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 Well, I didn't get everything done in August that I wanted, but I still made a lot of progress! I added over 100 pages to the Megatron/Rodimus Harpyformers piece, I finished a Twins/Megatron piece in the Barbarian AU, and I got more words down on the Bluestreak/Rodimus piece set in Play by Numbers. Woohoo!

So what's on tap for September? 

My first focus is gonna be on my InsectiQueenSunstreaker plot. That's the one calling to me the loudest, so I am going to put as many words on it as I can before the muses run out of steam. 

I've sort of changed my habits lately. My goal has been to finish a fic before I start posting it. I have enough WIPs as it is, so I don't want to post anything until it's done. That means you might wait a little longer for some new material, but once it arrives, just know you won't have to wait long for updates. Sort of takes the pressure off. 

So now the muses are doing this thing where they work no-holds-barred on something until I get a huge chunk of it done and then suddenly they get bored and wander off to a new project. XD I also have a plethora of projects that I'm bouncing among and I just don't know what'll get done first:

Raise the Bar - Truth in Advertising's sequel
Topsy Turvy - Harpyformers MegaRod
Uncharted Territory - Harpyformers BlurrStar
Trial by Sword - Sands of Fate, Barbarian AU, Deadlock/Drift's story
Enchanted - One Wish prequel
War Without End - Sequel
Plus a handful of oneshots that I poke at here and there. 

Anywho. That's what I'm focusing on right now, but I still have tons of other WIPs and projects. Plus I'm taking my first-ever vacation in a long, long (we're talking years if not a decade) time in the middle of September. I'm bringing my computer with me, but I don't expect to spend much time turning it on. XD

Still waffling the idea of going back to Tumblr. Miss the interaction, don't miss at all the drama and harassment. I keep going back and forth on this. Still on Twitter at least. I'm doing better mentally. I don't want to ruin that by rejoining a site that helped contribute to my breakdown in the first place. :/ Was considering opening up some kind of Discord chat for people to pop into if they wanted to ask me a question directly? But then that sounded kind of vain so I set it aside. Eh, I'll think of something. 

Onward to fall! 

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 A day late but not so much a dollar short. XD

July was so much better than June and way better than how 2017 started, despite us being understaffed at work and having to work overtime a couple of weeks. The extra pay was nice. There's been some IRL chaos going on as a distraction, but for the most part, I've felt very... manageable in July. Here's hoping that continues into August! 

So what's on the docket? 

I'm still playing it by ear, not trying to limit myself to any project in particular. I'm wanting to enjoy writing more again before I start sitting down and making myself focus on things. I'm occasionally visiting Tumblr to check out my dashboard, unfollowing people if I find their posts upset me for whatever reason. I don't know about interacting yet. I miss talking to my readers and followers. But I don't miss how just anyone can jump into a conversation and take it the wrong way. 

Writing-wise, August is for Harpies! At least, that's where I'm focusing right now. I've got tons of Blurr/Star to edit through and prep for posting. Not to mention I've still got a little over half the fic to write. I'm working on the MegaRod part right now and it's some goooood stuff. Or at least I hope so!

Here and there, in between the Harpies, I'm working on Drift's story in that series, and a oneshot with Sunstreaker/Sideswipe/Megatron. I'm also spending time on that InsectiQueenSunny fic, too. Got a lot of balls in the air, so to speak. Haha. But we'll see what I manage to finish up, yeah? 

Anyway. Anxiety and Depression being managed means life is a heck of a lot more bearable and I don't think I'll ever get over what it feels like to actually feel again. Wowza. 

Hopefully September is equally up the challenge! 

Joyous July

Jul. 1st, 2017 08:10 am
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 Joyous might be something of an overstatement, but I definitely feel a heck of a lot better than I did last month. Let me tell you, medication is amazing and a life-saver. I've been prescribed an anti-depressant and it has changed my life. I don't feel like I live under a dark cloud anymore, I can enjoy things again! I enjoy writing again! I don't feel like I completely suck! 

I forgot how it is to want to live again, so I'm very, very happy about this. So July may not be all kittens and roses, but it's definitely not gloom and doom anymore, and I am so, so happy about that. 

So what's on tap for July? 

