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For roseymoseyberry
Prompt: TFP Optimus/Ratchet

It started with the little things.  )

For rayearthmagic
Prompt: TFP Wheeljack/Ultra Magnus

I suspect you are about to engage in some behavior that is against medical recommendations.  )

For meridianbarony
Prompt: IDW Optimus/Jazz

Have I told you how glad I am to have you back? )

For TheAirCommand
Prompt: Starscream/Blurr/Rodimus/Knock Out

Four people didn't fit into a berth very well.  )
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For ladydragon76
Prompt: Megatron/Sunstreaker, “what is this I feel?"

He could not see Megatronus hurt.  )

For Mistress_Pirate
Prompt: BatFlash, Alfred, comfort food

Eat your breakfast. )

For Ephdraws
Prompt: Blurr/Starscream, “don’t play a game you can’t hope to win”

Blurr hadn't made a single plan to go.  )
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a/n: I know it's not Marry Me, but it is an update of something else. ^_^ Enjoy

Summary: Blurr is understaffed and Starscream loves to hear himself talk. Meanwhile, Obsidian finally makes a move.

Truth in Advertising - Chapter Nineteen
Fire Bomb

Everyone wanted to hear what Starscream had to say, if only so they could have something to throw in his face later.  )
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a/n: Phew. Got... 31? Yeah, 31 I think this time around. So here are the first three!

For Shockwave Fan Anon
Prompt: TFP Shockwave/Starscream, post-S3

Shockwave had learned to be patient.  )

For Prime Anon
Prompt: Optimus/Starscream, the trick is not minding that it hurts

I'm used to Megatron disappointing me.  )

For TalesAnon
Prompt: Sentinel Prime/Ratchet, caste system, rape

I never should have denied myself your presence.  )

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Summary: Another morning after, and Blurr confronts Starscream for some truth.

Truth in Advertising
Chapter Eighteen: Good Intent

You certainly know how to hold onto a grudge.  )
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a/n: About time I updated, right? ;) This chappie is NSFW. Special thanks to ephdraws whose poking and prodding and bunny tossing has helped me keep this fic going. <3

Rated: M
Warnings: NSFW
Summary: Blurr arrives at Starscream's for their scheduled chat, and is shocked by the surprise Starscream has for him.

Truth in Advertising
Chapter Seventeen: Wrecking Ball

And everyone says I'm fast.  )
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A/n: This piece probably exists about five, six chapters in the future. There's nothing plot-related to spoil, but Blurr/Star relationship related? Yep. Fair warning. I won't be putting it in Truth in Advertising until I catch up to it, but here it is. Enjoy!

Title: Inkling
Universe: Truth in Advertising
Characters: Blurr/Starscream
Rating: M
Warnings: sticky, tactile spark play
Description: Starscream's request makes Blurr nervous, but he's not the one left shaken by the end.

For vaarsuvius's prompt of Blurr/Starscream, sparks and intimacy

Blurr had been spending too much time around Starscream if his systems were responding to Starscream's presence as though they were conditioned to do so. )
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a/n: I kinda missed the mark on the prompt but yay! New chapter! Self-edited. Please enjoy! ^_^

Title: Disagreement
Universe: RID, Truth in Advertising
Characters: Blurr/Starscream, Jazz
Rating: K+
Warning: Shower scene but no smut? lol
Description: Starscream is evasive, Blurr gets angry, and Jazz delivers a warning. Things just got a lot more complicated.

For Ladydragon76's flash prompt, BlurrxStarscream“Not as dumb as you think I am. Probably twice as lost though.”

Maybe I just don't have time for your secrets. )

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a/n: UPDATE! A NSFW update. It's also my second to last flash fiction fill. Woot! I still have no idea where this is going but it's turning out to be a fun ride. ;)

Title: Priorities
Universe: Truth in Advertising, IDW Robots in Disguise AU, Chapter Twelve
Characters: BlurrxStarscream, Jazz
Rating: M
Description: An agitated Starscream drops by for a visit and Blurr is nominated to, ahem, deal with him.

For ladydragon76's flash fiction prompt of BlurrxStarscream, "lucky you're so good in bed"

Blurr doubted Starscream knew what shame felt like. )

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a/n: Update. Now with Swindle! (And no Starscream, sadly)

Title: Rumor Has It
Universe: RID, Truth in Advertising
Characters: Blurr, Swindle
Rating: K+
Warning: None
Description: Swindle fishes for information and Blurr comes out feeling a bit cheated. All in a day's work.

For ladydragon76's flash fiction prompt, TIA, Star/Blurr, mystery wrapped in an enigma and it's giving me a fragging headache

Mechs gotta drink no matter what's going on in the world.  )

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a/n: Flash Fiction Fill!

Title: Interlude
Universe: RiD AU around Issue 20. Truth in Advertising
Characters: Blurr, Jazz, Starscream, Rattrap
Rating: K+
Warning: None really
Description: Motivations are called into question and unsurprisingly, both Blurr and Starscream are less than forthcoming with the truth.

