Nov. 1st, 2016 07:48 am
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It's that time again!

October was halfway successful, but halfway not. Too much RL interference. But November is here again, with NaNoWriMo come to call.

This year, I have two goals for NaNo. The first one is to finish Truth in Advertising. Huzzah! The second one is to take all that I wrote for NaNo last year and finally finish Flights of Fancy parts one, two, and three. Double Huzzah!

There's really not much else to say about November other than that. XD

Good luck everyone!
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Huzzah!! I did it!

Nano Big Winner 2014 photo Winner-2014-Web-Banner_zps554ee45d.jpg

That's 35,133 words of East of Eden (42534 actually, but I'd had 7401 already written) and 15,833 of assorted fanfictions for a grand total of.....
51,016 words. Phew! For awhile there, I didn't think I would make it but I did. Go me!

Now expect to see more little fics trickle in as I edit and post. Flash Fiction Friday will return on December 5th. I'm currently jobless so I'm hoping that means lots and lots of writing time, that is when I'm not job hunting and interviewing.

Big thanks to everyone who provided prompts and encouragement. I did manage to fill every single prompt given to me (save one which is still in progress because it decided it's not a little fic, it's a long one) so be looking for those.

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So. I'm kind of having a dilemma here. I finished my fic for NaNo but I'm still short of 50K. In all my years of doing this, I've never experienced this problem. I always run out of words before I run out of novel. It boggles!

So, to help me reach my goal, I figured I'd write something else. I don't want to start something new and add to my ever-growing list of unfinished/in-progress stories.

Therefore, I'm asking that in lieu of flash fiction Friday which I skipped because I thought I wouldn't need it and I was wrong, I'm asking for prompts! My only requirement is that they be for an existing universe of mine, complete or not, that way I'm not tempted to start a whole new series or fic. It can be a current fic or one that's been finished for five years. I'm not picky.

Help a writer out? I've got 16,000 more words to go and I'm drawing blanks! :D Oh, and there's no limit on the prompts. Leave as many as you like. No guarantee that I'll write them all but anytime I'm in the mood for fic and don't know what to write, I tend to skim over unanswered prompts. Just saying. ;)

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Curse you RL! *shakes fist*

Hoo. I'm struggling. I'm clocking in at about 28,795 so far which means I'm barely keeping up with the daily demands. This'll be a close one this year. *wipes sweat from brow*

Snippet, Snippet )
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For the curious, I'll do this on my road to victory.

Right now, I stand at 16, 227 words of 50,000. That means I'm just a teensy bit ahead of where I need to be. No thanks to RL.

The story, East of Eden, is as I said, a true romance. The first I've ever written. And now, I've taken to calling it The Tale of Two Geeks, because really, that's it is. And at it's core, it's a coming of age story for a man who's in his thirties, and finally learning what it means to live. The theme song, so far is "Heads Tails" by Hotspur.

Snippet! )

I'll update word counts and bring some more snippets as the month moves along. Good luck to everyone else participating!


Nov. 1st, 2014 12:18 pm
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It's November. Yay! October was kind of a bust but hopefully, November will be better.

And what I'm working on?? Well, NaNoWriMo of course! Full focus on my NaNoNovel this month. My first-ever genuine romance called East of Eden, a m/m romance that's also set in present day and contains no fantasy elements whatsoever. Another first for me!

Now, if I finish or find myself stalling and needing to get word counts in somehow, I'll be working on either Critical Mass or One More Night, probably the former since I'm still plotting the third part of One More Night.

Flash Fiction Friday will return in December, the date TBA.

Good luck to everyone else participating! I'll be posting status updates as the month wears on and I will hopefully have a War Without End update for you as well. ;)

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Babble about my struggle and what I actually accomplished.  )

So. In honor of finishing, I present to you the last snippet of War Without End: Prowl for your squee'ing pleasure. At least, those of you awaiting the story. :) Be warned of the roughest-rough draft and likely errors.

Prowl and Lennox have a chat.  )
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a/n: We're in the fast slide to the end of NaNoWriMo and as I pull words out of nowhere (struggling, oh so struggling), I thought I'd go ahead and post two of the flash fiction I've finished. Enjoy!

OH yeah. This stuff is NSFW.

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: Sideswipe/Sunstreaker, hate sex

Their love is just so... yeah.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: Frost/Sleet, “I think you've been spending too much time with that woman”

You are mine.  )
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At last! I have caught up! *throws confetti in the air* And now I'm going to attempt to get a little bit ahead so that I don't fall behind again (like I did, oh so slightly, when I went back to work for three days straight of closing shifts in Retail Hell. Anyone got some valium to spare for Black Friday???)