Well, I'm gonna finish editing and posting Trial by Fire since it's pretty much complete, just needs the editing. I'm going to try and work on Crown the Empire's Post-Script. And keep on working on Flights of Fancy -- Uncharted Territory. I also have this idea for an Insectiqueen Sunstreaker fic that I really, really want to work on. And a Bluestreak/Rodimus fic set in the Play by Numbers universe that I want to work on, too. Plus whatever bits I get inspired for here and there. Nothing's abandoned still. I just have a lot less writing time so progress is gonna be sloooooow. 

I've decided to keep posting on AO3 because I have way more good readers on there that I don't want to punish, then I do asshole readers. I still intend to stay away from Tumblr though. No good can come of that place. XD. I'm getting more and more active on Twitter, or at least I'm trying to be to try and come out of my shell more. 

So that's July. A new and improved outlook. And thanking the universe for medication that lets me function again. ;__;


Jun. 1st, 2017 06:04 pm
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 No adverbs, just June. Because while I started May generally starting to feel better, the mire that the month became dragged me down, down, down. 

June is for... I don't know. Recovery? Got a doctor's appointment Friday and maybe I can finally start getting some help for my health issues. I'm going to try and snag some overtime at work whenever it's available to clear out some of this debt hanging over my shoulders. Keep on with the diet and exercise until I'm at a healthy weight. Keep my house clean. Catch up on all the movies, books, and tv shows I've set aside over the past decade while pursuing the impossible. And I'll poke at words whenever I feel like it. 

More Debbie Downer below the cut. But possibly some explanations, too.  )

May Madness

May. 1st, 2017 08:26 pm
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 Ahhh, May. 

In slightly better spirits as I approach a new month. Did not finish a WIP last month like I wanted, but still getting used to the new schedule and bouts of anxiety/depression. 

I did review the Crown the Empire verse in an attempt to start writing the Post-Script. I've managed about 5K words but it's kind of like pulling teeth, so rather than force it, I think I'm just going to set it aside and come back to it again. I've a feeling what'll happen is I'll wake up morning and just be inspired, and then I'll spend two weeks writing it in a flurry, and then it'll be done. Better to wait for that then keep forcing out words that I'm just going to delete, I think. 

I got randomly inspired halfway through last month to start working on the sequel to War Without End. So I have the opening scene and I know what's going to happen in the first one or two chapters, but I'm having trouble figuring out some plot points for later. That stalled a bit while I chew on ideas and figure out the best direction to go. It's going to be just as heart-clenching as War Without End was, I know that. Though I won't spoil the surprises. Just know I'm going to deal with Optimus, introduce many hatchlings and the new peeps that Ratchet's crew picked up around the universe, and answer some, if not all, of the unanswered questions left behind by WWE. 

I have lots of pieces of Behind the Scenes in progress, so I'm going to work on finishing those up this month. It's grown a life and a plot, but I'm having fun with it so I think that's all that matters. 

For May, I think I'll dig out the Harpyformers and see if I can get those moving again, because I really liked working on that series, and I'd love to get something postable ready to go. I also want to try and work on the last part of that Barbarian AU commission that grew enormous legs. 

I haven't abandoned any of my other WIPs. I've just learned that I can't push things now, otherwise I scare the muses away. So I'll take things slow and steady. It may be years before I finish them, but so long as I carry a speck of interest in Transformers, I intend to do so. There are lots of things I still want to explore. 

Happy May!
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Springing into Spring and April is what should be happening. Instead I'm slogging my tired ass into the new month, wondering where the heck March went because I sure don't remember it. 

Not seeing much different in April than in the month's preceding. Getting used to working full-time is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. After working almost nine hours and then an hour commute each way, by the time I get home, I'm an exhausted lump that has no words in me. Not that I was really bursting with them before. 

Writing time was going to be the weekends, but now I have to cram so many other things into the weekends -- shopping, cleaning, family obligations -- that I don't really have that either. So the projects I am working on are going to take even longer than I anticipated. 

 Still working on getting the commissions I owe. I finished the RodiDriftRatch one and I'm reviewing Reign and Salvage so I can get started on the Post-Script, which I suspect will be at least two chapters. I'm also working on a Barbarian AU fic that grew legs, but it's half done so far, and I'll keep poking at that. I have a few self-indulgent new things that I write when the ideas hit me -- Behind the Scenes, One Wish extras, BlueJazz bits, etc. 

