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a/n: And the last part! Which is still very naughty, but more about getting clean than getting dirty. ;) Enjoy!

Summary: Sideswipe would do anything for his brother, but he still wanted to get clean as soon as possible.

Let It Flow
Part Five - Washing Up

Sideswipe grinned. Yep. He didn’t need wasteplay to attract his twin. He was a sexy Lamborghini all on his own.  )

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Summary: In which Ratchet joins in, and Sunstreaker drowns in their love for him.

a/n: This part continues the very, very NSFW portion of the series, only now Ratchet joins the party. Enjoy!

Let It Flow
Part Four - The Second Round

Arousal and affection swarmed together, crowding his spark. Part of him remained stunned that his brother and their mate would both be willing to indulge him in this dirty, dirty secret.  )
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a/n: And heeeeeere is where things get down and dirty. ;) NSFW like whoooooooa. It's just Sunny/Sides for now. Ratchet joins in later. :)

Let It Flow
Part Three: The Surprise
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  )

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a/n: Still pretty tame. Otherwise known as the chapter where Draco tries to explain her reasoning for why robots might have to urinate. And, also, where I pull science out of the ether. The dirty stuff starts next chapter. ;)

Let It Flow
Part Two – The Explanation

It may be that this is just one of those kinks for your brother that looks good in theory, but you’d never actually want to try in real life. Until we know either way, however, I need you to not… well, not be you. )

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a/n: So. This. Yeah. This. I've been working on this for months now, and it grew from a casual, curious exploration of a rare and unusual kink to a 50 page multi-parter that explores not only the kink, but a character study and a relationship study all in one. *headdesk*

So um. Yeah. Read those warnings. If this kink is not for you, that is a-OK. I am not offended at all. First two parts are discussion and stage setting, parts three through five are the nsfw. :)

Title: Let It Flow
Universe: G1, Number One Crush
Characters: Ratchet/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker
Rated: M
Warnings: Watersports, Urophilia, Urophagia, Sticky Sex, Twincest, Discussions of Previous Rape Play
Description: Sunstreaker’s newest, dirtiest secret tests the limits of what Sideswipe is willing to do for his brother even after Ratchet helpfully provides some context. But what comes next brings all three closer than they have ever been.

Part One – The Discovery

Sunstreaker wasn't the sort to watch or read erotica. But he was the kind to do research. )
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Additional Enticements: Sixty-Nine, Dirty Talk
Part of the
Number One Crush Universe
Part Two - Ratchet

Ratchet licked his lips. He had half an inkling of what Sideswipe wanted from him.  )
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Title: Drown In It
Characters: Ratchet/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker
Universe: G1, Number One Crush
Rated: M
Warnings: Twincest, Threesome, Sticky Sex, Oral Sex, Deepthroating/Gagging
Description: Sideswipe likes to go deep. Ratchet wants to make sure he doesn't hurt himself. And Sunstreaker arrives just in time to get dragged into depravity. All in all, business as usual.

Part One -- Sideswipe

He could do this. He wanted to do this. The idea of Ratchet taking him so thoroughly, claiming him, it made heat shoot through his frame like a flash fire.  )
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a/n: This is NSFW from start to finish. Really it is. It's PWP from the beginning to the end and there's nothing SFW about it. It's self-edited also. And is 7.5K of pronz. Enjoy!

Title: Old Faithful
Universe: G1, Number One Crush series
Characters: Ratchet/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker
Rated: M
Enticements: Sticky, Twincest, Bondage, Squirting, Facials, Facesitting, Enthusiastic oral, overload delay, sex toys, old mech biology, facials, dirty talk, probably other kinks I'm forgetting
Description: Hot, wet, and messy. Of course it was Sideswipe's idea.

For fuzipenguin, who's had a rough time as of late and I wanted to cheer you up. :)

Evil. They were both evil. Ratchet was going to get them for this.  )

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a/n: This fic was commissioned by Jenn who wanted some RatchxTwins kinky times and I had such fun writing it, you guys don't even know. :) It's also self-betaed and very much nsfw. There are a lot of tags.....

Title: A Tasteful Experience (aka Skittles: Taste the Lambo)
Universe: G1, Number One Crush series
Characters: RatchetxSideswipexSunstreaker, Optimus and Ironhide in passing
Rating: M
Warnings: PWP, sticky, twincest, shower sex, wall sex, hand jobs, fingering, spike and valve oral, face sitting, bukkake/money shot, valve frottage, minor bondage, spark play, double penetration, double valve penetration, multiple overloads
Description: If Optimus was going to insist that Ratchet take a vacation, than by Primus, Ratchet was going to take a vacation. And he was going to drag his Twins along for a ride.

If you think I'm done with you two, you'd be wrong. For once, I'm the one with the plans. )

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a/n: I intended to write some RatchxTwins prompt for fuzipenguin's birthday. It was supposed to be short and sweet, maybe a bit sassy. Instead I got this incredibly long piece of PWP, NSFW kink. Self-betaed, too.

Should I be sorry? ;)

Title: Sound It Out
Universe: Number One Crush, G1
Characters: RatchetxSunstreaker and Sideswipe, RatchetxSunstreakerxSideswipe
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: kink, sticky, sounding, twincest, threesomes, PWP
Description: Sunstreaker's desire is Ratchet's pleasure and Sideswipe's along for the ride.

Sunstreaker's trust was more precious to him than a stockpile of energon. He would do whatever it took to keep it.  )
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a/n: So. This was written as a fic exchange with [personal profile] fuzipenguin who gave me the idea/prompt. Because of the nature of the prompt I am Choosing Not To Warn For Content. Anyone who wishes to know what they are in for before reading can scroll to the bottom and read through the full list of warnings.

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I cannot stress that enough. I'm not going to be held responsible for someone having a bad reaction. That being said, [personal profile] fuzipenguin , I hope you enjoy. :D This is also self-beta'd. So if you notice any egregious errors, I won't be offended if you point them out.

Title: Bad Things
Universe: G1, Number One Crush Series
Characters: Mystery CharactersxSideswipe, RatchetxSunstreakerxSideswipe
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Author Chooses Not to Warn. Read at own risk.
Description: There are few things worse than waking up in a Decepticon brig. Except this is not a brig and these aren't any interrogators Sideswipe's ever met.

This wasn't the medbay and Ratchet wouldn't have disabled his optics or cuffed his wrists. )
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a/n: This fic is NSFW.

Title: The Trick is to Keep Breathing
Universe: G1
Characters: RatchetxSunstreakerxSideswipe
Rating: M
Warning: twincest, sticky, fisting
Description: Sunstreaker wants something but is too embarrassed to ask for it. Too bad for him, Sideswipe is the weakest link and Ratchet knows it.

Written for the twinsxratch community and a Wrench of Inspiration kink prompt.

If Ratchet is going to do this, he's going to do it right.  )
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a/n: This was supposed to be a piece of quick and dirty smut (as evidenced by the uninspired title, lol) but it blew up a little and instead of being a couple pages it turned into near ten pages. Ah, c'est la vie.

This was written for the twins-x-ratch community and based on a kinky Wrench of Inspiration prompt. This one in fact.

Title: Quick 'n Dirty
Universe: G1
Pairings: RatchetxSunstreakerxSideswipe
Rating: M
Warnings: sticky, oral, toys, light restraints, twincest
Description: Sunstreaker had an idea, Sideswipe was inspired, and Ratchet's always up for a challenge.

The berth hadn't been big enough which was how they ended up on the floor.  )


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