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a/n: This one's long, kept trying to grow plot, and may or may not be extended in the future. It all depends on whether or not I can find the time. Enjoy!

Also, interestingly enough, I got the idea for this from an episode of Family Guy of all things, though I took it more seriously. So it's kind of cracky. But the serious kind of crack. If that even makes any sense...

For Sam
Prompt: Ouran, cruel joke

The world's not going to end, but for some reason, it feels like it already has.  )
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a/n: Two more flash fiction for your reading pleasure. Please enjoy!

For theablackthorn
Prompt: TamakixTwins, making sense of it all

He loves them for the things that make them unique.  )

For animelover1993
Prompt: JazzxProwl, “Stutter,” by Maroon 5

Lots of love to go around and only one Jazz.  )
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a/n: Two more flash fiction, once again, longer than the average flash fiction. Please enjoy.

For yamitoyoru
Prompt: KyouyaxTwins, sexy times, Kids of 88s “Just a Little Bit”

A pair of bored twins is a pair of dangerous twins.  )

For mandalee1013
Prompt: Alex/Wesley, “Earthquake,” the Used

Alcohol does not a coherent Alex make.  )
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a/n: Two more flash fiction. Please enjoy!

For theablackthorn
Prompt: Mori and Kyouya, Mori does what it takes

No, this will not do at all.  )

For mandalee1013
Prompt: GalexMalcolmxIone, rain

Gale starts to move.  )
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a/n: At last! I have finished these, more than a week later. *shameface* Please enjoy!

For mandaelee1013
Prompt: Ione and Malcolm, how they became friends with benefits

From what I hear, you're good at making a statement.  )

For firegirl0
Prompt: Kyouya+Ishida, let us handle things

Ootori is certainly the devil and Ishida has turned himself into the devil's apprentice.  )

For animelover1993
Prompt: Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, Sound of Madness

They move forward, together as one.  )
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a/n: And so it begins. My new position is already affecting my writing time. Two days and no update? I am thus ashamed. *sigh*

Well, here's two more flash fiction. I shall get the last up as soon as I can.

For hockeyiris
Prompt: Kyouya/Twins, thunderstorm

Kyouya was not one to be swayed by petty jabs at his pride.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: Superman/Batman, Alfred's POV, he's good for you

The world will see things differently.  )
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a/n: Last four flash fiction tonight. Please enjoy~!

For ancientlybroken
Prompt: KH2, Axel, Is it possible?

He never wanted to be forgotten.  )

For hockeyiris
Prompt: RoyEd, “how the years go by”

Roy kept it as a souvenir.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: ErebusxAsclepius, are you done yet

Are you done yet?  )

For firegirl0
Prompt: Bleach or Kyouya/Tamaki, opportunistic

You always remind me! )
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a/n: The last three flash fiction before I stumble back into bed. The cold continues to wreak havoc. Blergh. Enjoy!

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: SleetxIchigoxLady Crysan, jealousy

Undress. Now.  )

For gypsygrrl420
Prompt: KyouyaxHaruhixMori, strong and silent from the shadows

They don't speak; they don't have to.  )

And then this one. Is a bit weird. And very AU. And I'm not sure where my Nyquil-soaked mind was going in this. Cloud is 16, so that should be my first warning to anyone who thinks that's TOO YOUNG. Sephiroth is, legally, twenty-five. This is all completely consensual, by the way.

For firegirl0
Prompt: Sephiroth/Cloud, badges and titles

Pleasure. Everything is pleasure.  )
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a/n: Last of the flash fiction! Please enjoy. :)

For azardarkstar
Prompt: Jazz/Ratchet, "Love is a Battlefield"

I'm already locked in one never-ending war, I ain't keepin' up another.  )

For animelover1993
Prompt: Jazz/Prime

Primus is gracious to have given two miracles.  )

For firegirl0
Prompt: Kyouya/Twins, "sit down and shut up"

Games are only fun when you're winning.  )
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At last! I come to you with half of the flash fiction fills. I say half because two of them have taken on lives of their own and one of those two hasn't decided how it will end. I will post them tomorrow. These have not been edited in the slightest so please pardon any grammatical mistakes.

For hockeyiris
Prompt: KyouyaxMori, changes

The ties that bind will bind them forever, perhaps.  )

For azardarkstar
Prompt: AtLA, better red than dead

His skin itches. Crawls really.  )

For mistress_pirate
prompt: Sleet/Crysan, losing a bet

Do your worst.  )

a/n: And the latter two will be posted tomorrow. I promise. And then Tuesday starts NaNoWriMo. Huzzah! I've decided to write my lingering SuperBat fic and then after that, finish Shady Hill. That should get me to 50K.

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a/n: Posting before I go to work. The last three flash fiction. Huzzah!

For hockeyiris
Prompt: Kyouya and Kaoru, understanding

It's a little too easy to pretend that it's real.  )

For animelover1993
Prompt: Sam and Optimus, “Moves like Jagger”

Very well. But I refuse to dance.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: MaesxRoy, “not over the phone!”

Roy sighs. Foiled.  )
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a/n: And here are the last three, at the last minute thanks to annoying RL complications. Please enjoy!