 I also have plans for other series like a sequel to Truth in Advertising -- Raise the Bar, and I still want to write the Harpyformers series. I have something like 80K in mismatched scenes. I need to connect all the dots and make it post-able. I'll probably never finish this stuff in a timely fashion, but that's okay. I don't even have to post it if I don't want to. That's the beauty of it. 

 I figure I'll tackle those lingering WIPs one by one after I finish commissions. Things like Zero Sum, Apple a Day, the third part of Mastermind, Despicable Me, The Art of Self-Destruction, et cetera. I'm going to do my best to finish them, or at least provide some kind of ending, even if it's a subpar one. 

 I am officially on hiatus from Tumblr. I've been struggling to keep myself together enough as it is, and venturing onto Tumblr always feels like I'm tiptoeing through a minefield and while I originally joined the site to interact, I'm too anxious to do so now. Feels like people are waiting in the wings, ready to pounce on the most miniscule thing. Fandom is no longer fun. Participating in fandom is no longer fun, and if things persist the way they are, I won't even enjoy the source material anymore and that's not something I want to leave. 

 It's also disheartening that I try to open myself for interaction, but all I get are more demands for why I don't like a pairing, or won't  write a pairing, or why I waste my time NOT writing said pairing and waste it further by writing a rarepair no one likes. And it's frustrating and I just don't have the mental fortitude right now to deal with that. Why are the assholes and the bullies so much more willing to be vocal? Ugh. 

 So for now, I'm no hiatus from Tumblr. I don't know if I'll go back to it. I don't know if I'll want to. I'm keeping it active for now because I have some fics I need to pull off there, and a few people I still keep in contact with through messenger, but otherwise, I'm off my dashboard. 

 Remember when we used to enjoy fandom just for being fandom? Yeah. I feel like an old person now. "Back in my day, we actually enjoyed fandom without having to defend ourselves for something as innocent as liking a rarepair. Wow, how times have changed." 

 So that's April. Full of thunderclouds and showers. Hopefully May will bring home the flowers, yeah? :)

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Feeling lower than low and desperately trying to hang in there. I dunno about all of you, but 2016 has been a one-two-three-four-uppercut punch to the face and the hits just keep coming.

November was marginally successful. I did finish Truth in Advertising, but RL and other things didn't cooperate as well as I'd hoped so I didn't get much done on Flights of Fancy. ;__; December is looking to be much more of the same so I'm going to try and keep my goals manageable. And pray/hope/fingers cross for a better 2017.

To Write!
  • Inseparable, the fourth and final part of Interwoven, continues on from Inseparable
  • Finish one of the three Flights of Fancy stories
To Post!
  • Play By Numbers Part Two and Epilogue
  • Anonymous Commission starring Ratchet, Drift, Perceptor, and Sunstreaker
  • Crown the Empire, the last nine chapters
  • Truth in Advertising, chapters 21-24
Lots more posting than being written, I see. XD. But this year has been one full of trials, and I'm staring at my yearly goal list like... I didn't even get half of them done. *le sigh*

Oh well. Better luck next time!

As always, if you're curious about a project, feel free to ask. I promise that nothing's been abandoned, and I've made it a point that I'm not starting anything new until I finish every last WIP so if that means I never get to some stories sitting in my idea folder, so be it.


Nov. 1st, 2016 07:48 am
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It's that time again!

October was halfway successful, but halfway not. Too much RL interference. But November is here again, with NaNoWriMo come to call.

This year, I have two goals for NaNo. The first one is to finish Truth in Advertising. Huzzah! The second one is to take all that I wrote for NaNo last year and finally finish Flights of Fancy parts one, two, and three. Double Huzzah!

There's really not much else to say about November other than that. XD

Good luck everyone!
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So September was halfway between a loss and a success. I wanted to get more done, but had to take commissions to cover some unexpected expenses. October is already looking like metal to the pedal busy, so I'm going to try and keep my monthly goals as short and sweet as possible.

To Write: 
  • Finish all of the Commissions I took in September
  • Finish Truth in Advertising
  • Finish Play By Numbers Part Two
  • Edit everything in the second draft folder.
In terms of what I have to post, I completely emptied my "to post" folder in September, so I don't have anything to update but keeping on putting out chapters of Salvage and Reign.
I also need to prep for NaNoWriMo. I'm thinking right now that I'm going to try and finish the three acts of Flights of Fancy. But I may end up doing something else.

I'm also sitting down and kind of re-evaluating things, so October might be a month of reflection.

