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Summary: In the wake of Obsidian’s second attack, Starscream makes a decision that may ruin everything.

Truth in Advertising – Chapter Thirty-One

Starscream didn’t mind if Blurr was angry with him, so long as Blurr was alive. )
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Summary: Starscream returns home, expecting nothing, and is surprised when Blurr has something important to say.

Truth in Advertising – Chapter Twenty Eight

This was so much easier. Starscream went to that place, where he was cold and empty inside, and found it felt like home. )
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Summary: Blurr confronts Starscream about what he found in the Seeker’s basement, and lines are drawn.

Truth in Advertising – Chapter Twenty-Six
Everybody Lies

You are welcome to dissolve this partnership if you feel you can no longer walk in step with a monster. But do remember that there are worse things lurking beneath the streets of this city. )
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a/n: It liiiiiiiiiiiiives!

Summary: Blurr wakes up, and as expected, he’s rather angry. Starscream and Jazz deal with the fall out.

Truth in Advertising – Chapter Twenty-One

Fear on Fire

Primus damn it. He should have never gotten involved with Starscream. He knew it. He just knew this would happen. )
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Title: A Dream Worth Keeping
Universe:IDW, Ex-RID, pre-Dark Cybertron, post-Truth in Advertising
Characters: Starscream/Blurr
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Desc: This is the first anniversary Starscream has wanted to celebrate. He can only hope he hasn’t screwed it up.

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] ladydragon76 ! I wanted to do more, even add in some NSFW bits, but the muses wanted to stay sappy. Silly things. ;)

In a world where precious things are disappearing overnight// Just keep my star in sight.// I believe// We've found a dream that's worth keeping  )
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For mistress_pirate
Prompt: Lady Crysan, “Exes and Ohs,” Elle King

Her name was Lilith, and once upon a November, she had been Crysan's one and only.  )

For Reikainspirit
Prompt: MTMTE, Cyclonus/Tailgate, with a very assertive!Tailgate, Cruel to be kind/Letters To Cleo?

With strength came an unexpected stamina.  )

For Fuzipenguin
Prompt: Ratchet's upbringing, "If you drain all the Energon out of someone, they'll die."

Ratchet never wanted to be a medic.  )

For ladydragon76
Prompt: Starscream/Blurr, TIA verse, waking up/snuggles

That hardly counts as an argument.  )
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Summary: The aftermath of the explosion as Starscream tries to control the chaos and ends up giving away far more than he meant. 

Truth in Advertising - Chapter Twenty
Dreams on Fire

See, Star? That's what I love about you. Such delusions of grandeur.  )

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For ladydragon76
Prompt: Megatron/Sunstreaker, “what is this I feel?"

He could not see Megatronus hurt.  )

For Mistress_Pirate
Prompt: BatFlash, Alfred, comfort food

Eat your breakfast. )

For Ephdraws
Prompt: Blurr/Starscream, “don’t play a game you can’t hope to win”

Blurr hadn't made a single plan to go.  )
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a/n: I know it's not Marry Me, but it is an update of something else. ^_^ Enjoy

Summary: Blurr is understaffed and Starscream loves to hear himself talk. Meanwhile, Obsidian finally makes a move.

Truth in Advertising - Chapter Nineteen
Fire Bomb

Everyone wanted to hear what Starscream had to say, if only so they could have something to throw in his face later.  )
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Summary: Another morning after, and Blurr confronts Starscream for some truth.

Truth in Advertising
Chapter Eighteen: Good Intent

You certainly know how to hold onto a grudge.  )
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a/n: About time I updated, right? ;) This chappie is NSFW. Special thanks to ephdraws whose poking and prodding and bunny tossing has helped me keep this fic going. <3

Rated: M
Warnings: NSFW
Summary: Blurr arrives at Starscream's for their scheduled chat, and is shocked by the surprise Starscream has for him.

Truth in Advertising
Chapter Seventeen: Wrecking Ball

And everyone says I'm fast.  )
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A/n: This piece probably exists about five, six chapters in the future. There's nothing plot-related to spoil, but Blurr/Star relationship related? Yep. Fair warning. I won't be putting it in Truth in Advertising until I catch up to it, but here it is. Enjoy!

Title: Inkling
Universe: Truth in Advertising
Characters: Blurr/Starscream
Rating: M
Warnings: sticky, tactile spark play
Description: Starscream's request makes Blurr nervous, but he's not the one left shaken by the end.

For vaarsuvius's prompt of Blurr/Starscream, sparks and intimacy

Blurr had been spending too much time around Starscream if his systems were responding to Starscream's presence as though they were conditioned to do so. )
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a/n: One by one, getting these out. Another flash fic, another update. \o/ This one is also SFW but hey, at least Blurr and Starscream are in the same room this time. Self-edited, too.

Title: Concessions
Universe: IDW, Truth in Advertising
Character: Blurr, Rattrap, Starscream
Rating: K+
Warning: None really
Description: Blurr fumes, Swindle smirks, and Starscream kind of admits he was wrong. But not really.

For ladydragon76's flash fiction prompt of Blurr/Starscream, “I'm your partner, not your plaything”

He wasn't going to fall into that trap.  )
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a/n: Update and flash fic fill in one. Go me! This is SFW though sadly there isn't any actual Blurr in here. Oops. ;)

Title: Complications
Truth in Advertising, IDW RID AU
Character: Starscream, Wheeljack, Rattrap, Jazz
Rating: T
Warnings: None really. Some flirting?
Description: Starscream ruminates. Rattrap finally has a name. Jazz swings by to flirt.

For exographik's Flash Fic prompt of Blurr/Starscream, they say silence can heal but I know it can kill

This was unexpected. This was unsettling. This changed a lot of things.  )
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a/n: I kinda missed the mark on the prompt but yay! New chapter! Self-edited. Please enjoy! ^_^

Title: Disagreement
Universe: RID, Truth in Advertising
Characters: Blurr/Starscream, Jazz
Rating: K+
Warning: Shower scene but no smut? lol
Description: Starscream is evasive, Blurr gets angry, and Jazz delivers a warning. Things just got a lot more complicated.

For Ladydragon76's flash prompt, BlurrxStarscream“Not as dumb as you think I am. Probably twice as lost though.”

Maybe I just don't have time for your secrets. )

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a/n: Flash Fiction Fill and an update. Go me! Please enjoy this NSFW update. :)

Title: Morning After
Universe: Truth in Advertising, RiD AU, Chapter 13
Characters: Blurr/Starscream
Rating: M
Warnings: sticky sex
Description: Blurr and Starscream slept together. Literally.

For MysteryArtAnon's prompt of BlurrxStarscream, Lazerhawk's “Electric Groove”

Come a little bit closer and I can fix that sour disposition. )


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