For ladydragon76's flash fiction prompt: BlurrxStarscream, “how do you really feel?” from last month

Guess we gotta lie to ourselves as much as we lie to each other.  )
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a/n: This is a prelude to the flash fiction fill for ladydragon76. It's also a big hearty THANK YOU for looking over my original fic for me and giving feedback. <3

This update is pretty SFW and has been self-betaed.

Title: Announcement
Universe: IDW, RID, Truth in Advertising
Characters: Blurr, Starscream, Rattrap, Jazz
Rating: T
Warnings: None I can think of.
Description: Trouble brews in New Iacon as Starscream and Blurr announce their partnership.

The timing of this is rather convenient. )
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a/n: A few more edited and spruced up Valentine's Ficlets. Posted because this coming week is going to be BUSY and I don't know when I'll be able to post again. Maybe next Sunday? Anyway, these will be collected in Database in Transmission and are mostly SFW. Enjoy!

Title: Of Disobedience
Universe: Transformers Prime
Characters: ArceexWheeljack, Ratchet, (implied ArceexBulkheadxWheeljack)
Rating: T
Warnings: public discipline, mostly sfw, dom/sub relationship, dirty thoughts
Description: Jack will never, ever know that Arcee had gotten the idea from him.

Title: Lazy Days
Universe: IDW Robots in Disguise, post-Dark Cybertron
Characters: Swindle, Blurr
Warnings: non-sexual petplay
Rating: T
Description: Blurr was as indecently sprawled over Swindle's lap as any mech could be.

Title: Trust
Universe: IDW, MTMTE, before Overlord Arc
Characters: DriftxRatchet
Rating: T
Warnings: discussions of BDSM
Description: Ratchet makes an offer and wonders why he hadn't done it sooner.

a/n: There are more Valentine's BDSM fics to come! Though the rest will be posted as either standalones or part of a series that I've grouped together. I had a lot of fun writing them and now I'm having fun expanding them. :)

Feedback, as always, is welcome and appreciated!

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a/n: The last of the flash fiction for your reading pleasure. This one's fairly SFW and self-betaed. Enjoy!

Title: Terms of Service
Universe: RiD, Truth in Advertising
Characters: BlurrxStarscream, Jazz
Rating: T
Warning: political debating, mild groping
Description: Blurr and Starscream discuss the particulars of their agreement.

For ladydragon76's prompt of Blurr/Starscream, lay it all out

You will be the voice of the people.  )
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Title: Mouth on Fire
Universe: IDW Robots in Disguise AU, Truth in Advertising, part six
Characters: Blurr, Jazz, Starscream
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Blurr makes his choice and strikes a deal.

For ladydragon76, who wrote me Megatron/Optimus porn.

Trust but verify.  )
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a/n: Another update! Wahoo. I may finally know where this is going. Though I'm not sure I know where it's been. Canon-wise anyway. Hah. Enjoy! Oh, and self-betad as pretty much all my fics are.

Title: Firestarter
Universe: IDW RiD/The Transformers, Truth in Advertising
Characters: Blurr, Jazz, Starscream
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Starscream's intentions are revealed.

Dedication: For ladydragon76's flash fiction prompt.

I want a partner, someone who can stand by my side and help me maintain this peace. )
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a/n: The first of many responses to prompts given to me. This one's for ladydragon76. Enjoy! And my apologies in advance for Rattrap's accent. Not sure I duplicated it as well as it's presented in the comics.

Title: Fire Up
Universe: IDW, Truth in Advertising 'verse
Characters: Blurr, Rattrap
Rating: T
Warning: None
Description: The morning after. The cast grows.

Starscream had gone and left his lackey in place with a message.  )

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a/n: At last! The last three flash fiction are here. Please enjoy!

For starfire201
Prompt: TracksxBlaster, G1, differences

Their relationship has never made sense to anyone.  )

For fuzipenguin
Prompt: Any, Sideswipe/Sunny, Optimus, “we can turn you on.... or turn on you"
Traditionally, the Prime does not fight.  )

For ladydragon76
Prompt: IDW, BlurrxStar, I always come out on top

Prove it.  )
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a/n: Apparently, I suck at reading calendars. *headdesk* So this is a day late. And self-beta'd.

Happy birthday, ladydragon76!

Title: Into the Fire
Universe: IDW, Robots in Disguise
Characters: Blurr, Jazz, Starscream
Rating: PG
Warning: canon? What canon?
Description: Blurr ruminates. Jazz incites. Starscream wins.

Loosely related to my flash fiction “The First Offer

One did not simply waltz into a Seeker's berth and expect to climb out without repercussions. )
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a/n: First three fills that did not become a standalone fic. More fills to come, I promise.

For ladydragon76
Prompt: IDW, BlurrxJazz, this bar is home

This is why we can't have nice things.  )

For dellessa
Prompt: TFA, MegatronxOptimus, escape

There is hope, reality, and the thin line between. )

For mistress_pirate
Prompt: Kitara/Azula, why did it have to be her?

Tomorrow, she would begin the hunt.  )


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