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Title: Terms of Service
Universe: Transformers Animated, pre-canon
Characters: Ultra Magnus/Optimus (Prime)
Rated: NC-17
Warnings: Dubious Consent leaning toward Non-Consensual, Sticky Sexual Interfacing, Oral, Manipulated Sex
Description: After Elita’s death and his own expulsion, Optimus is convinced the future holds nothing good for him. Until Ultra Magnus summons Optimus to his office with an offer Optimus quickly learns he can’t refuse.

For Sinpom.

The reminder, Optimus knew, was not accidental. Ultra Magnus wanted him to remember exactly what his frame was paying for. )

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For Gamercat
Prompt: Prowl/Sunstreaker

Trust was simpler. Easier to identify.  )

For jenn-oddballpunk
Prompt: Jazz and Ratchet

Why do you have a tail? )

For daniellethehanyo
Prompt: Starscream/Thundercracker/Skywarp/Jazz/Prowl

We miss you.  )

For yamiquietshadowflow
Prompt: Lugnut/Strika+other Decepticons, “I dunno if I’d describe the crushed helm of one’s enemy as a romantic gift, but if they find it sweet…”

Who says romance is dead? )
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For Sunnybutte
Prompt: TFA Waspinator/Starscream, pheromones/impregnation/oviposition

In the end, it was about survival . )

For Fulcrumisthebomb
Prompt: G1 Rodimus/Magnus, Hurt/comfort

The least he could do was give it his best shot.  )

For Notanevilmastermind
Prompt: Ratchet/Sunstreaker/Sideswipe, Video games

Ratchet plays and Ratchet wins.  )

For Rizobact
Prompt: Prowl/Jazz, handfeeding

There's a twist at the end! )
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So I couldn't wait until March to start posting these. So have some early! ^_^

For Anonymous
Prompt: TFA Kup/Springer, sexual, sparkplay, contract

Kup was under the impression that Springer needed a firm hand.  )

For Anon
Prompt: Prowl/Optimus, Non-sexual, Playtime with Discussion of Contract

The peace Prowl's command offered was all the satisfaction Optimus wanted.  )

For Anon
Prompt: Wheeljack/Starscream, post sexual sticky aftercare

Your field is doing that soft, fuzzy thing it does when you're content.  )
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a/n: This is actually the last flash fiction prompt. :) For the LJ Anon who gave me the prompt of Megatron/Optimus, planned.

Desc: Optimus stands beside Megatron as the Autobots present them with an offer that Megatron is eager to decline.

The Art of Self Destruction
Chapter Twenty: Rise

Be strong. Be vigilant. Be mighty.  )
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a/n: Phew. Been July since I last updated this. I'm sorry. >.< But now it's a flash fic fill and now it's an update and I'm rather pleased with this so I hope you are, too. Enjoy!

Title: Dedication
The Art of Self Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Optimus Prime, background Decepticons
Rating: K+
Warning: innuendo, UST
Description: Optimus receives his new brand and title from Megatron personally.

For dellessa's Flash Fiction Friday #63 prompt of TFA, Megatron/Optimus, complications

Because it would be inappropriate for the Decepticon Second in Command to bear an Autobot badge, don't you think? )
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a/n: Update time! Once again, safe for work. Self-beta'ed, too. Please enjoy!

Title: Decisions
Universe: TFA, post-S2 AU, The Art of Self Destruction
Character: Optimus, Blackarachnia, Megatron, Background Decepticons
Rating: K+
Warning: None really
Description: Optimus makes his choice and Megatron is more than a little pleased with himself.

For dellessa's Flash Fiction Friday prompt of Megatron/Optimus, decisions

The sparkeater is only as terrifying as the fear you feed it.  )
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a/n: First three of fourteen. Phew. This round was a challenge. Awesome! Two of these are NSFW. They are all self-edited. Some of these characters/pairings I've never written before so bear with me. And enjoy!

For yami_samuraiflo
Prompt: TFA, StrikaxLugnut, wanton destruction

Strika had no care for waiting.  )

For SixshotAnon
Prompt: Sixshot/Ratchet, close encounter with a former killer but the war's over

I just want the pleasure of your company.  )

For Anonitron
Prompt: Optimus/Starscream, let me hear you whisper

He was more than halfway to overload, and all without a single touch.  )
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a/n: Another update. Wahoo! The plot inches forward, moving toward the end of part one. A new character is introduced. Stuff happens. Enjoy!

Title: Push
Universe: TFA, Post S2 AU, The Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Turmoil, Optimus
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Optimus finally asks what Megatron wants from him.

For dellessa's flash fiction prompt of Megatron/Optimus, needy

Megatron wants to reclaim Cybertron and keep it, not embroil the planet in another war.  )

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a/n: In honor of getting ready to write like three updates of this *fingers crossed*, have an update that I forgot I had in my 'To Post' folder. Also, self-edited so any mistakes are mine.

