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2017-09-18 08:12 pm

[Upon a Star] Enchanted Part Two

Series: One Wish
Characters: Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Prowl

Rated: K+
Description: Sunstreaker comes to a surprising revelation, but still isn't swayed by Prowl's attempt to woo him. 

Enchanted – Part Two

Sunstreaker rolled his optics yet again. Sometimes, Sideswipe’s overprotectiveness bordered on the absurd. )
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2017-09-06 05:51 pm

[Sands of Fate] Tangled Thread

Title: Tangled Thread
Universe: Sands of Fate, post-series
Characters: Megatron/Sunstreaker/Sideswipe, refs past Rodimus/Twins
Rating: M
Enticements: Sticky, Twincest

Description: Sunstreaker’s brooding over Rodimus’ departure inspires his mates to prove just how much they love him.

Rodimus was gone, out living life on his own, seeking his own version of this very annoying, very wonderful romance. That was all Sunstreaker could have wished for him.  )
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2017-07-24 07:15 pm

[TF] Trial By Fire 13

Chapter Rating: M / NSFW
Summary: Rodimus and Starscream have another talk, one with words and one without.

Trial By Fire - Chapter Thirteen

Rodimus wondered what it would be like to see Starscream glittering in the moonlight, wings high and fluttering, a coy smile on his lips. )
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2017-07-22 07:37 am

[TF] Trial By Fire 12

Chapter Rating: K+
Summary: Rodimus returns, and tentative first steps are made toward might be a happier future.

Trial By Fire - Chapter Twelve

I spent this whole time trying to forget you, and I failed. So I came back to see if you felt the same way. )
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2017-07-20 06:17 am

[TF] Trial By Fire 11

Chapter Rating: K+
Description: Starscream finally admits, in a roundabout way, that he misses Rodimus. Meanwhile, Rodimus comes to a decision and learns how to say goodbye.

Trial by Fire - Chapter Eleven

Rodimus wasn’t a coward, he told himself. And he’d made his choice. )
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2017-07-15 09:05 am

[TF] Trial By Fire 09

Chapter Rating: T
Summary: Sunstreaker pries until the truth outs; Deadlock does the same. 

Trial By Fire - Chapter Nine

Sunstreaker could be pretty perceptive when he put his processor to it, and with a victim who couldn’t escape, he had all the time in the world. )
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2017-07-12 07:48 pm

[TF] Trial By Fire 08

Chapter Rating: K+
Summary: In which Rodimus returns home, and Starscream gets the visit he's been waiting for.

Trial By Fire - Chapter Eight

Rodimus left, and Starscream set about to cleaning, gathering up all evidence that the Firebrand had ever been there at all. )
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2017-07-10 06:00 pm

[TF] Trial By Fire 07

Chapter Rating: K+
Summary: The morning after, Rodimus has to go home, and both of them pretend they are totally fine with it. It's a toss-up who's lying hardest

Trial By Fire - Chapter Seven

Any thoughts Rodimus had in thinking Starscream wanted him to stay turned to ash. )
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2017-07-10 05:46 pm

[TF] Trial By Fire 06

a/n: Wherein the fic starts to earn its M-rating. 

Chapter Rating: M
Summary: Time runs out for Starscream, and Rodimus is given an offer that may cause more problems than it solves.

Trial By Fire - Chapter Six

Starscream’s lips curved in something like a smile, a real one, and wow, it was kind of nice. Pretty cute, too. They were so rare that Rodimus wished he could take a picture, just to remember it. )
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2017-07-08 08:29 am

[TF] Trial By Fire 05

Chapter Rating: K+
Summary: Time is running out for Starscream, while he and Rodimus realize how much they have in common.

Trial By Fire - Chapter Five

It bothered him, Hot Rod’s ignorance, and Starscream wasn’t entirely sure why. )
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2017-07-05 06:28 am

[TF] Trial By Fire 04

Chapter Rating: K+
Summary: Rodimus and Starscream discuss adventure, constellations, and weaponry. Things begin to stir.  