As always, if you're curious about a series I haven't mentioned, feel free to ask about it. I'm hoping to one by one, attack everything I have that's a WIP until I don't have anything more. And I won't be starting anything new until I finish out the WIPs. At least, that's my hope. *fingers crossed*

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August was exhausting, but productive. I accomplished nearly every goal on my list, and got a fair chunk done at the uncompleted goal. Woohoo! September looks to be more of the same as my RL job continues to dominate my time despite only being part-time and my writing time is less and less. But I will persevere!

To Write This Month: 
  • Finish Truth in Advertising
  • Finish Play By Numbers Part Two
  • Finish The Road to Somewhere, Drift/Percy Harpies
  • Clear out the second draft folder of edits
  • Finish the sequel to Good Enough
To Post This Month
  • Four chapters of Crown the Empire
  • False Sympathy, a Crown the Empire drabble
  • Jealousies, a BatFlash fic
It's a pretty hefty list, but I think I can do it! Here's hoping I finally get some free time so I can start catching up on my 2016 goals of which I am woefully behind. XD

As always, feel free to ask about any projects I haven't mentioned. I'm still working on all my WIPs, just slowly. Right now, the goal is to knock out those WIPs one by one. :3
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July was far more successful than I could have even hoped. I accomplished all but one of my goals, and that goal was one I decided to put off until I was better equipped to do it (aka Crown the Empire's Post Script, which I think would be better served after editing Reign and Salvage). Huzzah!

Now let's see if that success can carry into August, shall we?

To Write List: 
  • Edit Salvage and Reign for Posting
  • Finish Silence is Golden OT3 Oneshot
  • Finish Drift/Rodimus Commission
  • Finish Truth in Advertising
To Post List: 
  • Come What May - Drift/Rodimus Oneshot
  • One Wish - Part Two
  • Jealousies - BatFlash Oneshot
  • One Wish - Part Three
It's a pretty lofty list perhaps, but with any luck, I can knock out both of those oneshots in a single day each, leaving the rest of the month to editing and working on TIA which has about twenty chapters to go. -fingers crossed- I'm just gonna tackle my WIPs one by one until I have a more reasonable number. XD

As always, feel free to ask me about a WIP I haven't mentioned, it's future, estimated plan to work on it, et cetera. :)

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Well. June was kind of a bust given the unexpected complication of my Part-Time job becoming a Full-Time one for the foreseeable future. C'est la vie.

I really only have one goal in July, but it's a big one, and that's to clear my plate of commissions. What does that entail? 
  • Finishing the last four chapters of Reign
  • Finishing Salvage's Epilogue
  • Finishing the Crown the Empire Post-Script
  • Finalizing the edits on a Drift/Rodimus one-shot
  • Finalizing the edits on One Wish (Prowl/Sunny, Jazz/Sides)
That's not all that needs to be done for commissions, but that's a fair chunk. A secondary goal, if I can get the inspiration going, is to finish the fic I want to submit for the TF Zine. I don't know if I'll make it in time for the deadline, but I'll try. I just need RL to cooperate. -fingers crossed-

I also hope to make at least four posts/updates in July: 
  • Drown In It, Ratchet/Twins, No.1 Crush series
  • Tis the Season, a Christmas in July BatFlash fic
  • Eclipse, Megatron/Sunstreaker IDW, oneshot
  • The Devil Inside, Drift/Ratchet
Actually, for all that there's only "one" goal, there's a lot on there. XD. Here's hoping I can get it done. My intention is to finish commissions and then close them for a while, at least until I'm no longer working these "full-time" hours. In the meantime, I'll work some on personal projects that I've left hanging (oh so many of them).

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May was particularly productive. I am proud of that. I didn't get everything done on the to-do list, but got a lot of things done that weren't on the to-do list, so I am satisfied. lol

June, I think, is going to be a focus on me. And by that, I mean I'm going to dive into a lot of personal projects and let my brain recuperate from all of the commissions I've done. I've got a staggering list of WIPs that need some attention and I want to work on them a little bit before I head back into other people's projects.

