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Not much calmer, but more rational. I also could not sleep because I had these ten thousand thoughts in my head so I literally got out of bed to write this. XD

I've made no secret of the fact I'm not fond of Scott's writing. Windblade the first volume was not all that bad. It was intriguing. It was after that where all of Scott's weaknesses became obvious. But I could toughen out poor writing to support a fellow writer, especially a female one. But after I saw the way she treated her fans and legitimate concrit of her writing skills, that was where my support ended.

That is neither here nor there.

cut to save f-list. it got lengthy )
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I have never seen a writer so out of touch with the core of the source material than M.Scott and that's saying something. I mean, say what you will about how terrible Costa and some of the others were. At least they remembered these are Transformers and not humans in a metallic shell.


And that's all I will say about the upcoming M.Scott comic -- that erases and ignores all of the rest of IDW canon to make her own because it's too hard to write something with more than one dimension -- until I can form my thoughts better than RAGE RAGE RAGE GNASHING TEETH RAGE.

(except to add that the ABSOLUTE WORST part of all this is that I know, because I know how companies like Hasbro think, that they are going to keep Scott and her shitty writing no matter what, while MTMTE is constantly on the chopping board and while it's not a paragon of perfection, at least it's good)


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Opinions, I have them. Feel free to ignore.

I liked this issue. Then again, I've liked this whole series and both seasons. Sure, I have things that annoy me or that I disagree with, but as a whole, MTMTE is one finely put together series, not just for Transformers, but as a Science Fiction comic in general. It makes you think, it makes you realize the grey areas and that has always been my favorite theme to read.

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New month; new goals.

Well, it's November so we all know what that means: NaNoWriMo. I will be putting most of my focus on that. I've chosen to write an original fic of mine, Break of Day Part II which is part of my larger Infinity's End universe (all of which is available for free to read on my Nicole Wilkinson livejournal n_wilkinson ), but if that fic proves uncooperative, I will switch gears to Critical Mass.

If I have any free time, need to work on something else, etc, I will be putting time in on War Without End. Goal is to finish this sucker before the year is up. I'm almost done with Bumblebee's, finished Skywarp's, been plucking away at Sunstreaker's, and started Drift's. Just got to plot Sideswipe's and I'll be good to go.

I haven't forgotten any of my other fics in progress. Slowly but surely, I will finish those. (I'm looking at you: Apple a Day, With Benefits, Wayward Sons, Critical Mass and all the other oneshot series that're languishing).

And hopefully, I'll have some updates to offer along the way. (As well as flash fiction). *fingers crossed*

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Phew. September has come and gone. I feel like I blinked and missed it. 2013 is more than half over and I feel like I sneezed and missed most of that. Where is time going? Alas.

Anyway. What's on tap for October, you ask? Last month, I successfully completed WWE: Skywarp, an update to the Numerology 'verse (Batman and Superman, which I need to edit before I post), and a couple of WWE side-fics which also need to be edited.

For October, I think I'm going to stay in the swing of things and keep working on War Without End. Drift isn't really talking to me but Sunstreaker's gotten impatient so I'll work on his part first. I started an update to Apple a Day so I'll try to finish that, too. I have two more pieces in the Coping Mechanisms series (the one that's predominantly Bluestreak/Jazz) that need to be typed up, and a Drift/Bluestreak PWP that needs to be finished up, too. Somewhere in there, I might find time to work on Critical Mass or With Benefits. *fingers crossed* since free time is coming at a premium now. I'm working longer hours and taking on side jobs to help cover some unexpected costs which means less writing time. So updates from me will slow to a trickle, I'm sad to say.

In other news, my original livejournal/dreamwidth are ready to go live. From now on, I'll be posting all updates and authorial ramblings on my original verses on those journals: [personal profile] n_wilkinson  and n_wilkinson.dreamwidth.org. October is the month right before NaNo, so it's the month where I choose the fic I'm going to work on and get it plotted out, researched, and ready to go. I'll either be working on Fugue of Shadows, the sequel to Requiem of Janus, an untitled Superhero fic, or Break of Day Part II. I'll talk more about this in my original journals. I hope to see some of you there! :)

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So... once again. In October. Right before NaNoWriMo. My laptop has decided to go kaput. It's maybe a virus. Maybe my harddrive. But judging from the way it's crashing left and right, it's a little bit of both. Again. So much for the nice, expensive anti-virus software (that scans my computer all the freaking time and constantly bombards me with "don't go there!" messages) preventing this from happening. Because it so didn't.

Now... I'm down to using my mother's laptop, which is kind of her but still grossly inconvenient. I have tentative access to some of my files and none of my usual freedom of movement. Gragh.

Flash fiction may be a little longer in coming. I'm all thrown for a loop now. Until I find someone who can look at my computer for a price I can afford, I'm stuck with this one. Alas.

Why does this always happen right before NaNo???


Oct. 9th, 2011 06:18 pm
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Sorry folks. No flash fiction today (or yesterday, too) but definitely tomorrow. I plan to work on them tonight and tomorrow. Been a busy weekend here. I spent most of all day yesterday going to a Ren Faire (and I say going lightly because we were in traffic for almost THREE hours which very much cut down on how much time I could have spent at the Faire). Yet, I had fun dressing up and shopping and generally soaking up the atmosphere, which is always good for stirring up the muses.

It also helped me decide what I shall do for NaNoWriMo. I decided I will finish Shady Hill, which has about twelve chapters left, and start Nycthemeron, writing, writing, writing until time runs out. I'm thinking I'll get at least half of Nycthemeron done. It's nice to be decisive.

Then today, first thing, I got up and watched True Steel with my partner in crime, Azar. I liked the movie a lot. Course it was one of the few movies I was interested in this year. I'm SO not a movie-goer and I hate to have my time wasted, so I'm picky with what I like to go see. And my little Transformers-obsessed mind couldn't stop making comparisons. lol

Yes, so those are my excuses as to why there is no ficcage.

Also, is anyone on my f-list a TF: Prime fan? Because I'd love to babble with someone about that series (which is so growing on me).


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