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a/n: This is another one of the Valentines BDSM pieces from tumblr. I apologize for the somewhat corny title but my creativity is swamped right now. ;) This is also expanded from the original version to feature more fluff and smut.

Special thanks to Anon for giving me the prompt for this. It's NSFW, by the way.

Title: Be My Escape
Universe: G1
Characters: SkywarpxOptimus
Rating: R
Warnings: tactile, spark play, dom/sub, light bondage
Description: Here in this room, with the collar on, Skywarp was only Skywarp, and it was that much easier to surrender to the desires of his spark.

Gratitude was not needed.  )
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So last month I participated in this thing on tumblr prompted by vintage-mechanics to do fourteen days of proper/consensual BDSM to help combat the wave of FSOG-themed stuff that was getting shoved down our throats. (haha)

I've finally had the time to sit down and clean up those fourteen fics. Some I'll be posting indivudually as I ended up expanding them. Some I've paired together. And others I'll be posting as part of Database in Transmission. The two I have today are of the last type. And they are mostly sfw. Enjoy!

Title: Buff This
Universe: Transformers Prime, post-Predacons Rising
Characters: Knock OutxSmokescreen
Rating: T
Warnings: implied smut, aftercare, implied BDSM
Description: Knock Out always takes care of Smokescreen first.

Title: Inspection
Universe: G1
Characters: Tracks/Sunstreaker
Rating: T
Warning: dom/sub relationship
Description: Patience had been his first lesson.

a/n: Two down, twelve more to go! I'm slowly but surely working through these.

As always. Feedback is very welcome and appreciated.

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a/n: So here's some rare fluffy spark smut which was a nice fun challenge for me. And a gift for Skywinder who prompted me this a loooooong time ago and I've only just now got the idea for it. Please enjoy!

Title: Sing Along
Universe: G1
Characters: BeachcomberxPerceptor
Rating: R
Warning: spark play
Description: Beachcomber has a hypothesis and Perceptor is a most willing test subject.

Today is a day for indulgence.  )
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a/n: Another little ficlet that I wrote for the tf-rare-pairing Trick or Treat challenge and I'm sure it's been done before but I couldn't help myself. :D Eventually RL will actually let me work on the flash fiction.

Title: Draw Me
Characters: BluestreakxSunstreaker, Sideswipe
Universe: G1
Rating: T
Warnings: Nothing objectionable
Description: Bluestreak makes a bargain for some berth-time.

Prompt: Bluestreak/Sunstreaker, G1, muse, treat

It means whatever you want it to mean, lover. )

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a/n: Tracks is one of my secondary favorite characters and I just don't write him enough. :)

This was written for the tf-rare-pairing Trick or Treat challenge. It's short and sweet. And self-beta'd.

Title: Conversational Incentive
Universe: G1
Characters: BlasterxTracks
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really
Description: Tracks is on duty. Blaster just called to say hello.

For the prompt "Tracks/Blaster, G1 or IDW, speaking in tongues, trick or treat"

What are you wearing, sweetheart? )

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a/n: Because apparently, the only character I want to write in IDW is Sunstreaker. Not that I'm complaining. Heh. Also, aaaaaangst. Because it's what I'm feeling lately.

Title: As You Go
Pairings/Characters: SunstreakerxRodimus, Bob
Universe: IDW, MTMTE
Rating: T
Warnings: Angst
Description: Sunstreaker was barely strong enough for himself. He couldn't bear the burdens of another.

Fr tf_rare_pairing weekly request prompt of Sunstreaker/Rodimus, leave the past behind

This would only be one more ache on top of a slew of scars.  )
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a/n: I'm not terribly familiar with Jazz and Blaster in IDW so they might be a bit OOC. But I was in the mood for fluffy-angst and that's what's here. Also, apologies in advance for the lame title and the fact that it's self-beta'ed.

Title: One More Sad Song
Universe: IDW, MTMTE before the Lost Light launches
Characters: BlasterxJazz
Rating: T
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, maybe OOC
Description: Because Blaster can't stay and Jazz won't go.

For tf_rare_pairing weekly prompt of Jazz/Blaster, before you go

Sometimes, a compromise can't be made.  )

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a/n: Just a little prelude to pronz that I worked up for a rare-pair challenge. Don't mind me as I drop this off and scuttle away to work on flash fic prompts. :D

Title: Incentives
Characters: RatchetxOptimus
Universe: Bayverse, post-2007 film
Rating: M
Warnings: tactile
Description: Ratchet has Optimus right where he wants him.

For the tf-rare-pairing lotto challenge prompt of Bayverse, RatchetxOptimus, intricate berth plots

There's a lot to enjoy about Optimus Prime.  )

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a/n: Short little piece of impossible pronz. I don't know any continuity where these two appear on-screen together (maybe IDW?) but what the heck, it would be hot to see them. NSFW definitely. Ennnjoy!

Title: Audition
Universe: Transformers AU
Characters: BluestreakxDrift
Rating: M
Warnings: sticky, bit of d/s play
Description: In which Drift is eager and Bluestreak is happy to oblige.

Can I keep you? )

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Title: Ashes and Embers
Universe: TFP, post-Predacons Rising
Characters: Ratchet, Shockwave
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Description: Message received. Ratchet ventures into the ruins of Kalis for one last conversation with Shockwave.

For tf-rare-pairings three part harmony challenge, Ratchet and Shockwave, in the ruins of a Cybertronian city, if you don't believe there's a price for this sweet paradise, remind me to show you the scars

Kalis was his home, where he first met Shockwave.  )

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a/n: There were a LOT of good rare pairing prompts this week. And I couldn't resist this one, of course.