Writing Goals
  • Bludfire, This Calamitous Life, Megatron/Sunstreaker
  • Eclipse, MTMTE AU, Megatron/Sunstreaker
  • Bringing Out Deadlock, Drift/Ratchet Oneshot
  • Untitled Deathsaurus/Starscream oneshot
  • Silence is Golden, Number One Crush, Ratchet/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker
  • Fic for Project TFZine
Posting Goals
  • "Dear Agony," Blue Bacchus/Black Shadow commission
  • "Play By Numbers, Part One," Rodimus/Starscream
  • "Challenge Accepted," Grimlock/Starscream
There are a lot of oneshots on there. XD. Hopefully, I can knock them out one by one. -fingers crossed-

As always, feel free to ask me about any projects I haven't mentioned. I have so many WIPs I know. ;_;
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I am quite pleased with myself. I managed to do everything on my to-do list for April! Woohoo! Let's hope that level of success carries right on into May as well. ^_^ It turns out that having reasonable goals means I accomplish more. Who knew? 

First we have the writing goals!
  • Harpy Megatron/Rodimus Commission
  • Drift/Ratchet Oneshot
  • Play by Numbers Part Two
  • Finish Revisions to In Darkness Dwells Original Novel
Then we have the posting goals!
  • Two updates to Wretches and Kings
  • "Shatter Me," Sideswipe/Sunstreaker (ft. Hound)
  • "Challenge Accepted," Grimlock/Starscream
  • "What Lies Beneath," Jazz POV from Dear Lies
I also plan to continue on rebuilding my website in the down times when the muses aren't cooperating. Which is often. XD. And I have a few "bonus" things that I plan on working on if I get these things finished, like some OT3 lovings and some more work on Reign.

Busy, busy! ^_^

As always, if you're curious about anything in particular, feel free to ask. I know there are a few fics that haven't updated in a while and I do intend to get to those. As soon as I finish Reign and Salvage and can turn my brain power elsewhere, I plan to get back to work on Truth in Advertising, The Art of Self-Destruction, and Apple a Day. Promise!

Good luck in May!
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Let's just not talk about March, okay? We're just going to put a pin in it and move right on into April. Sound good? 

So here we are with April with what I hope is far more reasonable goals this time. XD

To write!
  • Commission #1, sorta-fairytale, TF AU
  • Commission #2, Sideswipe/Sunstreaker+ a guest and some angsty smut
  • Two updates of Points of Authority or Through the Never
  • Complete Reign or Salvage or complete five chapters between the two of them
To Post!
  • Silver Linings, CyGate, Sequel to Daylight Robbery
  • In Between, Megatron/Drift/Rodimus
  • Wretched and Divine, Bluestreak/Jazz

Slightly more reasonable goals means a greater chance for success, I hope. *fingers crossed*

Questions about anything I haven't mentioned? Feel free to ask! :)

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So February was a one-two punch to the face of Real Life complications. I had no idea The Job would be so consuming for the better part of two weeks, and neither did I know I would suddenly be embroiled in the preparations for the roommates to move out, on top of legal complications with my sibling so wow. February knocked me down for the count.

But March is here, and I have the chance to start all over, play catch up and maybe even come out ahead. XD Especially since I think I hit zero of February's goals. Whoa.

What's on tap to be written: 

~Crown the Empire Chapters x4
~Finish three of my current batch of commissions
~Play by Numbers Part One
~Revise Original Fic In Darkness Dwells
~Complete 'Bringing Out the Deadlock'
~Complete 'Eclipse'

What's on tap to be posted: 

~"Resonance," A Drift/Cyclonus oneshot
~"Wretched and Divine," a Bluestreak/Jazz oneshot
~"You Plus Me," a Knockout/Smokescreen oneshot
~and one update per week at the least to Wretches and Kings/Points of Authority

It's a lot. I know it's a lot. The key is to see if having the distracting roommates gone means I can be way more productive. Or if instead of being distracted by them, I now lose my time on the internet. LOL

We'll see.

Questions about the status of a fic I didn't mention? Feel free to ask!

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January was a bust thanks to some Real Life complications and stresses. I didn't accomplish anything on my to-do list, well, except finishing that CyGate commission. Hopefully, I can put all that behind me and concentrate in February.

