May. 13th, 2015 06:42 pm
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My self-published novella, Monster, is now available for purchase!

Monster Ebook Cover photo Monster Cover Ebook_zpsil0xsadn.jpg

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult
Price: $8.99 (print)
$3.99 (digital)
Size: Approximately 34K
Released: May 8th, 2015
Print -- Amazon | Createspace :: Digital -- Amazon

~ Synopsis ~

They say that there’s a monster in these woods; Hadrian’s heard it all his life. But it's only a myth, a warning given to children by exasperated parents. The fog-choked woods behind the village are vast and empty. There are nothing but animals beneath the trees.

Then, a villager is found dead, and life takes an unexpected turn. The woods are suddenly much more sinister. To prove himself and his courage, Hadrian must venture there alone.

Only to discover that a monster is indeed very real. And it takes a very familiar form.

~ Excerpt ~

Hadrian watched his breath puff out in front of him, a grayish mist in the biting air. The breeze flowed down from the mountains looming over his village and seemed to carry a chill year-round. It only worsened after the sun set. His thick cloak did well to combat against the cold, but his lips were freezing. As were his ears. Hadrian loosed his hair from its low ponytail and let the long strands settle over his ears. There, one problem solved.

He stomped his booted feet to warm them and his dark eyes again searched the depths of the forest. He saw nothing. The torches could only pierce so far into the moss-streaked trees, and he was loath to admit that he didn't like peering into the unknown. He held half-imaginings of things lunging at him from the black, with claws and teeth aimed for the vulnerable skin of his throat.

It was all Omi's fault. If he hadn't spent their entire childhood filling Hadrian's mind with all sorts of dark tales, Hadrian wouldn’t have such an active imagination. But here he was, pretending the darkness had eyes and the moss had limbs with which to grab him.

Hadrian shivered and his hand fell to the hilt of his sword for comfort. His mum had often accused him of having too strong an imagination. It served to worsen his fear, and now was no exception. But as his fingers traced over the symbols etched into the pommel of his sword, he felt comforted. The familial glyphs of bravery and honor were a reminder of the vows he would soon take.

He lifted his eyes to the sky and peered through skeletal branches to catch sight of the moon. It was a pale orb crawling higher in the sky, marking the continuation of another cycle. Only a couple hours left in his shift. Then, he could return home to a warm bowl of vegetable stew accompanied by thick bread, crusty around the edges. Hadrian's mouth watered at the thought. His stomach growled. His mid-shift snack seemed forever ago.

Hadrian paced to keep the blood flowing, and made certain to keep track of the low fence which surrounded his village. He kept one eye on the forest at all times. The bare, bony trunks of the trees gleamed white in the darkness, only their upper regions full of leaves thick enough to blot out all light. He imagined beady eyes glowed back at him and shivered again.

The worst of creatures in the forest were wolves and the occasional cougar. Both occasionally ventured down from the surrounding mountains, drawn by the scent of human life. Sometimes even a bear would wander out of its lengthy hibernation. Those were the existing dangers, in any case. But few spoke aloud of the mythical monster that haunted the woods: the Troblin and its terrible hunger.

The Troblin's existence had long been legend. A tale to scare children into behaving. Something to keep them from venturing into the forest on their own.

Don't be late for supper or the Troblin will get you.

Foolish youngsters are dinner for the Troblin. He'll be crunching on your bones before long!

Or, Hadrian's personal favorite, Listen to your parents, or face the wrath of the Troblin!

Hadrian didn't believe in the Troblin, but sometimes, looking into the forest as he did now, he could imagine a lumbering beast amongst the scattered trees. He could see hairy hands reaching out of the dark. He could hear the plop-plop of thick saliva dripping from pointed fangs and a slurping tongue.

Hadrian jerked his eyes away from the forest and skimmed the fence line. He was here as sentry, after all, to protect those within the village and warn them in case of attack. The nearest settlement was a week's ride away, across ever-expanding plains that were baked by an unforgiving sun. Hadrian's people didn't worry about other humans. It was the wild animals they feared.

Well, the wild animals and the mythical Troblin.

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Good evening my friends! I don't have any flash fiction yet but I do plan on working on them as soon as I can.

I did, however, find two reviews for my original works. I thought I'd share them with you.

One was for The Requiem of Janus, and is found on They gave me 5 Stars!!!

The second was for Four Years On. It's on goodreads but it's also on their reviewing website, Brief Encounters. Unfortunately, my penname is spelled wrong. It accidentally got published/promoted as Wilkerson from the start so that's what all the official stuff tends to say. Oops. Tam gave me a C+ (3.5 stars)

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Good afternoon everyone!

This is a fly-by post to let all fans of my original fiction know that I'm hosting the Torquere livejournal today. Stop on by to say hello and enter for a chance to win free stuff! I'll also be posting bits from my eventually upcoming fic Shady Hill for the curious and also talking about the yet untitled sequel to The Requiem of Janus. I'll also be offering opportunity for prompting ficlets for original works.

Hope to see you there!

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Evening guys! Sorry I don't have the flash fics yet. Work+Illness does not for writing make. But I'll have all six of them for ya tomorrow.

Until then, check out this great review In Darkness Dwells received! 4.25 stars out of 5!

