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a/n: Woot. Finally got these done. I hope they are up to my usual quality. If not, I do apologize. I'll do better next time.

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: SuperWonderBat, lying to Diana is a bad idea, they should've known better

Hell hath no fury like a Bat scorned.  )

For camfield
Prompt: Sora/Riku, “Fishin' Hole,” Stephen Lynch

It was always Riku.  )

For: dellessa
Prompt: Bluestreak/Vortex, all kinds of trouble

The game is on.  )

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: Twins/Optimus, Any, “Sinister Kid,” by the Black Keyes

No interfacing shenanigans tonight. )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: Numerology'verse, “Alfred, he gave me... pie.”

I suspect, Master Bruce, that he was trying to be nice.  )
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For dellessa
Prompt: G1, Megatron/Bluestreak, brazen

In which Bluestreak likes big guns and Megatron is outraged.  )

For camfield
Prompt: Riku/Sora, don't say you love me, you don't even know me

In which Sora is sort of a jerk and Riku looks cute when he cries.  )
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a/n: Last of the flash fiction!

For camfield
Prompt: Sora/Riku,
It wasn't that Riku minded that Sora called the cat 'Pussy', it was that Sora liked to call the cat Pussy, way, way to much.

Sora's brain seemed to operate on random shuffle most days.  )

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: Sideswipe/Vortex, 'why do I always end up with the crazies?'

You're supposed to be dead. Why aren't you dead? )
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a/n: And here are the last two flash fics! It's safe to say they are both NSFW.

For camfield
Prompt: Riku/Sora - I refuse to lick that. "Call me pretty, big boy."

Riku didn't know if he wanted to laugh or shout or blush or some combination of all three..  )

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: Optimus/Sideswipe, Bayverse. 'The things we shall not name'

It wasn't enough. It was never enough.  )
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a/n: Two more flash fics in a reasonably timely manner. One is NSFW, the other's perfectly safe. Enjoy!

For camfield
Prompt: Riku/Sora, sex in the dark

If you stop, I might have to put a keyblade somewhere unpleasant.  )

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: RatchxTwins friendship

Somehow, Ratchet had acquired a pair of Lamborghini nanny-bots. )
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a/n: First, let me apologize for the radio silence on my end. RL has been utter hell (I work in retail and tie that with being understaffed at Xmas time... yeah). And then on top of that, I've gotten sick. Which makes concentrating on writing of any kind pretty much impossible. So here are a couple of the flash fiction I've managed to finish and I'll get to work on the rest of them as soon as I can.

For dellessa
Prompt: TFA, BlurrxShockwave, expedient

I'll take good care of you. Just as you were so kind to me.  )

For camfield
Prompt: Riku/Sora

And he'd thought Atlantica was irritating.  )
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a/n: and here are the last of the flash fiction, finally complete and ready for your reading pleasure. Most of these are, once again, NSFW. Be warned! And enjoy. :)

For camfield
Prompt: Riku/Sora, “come on. Merman. Underwater sex. You can't tell me you've never thought about it before”

This is the sound of Riku's brain breaking. In a good way.  )

For dellessa
Prompt: TFA, Megatron/Optimus, issues

Seduction is more likely to succeed than force.  )
For azardarkstar
Prompt: Jazz/Bluestreak, “Die Young,” by Ke$ha

In which Bluestreak is not that innocent.  )

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a/n: Two more flash fiction for your reading enjoyment, with only one left to go. All grammatical mistakes are mine and mine alone!

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: Lady Crysan and Sleet, “think of it as a reward for a job well done.”

You and Frost are playing a dangerous game and I suspect no one's taught you the rules.  )

For camfield
Prompt: SoraxRiku, My feet can't find purchase, my eyes see only blurs. Everything I am is nothing without you, because now only you make my body more than a corpse with strings attached.

Messy tense changes ahead. Oh, and fluff.  )
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a/n: I know I promised these yesterday but I got distracted by fic so instead here they are today. Two of the six flash fiction I owe from way back in August. Enjoy!

For truebluefool516
Prompt: BatFlash, “As the World Falls Down”

Bruce gets older, Wally hardly ages, and he doesn't know what to think.  )

For camfield
Prompt: Riku/Sora, "You're getting a little predictable... how about we make love instead of just fucking for once?"