Ahem. And as an added bonus, I wrapped up Prowl's part. Oh, there are some incomplete scenes that I stalled on but I'll go back and finish those when I have time to sit and stare at them some more and not when I'm on a time-word crunch. :) Looks like Prowl's on track to be nearly the same length as Ratchet's.

Prowl's word count: 30,847.
Flash fiction and Thundercracker's ongoing word count: 2667.

Which means *drumroll* I'm grooving right along into Thundercracker's part. Never wrote him extensively before either so this'll be another practice in the unfamiliar, just as Prowl's had been. It helps, strangely, if I liken characters to other characters I wrote in great detail. (For instance, Prowl is much like Byakuya from Bleach. Now I just have to figure out who Thundercracker is similar enough to for me to get my groove on.)

And here is the promised excerpt from Prowl's part, just to give you a taste of things to come!

Sneak-Peek Snippet #3 )
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Thursday. My first true day off since NaNo started. Time to buckle down and catch up since I'm so hideously behind. Good thing is... I've got all of Prowl's part plotted out and Thundercracker is starting to take shape. Yahoo.

NaNo word count as of 7:16 pm EST: 23,574. (I'm supposed to be at 25,005). My goal? To hit 26,672 by the time I go to bed. *fingers crossed*

Don't forget that I'm going to do Flash Fiction Friday tomorrow. It'll help boost my word count!!

And now for the promised excerpt in it's roughest of the rough draft glory. :) (I can haz Prowl icon? Anyone?)

Sneak-Peek Take Two! )
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Still dreadfully, dreadfully behind. I should be at 16,670. Instead, I am at 12,100. Oye. RL. How about cutting me a break, eh?

So I'm working on War Without End: Prowl for those of you anxiously awaiting an update. And if I run out of fic before I reach 50K then I'm going to roll right into War Without End: Thundercracker which is who's POV is coming up next. Fun times.

And here is a little bitty roughest of the rough draft preview of what's going on with Prowl. Enjoy!

Sneak-Peek Snippet! )
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So I was going to work on my original fiction, Shady Hill, for NaNoWriMo.

And then the season finale of Transformers: Prime happened and it stole all my feels. All Of Them.

Instead, I pulled up War Without End: Prowl and have been furiously working on it. *laughs* My word count is still terribly, terribly behind but here's hoping RL settles enough that I can catch up.

NaNo. Day Four. Word count: 2694.

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Is anyone else participating? 

I am not even close to ready. And it starts in an hour! Oh, it's gonna be such a challenge to hit 50K this year. Think I'm going to have to split my words between fanfiction and 'Shady Hill'. If I finish at all.
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At 52,246 words, I've met my NaNoWriMo goal for this year! Go me!

I wrote two fics to meet this goal. A long SuperBat fic entitled "Same Old Story" which you will hear more about in late December/early January and I've nearly finished my Transformers: Prime fic "Event Horizon" which has decided that one fic is not enough! Once "Event Horizon" is complete there will be a sequel.

Phew. Now that NaNo's done we can return to our regularly scheduled programming. I'll get some updates up lickety-split, I'll post that link for The Beautiful Lie download, and Flash Fiction Friday will return this Friday, December 2nd!

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Whew. Meant to do this sooner but posted the first chapter of Event Horizon (my Transformers: Prime fic) instead.

So. Word Count Total: 36,860 words. Broken down, that's 15,741 for my SuperBat fic and 21,119 for Event Horizon.

I am still ahead of my goal to reaching 50K by November 30th. Even though other plots keep trying to nibble at my ankles. And I keep seeing prompts for Transformers that refuse to stop haunting the back of my mind.

I also managed to combine all the chapters of The Beautiful Lie into one document. So after a bit more tweaking, that'll be ready to post for everyone's downloading enjoyment. There's two versions, one with larger font for people who might want to read it on their kindle, and one with a smaller font, for those who just want it on their computer.

Onward to NaNo!


Nov. 14th, 2011 05:17 pm
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So here I am... innocently minding my own business, trying to work on my three NaNo projects (and only actually putting words to two of them) when a rabid plot bunny starts biting me. No, not biting. This sucker starts gnawing at my ankles. Seriously, only nubs left people.