Trial By Fire - Chapter Four

Only a few more days and Hot Rod would leave. Starscream worried that it might not be soon enough. )
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2017-06-24 08:19 am

[TF] Trial by Fire 02

Chapter Rated: T
Summary: Starscream reluctantly endures Hot Rod's presence in his tower, while Rodimus seeks out distractions to pass the time, and makes a new friend.

Trial by Fire - Chapter Two

Starscream was an aft and rude besides, but at least he had good taste in fantasies. )
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2017-06-18 06:40 pm

[TF] Trial By Fire - 01

a/n: It is now my turn to contribute to the "barbarian au" trend, though you won't see the major trope of kidnapping brides here. Well, at least not in this part of the series. And not the way you think. But that's a surprise for later. ;) 


Title: Trial By Fire
Universe: Transformers AU, Sands of Fate series
Characters: Starscream/Rodimus, Sunstreaker/Sideswipe/Megatron, Deadlock
Rated: M
Enticements: Sticky Sex, PnP, “Barbarian” AU
Description: Desperate to prove himself, an unbranded Rodimus ventures into the Barrens in search of the Deathbringer, a solitary Seeker considered a dangerous challenge for any willing to take the risk, when a sandstorm and a trio of turbowolves turn out to be all the luck Rodimus needs.

For @theaircommand's commission that I let grow and grow because I was having just so much fun. :3

Part One

Primus, but this was one story Rodimus did not want to tell. He was supposed to be challenging the Warlock, not getting rescued by him. )
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2017-06-10 08:21 am

[G1] Behind the Scenes 10 - Generosity

Title: Generosity
Universe: G1, Behind the Scenes
Characters: Bluestreak/Jazz(/Ironhide)
Rating: M
Enticements: Threesome, Overload Delay, Aftercare, Sticky Sex, Master/Petplay
Description: Ironhide gets invited for another session with Bluestreak and Jazz. 

The message, when it arrived, was seemingly innocent, but Ironhide knew better than to assume anything like that from Bluestreak.  )
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2017-05-21 07:54 pm

[TF] Unspoken

a/n: Giftfic for theaircommand in honor of their nuptials. :)

Title: Unspoken
Universe: All This and Heaven Too
Characters: Starscream/Sunstreaker
Rated: K+
Description: There are certain words Starscream doesn’t dare say, no matter how often he thinks them.

He wishes he could be honest, that they could live freely together, as lovers do.  )
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2017-05-20 03:26 pm

[G1] Behind the Scenes 09 - Show and Tell

a/n: Now I gotta add the warning that these aren't written in any kind of order since it's not really a chronological novel. So this particular bit takes place before Bluestreak and Jazz hook up. Enjoy!

Title: Show and Tell
Universe: Behind the Scenes, G1
Characters: Ratchet/Prowl, Bluestreak/Ironhide
Rated: M
Enticements: the usual suspects, plus sex toys, and washrack fragging
Description: It’s all fun and games, until the game gets boring, and then the fun can really begin. Monopoly has never been so saucy.

Prowl made quite the fetching picture, trapped on the edge as he had to be. All Bluestreak could see was his back, his doorwings, the curve of his aft, and the subtle shifting of his hips, as he rocked himself on Ratchet’s thighs. )
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2017-04-29 12:20 pm

[IDW] A Steady Hand

Title: A Steady Hand
Universe: IDW, post-Dark Cybertron, ex-RID/TAAO, Play By Numbers ‘verse
Characters: Ironhide/Starscream
Rated: M
Warnings: Sticky Sex
Description: Sometimes, you just had to take one for the team. So when an overworked, overstressed Seeker starts ranting to invisible things, his Chief of Security decides its high time he steps up to the plate.

Starscream might not’ve been the leader everyone particularly wanted, but he was the one they had. He had the potential to do a halfway decent job of it, too, if he gave himself half a chance. )