Title: Hard Truths
Universe: Art of Self Destruction, TFA S2 AU
Characters: Optimus, Megatron, Barricade, Blackarachnia
Rating: T
Warning: None
Description: Torn after recent revelations, Optimus gets advice from an unexpected place.

For dellessa's May flash fiction friday prompt of Megatron/Optimus, trapped

So, Optimus, you're a Decepticon now. )

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a/n: Little undercurrents of plot running through here. This would have been up a lot sooner if I had posted it when I thought I posted it two weeks ago. I just realized today that, oops, I never actually posted it. Sorry!

Title: Revelations
Universe: TFA, Art of Self Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Optimus, Onslaught
Rating: T
Warning: Mild violence
Description: Megatron is always watching and Onslaught pays for taking liberties.

For dellessa's April flash fiction prompt of Megatron/Optimus, stalking

There is no comfort, no feeling quite like realizing you've been betrayed by everything you ever trusted.  )

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a/n: I'm still planning on editing through the previous chapters and re-uploading the newly edited, new material but that's gonna have to wait for the weekend when I have the time to sit and re-upload all those chapters. Until then, have an update!

Title: Boundaries
Universe: The Art of Self-Destruction, TFA
Characters: Optimus, Onslaught, Megatron
Rating: T
Warning: canon-typical violence, mentions of sexual harassment
Description: Optimus is getting a little too comfortable in the presence of Decepticons.

For jeegoo's flash fiction prompt of Megatron/Optimus, peripheral

Where did you find those bearings, little Prime? )
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a/n: Another flash fiction fill! This one's longer than my usual update but hopefully, just as interesting. ;) Also, is self-betaed.

Title: Debates and Determination
Universe: Animated, Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Optimus, Strika
Rating: K+
Warning: None really
Description: Megatron dodges Optimus' questions, presents a couple of his own, and in the mean time, Strika acquires a few Autobots.

For dellessa's flash fiction prompt: MegatronxOptimus, TFA, reserved

I am loathe to be rid of anything or anyone that could be useful.  )

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a/n: so this is late. Should have been posted weeks ago, but yanno, life.

Still self-betaed. pretty SFW. still a little cracky. but enjoy?

Title: Stratego
Universe: TFA, The Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Optimus
Rating: T
Warning: None
Description: A political debate where Optimus dares to poke the sleeping tiger.

For dellessa's January prompt of MegatronxOptimus, “the right of all sentient beings”

You are not an obstacle. You are an indulgence. )
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Just a few tumblr ficlets that I'll be uploading to Database in Transmission here shortly. Posted for completion's sake and because it can never hurt to have too many backups of your work. :)

Prompt: “I Never Told You,” Colbie Caillat
Universe: Transformers: Prime, post-Predacons Rising
Characters: Ratchet POV, unrequited RatchetxOptimus

Prompt: “Never Gonna Leave This Bed,” Maroon 5
Universe: IDW, MTMTE, before the Overlord arc
Characters: DriftxRodimus

Prompt: “They Say Surrender,” Aqualash
Universe: TFA, post-series
Characters: ArceexLockdown

Prompt: “Waiting for the End,” Linkin Park
Universe: G1 (related to Damaged Goods)
Characters: Ratchet, Hoist, Perceptor, Red Alert kind of

It was the hardest decision he had ever made.  )

a/n: Tomorrow, Flash Fiction Friday returns. Huzzah! Hope to see you all there. :)
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a/n: An update before I can post what I wrote for the flash fiction. ;) Self-beta'ed, my friends.

Title: Criss-Cross
Universe: Transformers Animated, The Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Onslaught
Rating: T
Warnings: canon-typical violence
Description: Onslaught reports success and Megatron is not as pleased as he ought to be.

Does that mean you're not interested in cuddling the cute Autobot? )

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a/n: Update, update, update. Enjoy! Oh, and self-beta'ed.

Title: Interaction
Universe: TFA, The Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Optimus, Barricade, Onslaught
Rating: K+
Description: Optimus tries to befriend a Decepticon. It goes as well as can be expected.

For dellessa's flash fic prompt “decisions”

Sometimes, the princess has to save herself. )

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a/n: While I'm not completely recovered, I am at least capable of sitting at my computer for short periods of time. Thus, an update. Enjoy!

Title: Progress
Universe: TFA, The Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Shockwave, Optimus, Slipstream
Warnings: None
Description: Shockwave and Megatron are up to no good.

You can spar with Slipstream with little trouble, but lose your focus when it comes to me.  )

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a/n: Not quite the last flash fiction fill, but one of the two chapters I need to post before I can post the flash fiction fill. lol. Enjoy!

Title: Bribes
Universe: TFA, The Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Optimus, Flatline, Megatron
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Megatron offers Optimus a gift.

Do you like my gift, little Prime? )
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Title: Intentions
Universe: TFA, The Art of Self-Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Slipstream, Shockwave
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Megatron has plans. Slipstream has questions. Shockwave is obedient.
For ladydragon76's NaNo prompt for more in this verse.

By the time he accepts my offer, he'll be an Autobot no longer. )


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