Title: Alone Together
Universe: TFP, post-movie
Characters: RatchetxUltra Magnus (Optimus/Ultra Magnus/Ratchet if you squint)
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers for S3 and movie ending
Description: In the aftermath of victory, Ratchet and Ultra Magnus mourn being left behind again.

For tf-rare-pairing's prompt ofTFP,  Ratchet/Ultra Magnus, “I miss him, too”

He isn't ready to say goodbye.  )
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a/n: I intended to tackle this prompt and give it two pages, three at the most. Thirty pages later, it still has no smut, but I finally managed to finish it. It's the fic that wouldn't end. LOL. I wrote it before I watched the movie, btw, so it's not canon-compliant. It's also self-beta'ed.


Title: Seasons to Cycles
Universe: TFP, post S3, pre-movie
Characters: Knock Out, Smokescreen, Arcee, Bulkhead, Optimus, Ultra Magnus
Rating: T
Warnings: implied character death and canon-typical violence, possible spoilers for season 3, AU to movie
Description: Building bridges between Autobots and Decepticons requires small steps. Very small steps. Smokescreen makes the first move, and Knock Out responds in kind.

For tf-rare-pairing's Trick or Treat Challenge, prompt Knock Out/Smokescreen, you make me a better person

I'm a medic, not a Constructicon! )
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a/n: So I'm on a roll with these short fics. Go me!

Title: The Last of Us
Pairing: BluestreakxJazz, First Aid
Universe: G1
Rating: T
Warnings: Angst, Massive Background Character Death
Description: No one remembered what had been the last straw, but by the end, it didn't matter anymore.

For tf-rare-pairings "Trick or Treat" Challenge. Prompt, BluestreakxJazz, wasting away

He's just waiting for the rest of us to join him.  )
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a/n: Behold my clever titling! lol. Also, this is NSFW. I intended to write humorous fluff, instead, I got gratuitous smut. *headdesk*

Title: Good Vibrations
Universe: G1
Pairings: Sunstreaker/Trailbreaker
Rating: M
Warnings: sticky, toys, bondage, pwp
Description: Trailbreaker could continue as far as Sunstreaker would let him, which in all their months of playing, had not yet found a limit.

For Tf-rare pairings "Trick or Treat Challenge", prompt: Sunstreaker/Trailbreaker, good vibrations

Give me a show.  )
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Title: Indivisible 3.0
Universe: Bayverse, post-2007, pre-RotF
Characters: OptimusxSideswipe
Rating: T
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Implications of pnp/tactile, slight ooc?
Description: Optimus and Sideswipe reunite after vorns of separation.
Sequel to Indivisible 1.0 and Indivisible 2.0

For tf-rare-pairing “Trick or Treat” challenge, prompt Bayverse, OptimusxSideswipe, fear of losing you

The war is over. You can be whatever you wish.  )
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a/n: Just a little ficlet that bit me late last night. Self-beta'd. Random title is random. Enjoy!

Title: Dreamer
Universe: Bayverse, pre-canon
Pairings/Characters: Megatron/Sideswipe, nameless background OCs
Rating: T
Warnings: refs canon-typical violence
Description: The last place Megatron expected to see his former partner was in a Decepticon prison with an Autobrand on his chestplate.

For tf-rare-pairing's prompt, Megatron/Sideswipe, when you were mine.

The past was the past. There was no reviving it, reclaiming it, or reliving it.  )
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a/n: NSFW. Self-beta'd. Enjoy! :D

Title: Arbitration
Universe: G1
Characters: TrailbreakerxSideswipexSunstreaker, Wheeljack, Jazz, Tracks, Hound
Warnings: implied twincest, humor and fluff, spark and tactile smut
Rating: M
Description: Sideswipe's in a snit, Sunstreaker refuses to apologize, and Trailbreaker plays the peacemaker. All in all, business as usual.

Trailbreaker's come to realize that sometimes 'why' just doesn't have an answer. And he's okay with that.  )
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a/n: Just a bit of angst to round out the day. Self-beta'ed. NSFW. Enjoy!

Title: Only if for a Night
Universe: G1
Characters: RatchetxSideswipe
Rating: M
Warnings: tactile/energy field, angst
Description: Because Ratchet once asked, and Sideswipe has never forgotten that novelty. Or that honor.

For tf-rare-pairings weekly prompt of Ratchet/Sideswipe, get what you need

Attachment must not be born for everyone's sake.  )

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a/n: I... have no excuses for this one. I can only hope you get a giggle or three out of it. And I resolve to write a serious SunnyxHot Rod in the future just because I love that pairing so much. :) I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors.

Title: A Tempest in a Teapot
Universe: G1, pre-movie, AU-ish
Pairings/Characters: SunstreakerxHot Rod, Springer, Smokescreen, Kup, Arcee, Ensemble
Rating: T
Warnings: humor/crack-ish, hints of interfacing
Description: Sunstreaker and Hot Rod's arguments are the stuff of legend. Well, Autobot legend anyway.

For the tf-rare-pairing prompt of Sunstreaker/Hot Rod, heated

And because the Autobots are a highly intelligent, dignified and contained regiment of soldiers, they wait until Sunstreaker is just out of immediate audial range before they burst into raucous laughter.  )

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a/n: Another piece of PWP fun to round out the day. :) Sorry for the title.I have no imagination when it comes to non-angsty fics. lol

Title: Hands On Experience
Universe: Bayverse, post-DoTM
Characters: SideswipexRatchet
Rating: M
Warnings: handkink, tactile/energy field, pwp
Description: Ratchet doesn't ask for help, which is fine, because Sideswipe is going to give it anyway.

For tf-rare-pairings prompt RatchetxSideswipe, maintenance.

Because Ratchet ought to take better care of himself.  )


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