I intend to work on original fiction in February. I adore my fanfiction, but I can't publish it and I can't supplement my income with it, so I do need to focus a bit more on original fiction. So February... is for finishing the revisions of In Darkness Dwells so I can get it sent off to proof-reading. Which will then lead to final edits so that I can self-publish. Yay! Therefore: 

February To Do
  • Revise In Darkness Dwells
  • Finish two chapters of Crown the Empire
  • Brainstorm/Plot the Royal Pursuit sidestory
February To Post
  • Bluestreak/Jazz Oneshot
  • Drift/Cyclonus Oneshot
  • Make Us Whole Part II (Shattered Glass Ratchet/Twins)
  • Jingle Bells, BatFlash Oneshot
February's a shorter month, so hopefully, all of those goals are do-able. *fingers crossed* I'll also be focusing on commissions and my Wretches and Kings TFA verse.

Time to buckle down and concentrate. :)

Curious about a WIP? Feel free to ask. I will let you know the status.
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November went reasonably well. I completed NaNo like I wanted, got 50K unexpectedly on a Harpyformer fanfic when I set out to write a time-travelling rock fairy romance. LOL I still call that a win though. ^_^

And now for December, in which I put nose to the grinder and finish as many WIPs as I possibly can, along with tidying up a few commissions so I can open up some slots. That being said, here's what I'm attempting to stamp 'Complete' on.
  • Reign (sequel to Oubliette)
  • Salvage (concurrent sequel to Oubliette)
  • Bluestreak/Jazz oneshot
  • In Darkness Dwells Revision
  • Play By Numbers (Rodimus/Starscream two-parter)
  • Defiance-Verse Commission
  • CyGate Commission
It's a lot. But I feel like I can do it. All I need is time and opportunity. On the posting side, there's not much going on since I spent all of November focused on NaNo and a couple of commissions. But I have a few things.
  • Oubliette, Final Chapter
  • Truth in Advertising Chapter 20
  • Critical Mass, Final Chapter
  • Despicable Me, Chapter One
  • Into the Nothing, Ratchet-centric commission
So yeah. That's December. Busy, busy as I gear up to say goodbye to 2015. Questions? Comments? Concerns? :)
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New month. New goals. How did October fare? Ehhh. I don't wanna talk about it. Got some stuff done, not as much as I'd like, but Real Life intervened in a lot of ways. But that's okay because now it's November and that means NaNoWriMo. Wahoo! And also, November goals. So here they are. :)

To Do: 
  1. NaNoWriMo Novel
  2. Reign/Salvage Chapters x4
  3. Truth in Advertising Chapter 20
  4. Art of Self Destruction Chapter 20
  5. Dear Lies Jazz POV
To Post: 
  1. Marry Me, Chapters 13-15
  2. Oubliette, Chapters 14-17
  3. Critical Mass, Chapter 15
  4. Truth in Advertising, Chapter 19

Flash Fic Friday is on November 13th, Real Life willing. We're 54 hits away from the winning fic on my Fanfic website, Pandora's Box. Oh, and I'll definitely make any commissions I get a priority.

So that's November in a Nutshell.

Good luck to everyone NaNo-ing this year! ^_^
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September went a LOT better than I expected. I met all but one of my goals so I'm going to consider that a success! Which means I'm racing into October feeling a lot more excited about the universe. \o/

What's on tap, you might wonder? Well. Here's what I plan on working on the most, with great emphasis on the revision of my original novel In Darkness Dwells so I can hopefully get that published before the year is out. *fingers crossed*

Writing On Deck: 
  1. Revise In Darkness Dwells
  2. Edit In Darkness Dwells
  3. Add four chapters to Reign/Salvage
  4. Finish Rodimus/Starscream, Play By Numbers by half
  5. Finish Original F/F Short Story for Anthology
  6. Complete two chapters of The Art of Self Destruction
  7. Begin working on my website rebuild
  8. Finish Bluestreak/Jazz oneshot
  9. Pick my NaNoWriMo fic.
And of real interest, the Posting On Deck:
  1. Marry Me, chapters 9-12
  2. Oubliette, chapter 9-13
  3. Cygate Gift Fic
  4. Critical Mass, Chapter Fourteen
  5. Truth in Advertising, chapters 17 and 18
  6. Despicable Me, chapter one
  7. Give It a Whirl, Sunstreaker/Whirl oneshot
I'm also going to work very heavily on any commissions I might get (or have!) as those take precedence. I got bills to pay after all. ^_^ More posting includes the rest of the flash fics I have. No, there won't be a FFF in October, but there will be one in November to help me boost my NaNo word count.

And that's it for October. Questions about any of my ongoing fics are currently welcome, especially if all you want to do is poke me about the status of them. ^_^


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