Of course. I need to concentrate on Event Horizon (TF: Prime, RatchetxSunstreaker) and my poor unnamed SuperBat fic (and maybe one of these days I'll actually get to Shady Hill who knows?). But no. Instead, I'm furiously plotting, sketching, and building out this whole other story because that is what the bunny demands. And these things are vicious. Haven't you ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

What, do you ask, is the plot bunny? Another Transformers fic. Yep. I still have half a dozen plots waiting in the wings for SuperBat but this Transformer one just grabbed and will not let go. It's mostly Bayverse compliant, takes place after Dark of the Moon, features Ratchet very prominently, has no immediate/obvious pairings, is very darkfic (no rape, no gratuitous violence, but still dark) and theme-wise, well, the title is War Without End. If that gives you a clue.

And now, back to pounding the keyboard and adding words while toeing away the creeping bunnies. *grins*

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Greetings from NaNo land!

I'm five days in and my count stands at... 10,913. Because I'm doing something crazy. I'm trying to write two fics at once, and then when they are done, pick up a third. Yep. I'm insane.

One of the fics I'm writing is a Smallville-based (kinda) SuperBat fic. That one is the furthest along at 8389 words (or 22 pages) but I started with 1627 so those don't count. *laughs* 

The second fic is a Transformers: Prime fic with a main pairing of Ratchet/Sunstreaker, and a side helping of Sideswipe/First Aid and Jazz/Bluestreak (and others!). It is titled Event Horizon. This ones at a measly 6657 words, but I started at 2506. It's half-crack, half-serious, and all kinds of experimentation for me. It also has my first ever piece of mech-porn. (Yes, you read that right. Robot. Porn. lol)

The last fic I'll be working on is the promised end to Shady Hill and I'll start that once I finish the SuperBat piece as I have no idea how long Event Horizon is going to be.

If anyone's interested, I'll put up some teaser snippets of either Shady Hill or Event Horizon. (The SuperBat fic is for something else so I'm refraining from sharing that one).

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So... once again. In October. Right before NaNoWriMo. My laptop has decided to go kaput. It's maybe a virus. Maybe my harddrive. But judging from the way it's crashing left and right, it's a little bit of both. Again. So much for the nice, expensive anti-virus software (that scans my computer all the freaking time and constantly bombards me with "don't go there!" messages) preventing this from happening. Because it so didn't.

Now... I'm down to using my mother's laptop, which is kind of her but still grossly inconvenient. I have tentative access to some of my files and none of my usual freedom of movement. Gragh.

Flash fiction may be a little longer in coming. I'm all thrown for a loop now. Until I find someone who can look at my computer for a price I can afford, I'm stuck with this one. Alas.

Why does this always happen right before NaNo???
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Phew. I didn't think I'd EVER get off work. Talk about a short shift that dragged into a longer one.

Ahem. Today is Friday. Flash Fiction Friday. And we all know what that means. This one, also, is the last FFF until December 2nd as the entire month of November is devoted to NaNoWriMo and I won't have the time to write flash fiction. Because of this little detail, I'm leaving open the requests all weekend. You have until 7am EST Monday morning (10.24) to leave me a flash fic request.

Also, this is no holds barred. All my fandoms are open. Original fic requests are very welcome. I like crossovers. I love porn. Kink is always welcome. Yes, I write het, slash, and femslash. I'm an equal opportunity porn writer *grins*.

These are the fandoms I write in:  Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo, Ouran High School Host Club, xxx-HoLic, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII and VIII, Saiyuki, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Justice League, and Transformers. I only ask that if you request Bleach, please provide an alternate in case I can't stir those pesky fleeing muses to cooperate.

Let the requesting begin!


Oct. 9th, 2011 06:18 pm
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Sorry folks. No flash fiction today (or yesterday, too) but definitely tomorrow. I plan to work on them tonight and tomorrow. Been a busy weekend here. I spent most of all day yesterday going to a Ren Faire (and I say going lightly because we were in traffic for almost THREE hours which very much cut down on how much time I could have spent at the Faire). Yet, I had fun dressing up and shopping and generally soaking up the atmosphere, which is always good for stirring up the muses.

It also helped me decide what I shall do for NaNoWriMo. I decided I will finish Shady Hill, which has about twelve chapters left, and start Nycthemeron, writing, writing, writing until time runs out. I'm thinking I'll get at least half of Nycthemeron done. It's nice to be decisive.

Then today, first thing, I got up and watched True Steel with my partner in crime, Azar. I liked the movie a lot. Course it was one of the few movies I was interested in this year. I'm SO not a movie-goer and I hate to have my time wasted, so I'm picky with what I like to go see. And my little Transformers-obsessed mind couldn't stop making comparisons. lol

Yes, so those are my excuses as to why there is no ficcage.

Also, is anyone on my f-list a TF: Prime fan? Because I'd love to babble with someone about that series (which is so growing on me).


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