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Title: It All Fell Down
Universe: This Calamitous Life
Characters: Megatron/Sunstreaker
Rating: M
Enticements: Sticky Sex, Angst
Description: Sunstreaker makes the hardest decision he’s ever faced, and the rest crumbles away.

Part I – Say Something

There's nothing in his resolve that can't be tested, and there's nothing that says he can't be allowed to waver. To indulge.  )
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Title: Bludfire
Universe: This Calamitous Life
Characters: Megatronus/Sunstreaker, Ocs
Rated: M
Enticements: Sticky Sex, Public Sex, Exhibitionism
Description: Megatronus knows he’s being played, but he’s helpless to the envy and possessiveness that grips his spark, and so he plunges into the crowd after Sunstreaker.

Inspired by the song of the same name by Eva Simon. I blame @theaircommand. It’s all her fault.

Everything we are is a bad idea.  )

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Title: Eclipse
Series: This Calamitous Life, way in the future
Characters: Megatron/Sunstreaker
Rated: M
Description: Sunstreaker has what he's always wanted right here, and Sunstreaker's going to enjoy it while he can.

Inspired by this picture by shhh--quiet

Optics on me. Focus on me. You wanna live? Then watch me.  )
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a/n: Flash Fic Fill and another installment of This Calamitous Life 'verse. It's mostly sfw, self-edited, and I hope you enjoy!

Title: In Too Deep
Universe: This Calamitous Life
Characters: Sunstreaker, Megatronus
Rating: T
Warning: bit of physical violence
Description: Sunstreaker comes home itching for a fight, but there's more than that brewing beneath the surface.

For Werewolf Anon's FFF#63 Prompt of Megatron/Sunstreaker, This Calamitous Life, Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Supreme excellence consist of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting

You're the one mech I told myself I couldn't be serious with. And as it turns out, you're the only one I want to keep. )

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a/n: This is set in a larger story arc that I'm currently working on, pieces of a massive multi-continuity AU that stars my favorite MegatronxSunstreaker ship. It's mostly IDW but some backgrounds and events were borrowed from TFP.

Title: Lessons in Leverage
Universe: TFP/IDW Mashup, This Calamitous Life
Characters: Megatronus, Sunstreaker
Rating: T
Warnings: mild violence, implied sticky, minor repairs
Description: Sunstreaker is more than a little exasperating, but right now, he's all Megatronus has.

Not every match will end with victory, Megatronus. Learn to accept defeat. Or keep your aft in the mines where it belongs. )


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