This, right here, is just not working for me. I need a change of pace. Something new.  )
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a/n: Look at me, answering fills in a timely manner. You guys gave such good prompts this time! Please enjoy the first two of six.

Please excuse possible grammatical errors.

For dellessanna
Prompt: Hound/Ravage, G1, “Catch me if you can”

Hound pounced. Gotcha! )

For camfield
Prompt: Sora/Riku, “if you don't stop apologizing, I will grab you somewhere unpleasant.”

You owe me a dance.  )
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a/n: And now I present to you the last two flash fiction. Don't forget, new flash fic Friday is July 27th!!

For camfield
Prompt: Sora/Riku, I'd spank you if I had a free hand

Everything is usually Sora's fault.  )

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: Sideswipe/Sunstreaker, smiles (Sorry I couldn't make the Ouran work. I tried!)

All this fluff... I don't even...  )
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a/n: Last four flash fiction tonight. Please enjoy~!

For ancientlybroken
Prompt: KH2, Axel, Is it possible?

He never wanted to be forgotten.  )

For hockeyiris
Prompt: RoyEd, “how the years go by”

Roy kept it as a souvenir.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: ErebusxAsclepius, are you done yet

Are you done yet?  )

For firegirl0
Prompt: Bleach or Kyouya/Tamaki, opportunistic

You always remind me! )
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I bring to you another fic review, this time a fanfiction piece as the rotation demands. The oneshot, Comatose, was written as a 10K hit request on my personal fanfiction site "Pandora's Box." The request was for a CloudxRiku pairing with no other specifications. It ended up being Post-Game, as in Kingdom Hearts II, yet strangely enough takes place on a post-FF7 world though before Advent Children, I think. It's very much canon-related and it was inspired by the song "Comatose" by Skillet, the lines "I hate feeling like this. I'm tired of trying to fight this. I'm asleep and all I dream of is waking to you" which are very key to both Cloud and Riku.

The oneshot has elements of unrequited Riku/Sora as well as unrequited Cloud/Sephiroth. It is also unique in that Cloud has taken his insanity to an interesting level, one where he still hears Zack speak to him, mostly commenting on his day to day life. It's quite fascinating. Also, Riku, at this point, is a man who unable to reconcile that he's in love with Sora (who consequently is in love with Kairi) has taken to wandering the universe. He's not even sure what he's searching for; he's just hoping the answers are out there somewhere.

Riku and Cloud are very much alike and when Riku stumbles upon Cloud here in this new world, he strikes up conversation with them. Cloud recognizes a lot of himself in Riku. And Riku thinks Cloud can answer his questions. What emerges is an interesting conversation about darkness and light, love and belonging. Cloud invites Riku to his house and Riku agrees. They have sex, but it's more than just lust. Cloud is trying to show Riku the truth -- that Riku is only running and it's not going to get him anywhere.

Writing this oneshot was difficult, but rewarding. I'm really fond of how well it is put together and how accurately the tone reflects the mood. I'm not a big fan of the Cloud/Riku pairing, but I thought it worked very well for this kind of plot. It leaves on a bit of a cliffhanger because we don't really know what Riku has decided, but you get the impression that he's going to return to Destiny Islands to face Sora and all the darkness inside himself. Perhaps afterwards, he will find Cloud again.

I don't have any plans for a sequel at this time. Though one never knows when a story idea will hit me. Surprisingly, despite it being one of my favorite writings, it wasn't very popular with the readers. Probably because it wasn't age-old Riku/Sora and it was set in-universe rather than AU/AR which is so frequent in the KH fandom (frequent to the point of being annoying).
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To keep in sync with my habit of alternating, today I bring you a fanfiction. Yet another one of my completed works. I think I'll cycle through those before I get to the unfinished stuff.

Desperate Reflections was my first -- and only -- full-length Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II fanfiction. With bits of Chains of Memories thrown in to spruce it up a bit. I drew from all the sources I could muster, relying both on my canon and my own ideas to create an after-the-game fic. Originally, it started out as a request from one of my readers, who as of now I can't even be certain ever read the fic because I never heard from him after I started it. Go figure. Anyways, he wanted an after-the-game fic with Axel/Roxas as the main pairing and Axel being the one who's lost his memory rather than Roxas for once. At the time I started it, three years ago, there weren't any Axel-lost-his-memory fics. Kami only knows how many there are now. I'm out of the Kingdom Hearts fandom.

Read more... )


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