.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: FlashBat, water balloons

Wally was not built for stealth.  )
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a/n: Update, update, who wants an update~ :D Enjoy this SFW little humorous bit.

Title: Eighth Wonder
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Superman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), The Flash (Wally West), J'onn Jones, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow
Rating: K+
Description: An enigmatic new supervillain prompts Superman to finally use the communicator Batman gave him with positive results.

Nothing like a good panic to make for a fine point.  )
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a/n: Three of ten with now five more to go. Pay attention to the opening warnings. The first one is very NSFW, the middle one SFW, and the last one borderline. Barely edited. And enjoy!

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: Arcee/Wheeljack/Bulkhead, down time

Wheeljack was insatiable, Arcee was creative, and the two of them combined often left Bulkhead an exhausted, yet satiated heap of green metal.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: FlashBat and Alfred, late night munchies

To each his own.  )

For Skywinder
Prompt: G1 Bluestreak or Bumblebee, not that innocent, gen or romance

Nobody noticed him noticing Bumblebee.  )
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a/n: An update and this one is rather cute and hilarious, if I do say so myself. Please enjoy!

Title: Seventh Heaven
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Clark Kent/Superman
Rating: K+
Description: In which Batman acquires a sidekick and instantly regrets introducing him to Superman.

The moment Dick Grayson comes into his life, Bruce's entire world shifts. )

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a/n: At last, an update! And like the rest of this series, this is totally SFW.

Title: Sixth Sense
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Superman, Batman
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Superman swings by to say thank you, and Batman gives him a gift.

Attention is no unusual thing. But he's so used to being dismissed by the Dark Knight that this leaves him a wee bit hot under the cape.  )

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a/n: Good afternoon! Here be all the flash fiction that aren't either a) part of a series or b) long enough to stand on their own. :) Enjoy! Oh, and these are self-edited. Beware the errant commas.

For nkfloofiepoof
Prompt: anything with the cassettes, author's choice went for Frenzy, Rumble, and threw in Bumblebee

But... if Rumble ate it then Bumblebee couldn't and that... that would probably be a tragedy.  )

For Skywinder
Prompt: Skyfire and Megatron, Gen, “don't underestimate me”

Skyfire made a choice. And he'd reached the point where he no longer cared about the consequences. )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: FlashBat, “Bruce did not like broken things.”

Bruce wasn't good at fixing things, but he tried anyway.  )

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: TFP ArceexWheeljack, “let's see what we can make go boom"

Be a good pet and don't overload until I get mine. And then maybe you'll get your reward. )
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a/n: Two more fills for your reading pleasure, these two mostly fluff. :) Self-betaed. Enjoy!

For Anonymous on Tumblr
Prompt; G1, RatchetxWheeljack, winding down after a difficult day

Every win is an opportunity.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: FlashBat, do you ever smile

Wally was Alfred's favorite. )
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a/n: The last of my March flash fiction, here for your enjoyment. This one's lighter fare compared to what I posted before. Hope it makes you laugh!

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: SuperBat, interview, Clark is given the chance of a lifetime

But I'm Superman! )

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a/n: First of the flash fiction fills ahoy!

Title: Simply Irresistible
Fandom: DCAU
Characters: SupermanxBatman, Clark KentxBruce Wayne, Alfred
Rating: T
Warnings: teasing a blowjob
Description: Clark is both persistent and creative. He's also, much to Bruce's dismay, irresistible.

For mistress_pirate's flash fiction Friday prompt of "SuperBat, will you be my Valentine?"

Bruce knew, down to his Batman bones, that it had been meant for him.  )

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a/n: Two flash fiction posted, all of them written. I feel so accomplished. :) be warned, these are self-betaed. Otherwise, enjoy!

For Fuzipenguin
Prompt: TFP, Megatron, “they used to shout my name/now they whisper it”

What does a gladiator do with himself when the war has been lost and there is no one left to fight? )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: SuperBat, “Gotham will still be here when you get back”

Crime doesn't take vacations.  )
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a/n: This is the last of spam posts, I promise. Tomorrow will bring an all-new fic. :)

Title: Cabal
Universe: Justice League, Numerology, before Fifth Gear
Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Martha Wayne
Warnings: K+
Rating: None
Description: The meeting of two brilliant minds spells future doom for the World's Finest.

Special thanks to mistress_pirate for the initial prompt.

I do think between the two of us we can determine a solution.  )
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a/n: Expect to see a string of updates over the next week. I'm clearing out my backlog of fics that I've posted as flash fiction/ficlets but belong to a larger universe and have been cleaned up. For completion's sake, I'm posting them where they belong. So some of it may be familiar to you already. :)

Title: Addendum Take Two
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Martha Kent, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Description: Martha gets the surprise of a lifetime when Batman shows up on her doorstep, as Bruce Wayne no less.

Sequel to Fourth Base Addendum. Initially prompted by mistress_pirate.

Clark is going to be jealous. So very jealous.  )

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a/n: The best thing to come out of being unemployed is that my writing time has quadrupled. As such, in a week, I've written all my flash fiction. Go me! So here are the three not connected to any established universes, with the other two to come as I edit and fact-check them with the universes they belong to. Enjoy!

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: G1, SidesxSunny, “Santa Baby”

Where's my ring? I want you to make an honest man out of me.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: SuperBat and family, “old-fashioned country Xmas”

Bruce is convinced this sweater is woven from sandpaper.  )

For starfire201
Prompt: BluestreakxStarscream, make you talk, gen, G1

I'm not all Autobot.  )


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