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Late author is late. I meant to post this earlier but my brain's not firing on all cylinders.

Join me today at the torquere_social ( where I'm going to be chatting about In Darkness Dwells and offering a chance to win a free copy of it! Not to mention all the tasty excerpts I'll be providing!
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Good morning all!

My full-length supernatural detective novel has been released by Torquere Press today! In Darkness Dwells is now available for purchase! Excitement all around!!!

In Darkness Dwells Publication Info! )
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As part of the Charity Sip project, we authors volunteered to review some of our fellow author's work in something called a Review Reacharound.
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Good morning!

Today I'm pleased to announce the release of my Charity SIp; Four Years On, along with the release of 32 other great short fictions!

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a/n: Stay tuned for more!
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Good evening fellow fictioneers!

I don't have any flash fiction today because RL is made of suck and I'm exhausted. But I should be good to go tomorrow so be looking for those then.

In the meantime, a lovely e-mail came to my inbox recently and I thought I'd share the good news. Four Years On, my short story based on Jason and Kale from A Thousand Words was accepted for publication in the Charity Sip Blitz for Torquere Press. Huzzah! Now, this Blitz is not for profit. All proceeds go to benefit the It Gets Better project, so I won't be making any money. But that's fine by me. This charity is one I heartily support and I'm proud to be a part of something that benefits others.

This publication is tentatively set for September. I'll post more information as it comes!

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Good afternoon everyone! It's become a habit that I put up a post once a month to let everyone know what I'm working on. So I thought I'd continue that tradition today.
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Another month, another variety of things begun, in progress, and completed. Another month to look at that daunting list of current projects and wonder, how did I get myself into this mess? *laughs*

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Good morning!

I'll be hosting Torquere Press' livejournal today. So stop on by and say hello, enter for a chance to win either a copy of The Requiem of Janus or a $5 gift certificate. The choice is yours!

I'll also be posting a oneshot set in The Requiem of Janus universe and sneaking in an excerpt of In Darkness Dwells.

Click here to visit today. Hope to see you there!
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Greetings everyone!

Back in August I announced that my short story, Monster, had been published through Sugar and Spice Press. That was true! However, their website can, on occasion, be a little difficult to navigate. Now that the requisite time has passed, Monster has been released to outside distributers. Which means, you can pick up a copy at these, possibly easier to use, websites.

Amazon I Fictionwise

It's priced at $4.99 and I hope that if any of you have the money to spare, you'll check it out. It's about 35K words and it's a general fantasy with a bit of a twist ending. There's no slash here, or sex actually, so it's safe for a young adult audience. Perhaps you can give it as a gift? 

Anyway, check it out if you have the inclination. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Happy News!

Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:20 pm
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Today has been a great day.

Not only did I get the news that I'll be starting my new job on Monday (huzzah!), but I found out a bunch of other good things.
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Dec. 2nd, 2010 11:10 pm
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Greetings everyone!

I'd just like to take the opportunity to announce that I'll be featured on Naughty in the Backseat Boy's Blog as a first time author tomorrow. They've asked me some questions that are pretty interesting, as well as introducing The Requiem of Janus to an audience who probably hasn't heard of me. I'm pretty stoked about this. So if any of you are bored tomorrow and looking for something to browse, stop by and say hello!

You can click here to access my post/interview but this link won't go live until tomorrow. I'll post another reminder of it then.

I hope to see some of you there.
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Today I must bring you the regretful news that I won't be offering any more chapters of In Darkness Dwells for your reading enjoyment.

To find out why, read on.... )
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Being sick sucks. It's so distracting and makes my writer's block even worse. Alas.

Progress. Hmmm.

Well, to be fair, I'm -->this<-- close to finishing Whispers of Yesterday. The last three chapters are on the table but my muses have up and abandoned me and the snot is clogging up my thinking pathways. I've been working daily and exclusively on it since August 3rd, I've passed 80K and I think, it's time to call this fic 'done' until the second draft.

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Aug. 15th, 2010 09:05 am
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Good morning!

This is just a fly-by announcement to let everyone know I'll be hosting Torquere Press' livejournal today. I'll have a chance to win a free copy of "The Requiem of Janus" as well as offer a sexy excerpt of the novel.

Stop by and say hello!

That link is here >>

Hope to see you there!
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On advice from some of my fellow authors at Torquere Press, I can no be found on The GLBT Bookshelf, which is a massive wikipedia-like website that lists countless GLBT books including romances and action/adventure and self-help and history and just about anything that has to do with the GLBT world.

Want to check me out? 

Well, my author homepage is here: Http:// I'm listed as Nicole Wilkinson on there since that's my erotica penname.

And links to The Requiem of Janus' page is here: and links to The Finer Points of Thievery (due to be published in August) can be found here:

Personally, I think the idea of this site is brilliant. And I'm ultra-pleased to be a part of it.

Just another way I'm spreading the word.

Anyone else know any good sites that allow promotion of homoerotic content? Either for a reasonable fee or for free? I'm happy to take all the advice I can get. *beams*
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So, yesterday was Ask the Author day on the Torquere Social list, and I was the one in the hotseat. Since many of you aren't members of said social list, I thought I'd go ahead and post that informal Q&A here if anyone was interested in reading it. I've put each question in italics, with my answer following it.

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