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a/n: My tenth and final installment of the Numerology series. Phew. What a ride! :) This didn't go anywhere I wanted it to but I'm very pleased with it anyway. It's still SFW, self-betaed, and hopefully, cute and funny. Enjoy!

Title: Tenth Standard
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Rating: K+
Warning: None
Description: Clark is let in on a little secret and he couldn't be happier.

We have a mutual interest. A league, you could say, of certain talented individuals.  )

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a/n: I'm particularly proud of this one and it gives me several chuckles. SFW. Self-betaed. Please enjoy!

Title: Ninth Grade
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Batman/Bruce Wayne, Superman/Clark Kent, various members of the Justice League
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Batman finally agrees to join the Justice League, part-time, of course. Superman insists on a party to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Superman's cape billows behind him. His eyes sparkle. His hair is immaculately styled. It is singularly impossible for someone to be this perfect.  )
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a/n: Update, update, who wants an update~ :D Enjoy this SFW little humorous bit.

Title: Eighth Wonder
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Superman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), The Flash (Wally West), J'onn Jones, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow
Rating: K+
Description: An enigmatic new supervillain prompts Superman to finally use the communicator Batman gave him with positive results.

Nothing like a good panic to make for a fine point.  )
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a/n: An update and this one is rather cute and hilarious, if I do say so myself. Please enjoy!

Title: Seventh Heaven
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Robin, Clark Kent/Superman
Rating: K+
Description: In which Batman acquires a sidekick and instantly regrets introducing him to Superman.

The moment Dick Grayson comes into his life, Bruce's entire world shifts. )

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a/n: At last, an update! And like the rest of this series, this is totally SFW.

Title: Sixth Sense
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Superman, Batman
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Superman swings by to say thank you, and Batman gives him a gift.

Attention is no unusual thing. But he's so used to being dismissed by the Dark Knight that this leaves him a wee bit hot under the cape.  )

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a/n: This is the last of spam posts, I promise. Tomorrow will bring an all-new fic. :)

Title: Cabal
Universe: Justice League, Numerology, before Fifth Gear
Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Martha Wayne
Warnings: K+
Rating: None
Description: The meeting of two brilliant minds spells future doom for the World's Finest.

Special thanks to mistress_pirate for the initial prompt.

I do think between the two of us we can determine a solution.  )
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a/n: Expect to see a string of updates over the next week. I'm clearing out my backlog of fics that I've posted as flash fiction/ficlets but belong to a larger universe and have been cleaned up. For completion's sake, I'm posting them where they belong. So some of it may be familiar to you already. :)

Title: Addendum Take Two
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology
Characters: Martha Kent, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Description: Martha gets the surprise of a lifetime when Batman shows up on her doorstep, as Bruce Wayne no less.

Sequel to Fourth Base Addendum. Initially prompted by mistress_pirate.

Clark is going to be jealous. So very jealous.  )

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a/n: OMG LIFE. I'm so sorry that this is taking me so long. I hope to have all the flash fiction up before November 1st and NaNo hits. *fingers crossed* Here are the first two of five. Enjoy!

For dellessa
Prompt: TFA, OptimusxMegatron, confusion

He can't play the game if he doesn't know the rules.  )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: SuperBat, Alfred, Martha, tea and conspiracy

The beginning of a beautiful, beautiful friendship.  )
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a/n: Whew. After a long week of working long hours that frustrate me to no end, I was finally able to sit down and write these. Finally.


For dellessa
Prompt: TFA, MegatronxOptimus, messages

The Autobot must be punished! He is spitting on your generosity. )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: SuperBat, “turnabout is fair play”

Clark is going to be jealous. So very jealous. )

For ladydragon76
Prompt: IDW, Nautica and Bob

Can I keep him? )
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a/n: As promised, an update to Numerology. Please enjoy my sorta cracky JL AU. :)

Title: Fifth Gear
Characters: Batman/Bruce Wayne, Superman, J'onn Jonzz, The Flash, Mongul
Universe: DC Justice League, Numerology AU
Rating: T
Description: Batman grits his teeth and calls for help. Superman barely contains his glee.

Flash says the word 'plan' like it's an imaginary construct he's heard of once upon a time but never actually put into practice.  )
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a/n: This was previously posted as a flash fiction so I'm reposting it for archival purposes, especially since I edited it and added a sentence or two. I think. It's also in preparation for posting the next piece in the series. :D

Title: Addendum
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Alfred Pennyworth
Series: Numerology, directly after Fourth Base
Warnings: None
Description: Batman contemplates the meaning of pie. Alfred keeps it simple.

He gave me a pie, Alfred.  )
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Title: Fourth Base
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology-verse
Characters: Superman/Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Martha Kent, Green Lantern, Flash/Wally West, Solomon Grundy, Toyman, Batman/Bruce Wayne
Rating: T
Warning: canon-typical violence, some crack?, humor
Description: In which Superman seeks advice and Batman doesn't have time for this.

Your happy-go-lucky small-town charm isn't going to work on him.  )
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a/n: The last of the Palooza prompts. Go me! Enjoy!

Title: Third Strike
Universe: Justice League AU, Numerology 'Verse
Characters: Superman, Batman
Rating: K+
Description: Sequel to First Encounter and Second Meeting. Batman exercises restraint while Superman doesn't know the meaning of 'lost cause'.

Written for mistress_pirate's palooza prompt of Superman/Batman "I knew you were trouble"

The Boy Scout is stupidly proud of himself. Yes, he's serious.  )
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a/n: As promised, I've written a sequel to First Encounter. This is entirely thanks to you, my readers, who inspired me to keep on going. Thanks for the support. And love to [personal profile] tmelange for beta'ing this for me!

Title: Second Meeting
Characters: Superman, Green Lantern, J'onn J'onzz, Wonder Woman, the Flash
Universe: DC Justice League, AU-ish
Rating: T?
Description: Sequel to First Encounter. Superman tries again; Batman is less than impressed.

If there's one thing Superman has in bundles, it's his stubbornness. )
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a/n: Hello, my friends! I have another Superan/Batman ficlet for your reading pleasure. I do hope you enjoy!

Title: First Encounter
Pairing/Characters: Superman/Clark Kent, Batman/Bruce Wayne
Genre: Pre-relationship
Universe: AU, DCAU Justice League-ish
Rating: T?
Description: The beginning of a beautiful... something.

Of all the newly sprung heroes, Batman scorns Superman the most, for setting himself up as a shining beacon of hope to Earth. )


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