For azardarkstar
Prompt: Superman finds lost keys

IknowIleftthemheresomewhere.  )
For hockeyiris
Prompt: Maes/Roy, coffee

Ugh. Morning people.  )
For theablackthorn
Prompt: Kyouya/Mori, misunderstanding

He rarely, if ever, doubts himself.  )

a/n: And that's the last of them. Thursday brings an update to The Beautiful Lie. Friday brings an update to The Break of Day. And Saturday brings an announcement of the release of the Charity Sip Blitz!

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a/n: Good evening, friends! I'm sneaking in late to post the final three flash fiction. One of them gave me a bit of trouble but at last, I emerged victorious. Please enjoy!

For ancientlybroken
Prompt: Dear God, it's me, Kyouya

Kyouya has done everything his money and power and influence is capable. )

For firegirl0
Prompt: Superman/Batman, this was most definitely out of his comfort zone

I'm not always wrong, you know.  )

For cancer69heart
Prompt: Squall's dreams

Also, what the hell is up with his wardrobe?  )

a/n: As always, these were fun to write. I hope that you enjoyed!

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a/n : Good afternoon, folks! Today I have the last of the flash fiction here for your reading convenience. Please enjoy!

For ancientlybroken
Prompt: Wrath(King Bradley) and Zaraki, you can't do that

Normal spirits don't arrive with swords. Only the powerful ones do.  )
For kr4nky
Prompt: KyouyaxShinji, afternoon tea, semi-public groping

Perhaps you two could... ah... get a room?  )
For firegirl0
Prompt: Hawkeye and Komamura

Sajin finds himself compelled to obey.  )
For mistress_pirate
Prompt: Yuuko and Rangiku, “I like the way you think”

Great minds think alike! )a/n: Ah. These were great fun. I also have another, slightly longer crossover coming soon. Sometime this week. Huzzah!
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a/n: Good afternoon! I bring to you more cracky, crossover fun! Enjoy!

For hockeyris
Prompt: Kyouya and Uryuu, good better best

Somehow, Ichigo feels like they've just made a deal with the devil.  )
For rionarch
Prompt: Ty Lee and Fuu, teahouse fun

Mugen and Jin aren't going to believe this.  )

For mandalee1013
Prompt: Roy and Yoruichi, hot springs

It's absolutely maddening to be this close to Yoruichi and yet not be able to touch.  ) 
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a/n: As promised, here are the first of the flash fiction. These were quite fun to write!

For sarshi_k
Prompt: Hermione and Gin, Whomping willow

Magic shouldn't be surprising to you.  )

For [personal profile] azardarkstar 
Prompt: Zuko, meet the Host Club. Host Club, Zuko.

Clearly, there is no hope to be found for poor Zuko.  )

For ttenandayo
Prompt: Kisuke and Azriel, “Do I know you from somewhere?”

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a/n: Good morning! I return to you with three more flash fiction. Huzzah!

For [livejournal.com profile] azardarkstar 
Prompt: “Set Fire to the Rain”, ProwlxMirage (past) and Prowl+Jazz bromance

Break-ups, to borrow the human term, are rare among Cybertronians, and this is Prowl's first. )
For [livejournal.com profile] ancientlybroken 
Prompt: any pairing (Sirius+Remus with a splash of Snape), “don't you dare”

Remus opens his mouth to object, but isn't given time to form words. )
Prompt: Mori/Kyouya, Kyouya catches Mori napping
Curiosity compels him.  )
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a/n: Three more Flash Fic for your reading pleasure, with the final two coming tomorrow. Please remember that these are unedited in the slightest. And enjoy!

For [livejournal.com profile] theablackthorn 
Prompt: KyouyaxMori, Kyouya tries Kendo

Kyouya's not a complete novice.  )

For [livejournal.com profile] cancer69heart 
Prompt: SeiferxZell, Tears and Teddy Bears

There's only one martial arts master on this bed, and it's not Seifer. )
For [livejournal.com profile] hockeyiris 
Prompt: Stark/Hichigo, Reflection

He's Ichigo, only he's not.  )
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Because I know I have some fans of Ouran High School Host Club on my F-list I thought I'd share this AMV I made awhile back. It's Kyouya/Tamaki, a little sad, and my vision of what I imagine their relationship entails. I also consider this AMV to be one of the best I have ever done. It's one of the few that I have available on youtube, since they closed my account (*rolls eyes*), and it's being hosted by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] azardarkstar . Enjoy!

Title: Without a Sound
Song: "Better Than Me," Hinder
Spoilers: Yep! Has clips from nearly all 24 eps!

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Today I dread returning to work after a blissful three days away from the madness and I know I'm not the only one. So I thought I'd drop off this little present before I leave... the last three pieces of flash fiction! Huzzah! Do enjoy, my friends.

For [livejournal.com profile] sarshi_k 
Prompt: Gin/Urahara

“Is it a betrayal if ya were never loyal in the first place?”  )

For [livejournal.com profile] deceivingyou 
Prompt: Kyouya/Tamaki, "We control our thoughts which mean nothing, and not our emotions which mean everything.”

But that's not part of this game.  )

For [livejournal.com profile] mistress_pirate 
Prompt: Aizen/Ichigo, "Familiar Taste of Poison," Halestorm

Oh, that smug tone. If it didn't make Ichigo's groin tighten, he'd hate it so much. )


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