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New month; new goals.

Well, it's November so we all know what that means: NaNoWriMo. I will be putting most of my focus on that. I've chosen to write an original fic of mine, Break of Day Part II which is part of my larger Infinity's End universe (all of which is available for free to read on my Nicole Wilkinson livejournal n_wilkinson ), but if that fic proves uncooperative, I will switch gears to Critical Mass.

If I have any free time, need to work on something else, etc, I will be putting time in on War Without End. Goal is to finish this sucker before the year is up. I'm almost done with Bumblebee's, finished Skywarp's, been plucking away at Sunstreaker's, and started Drift's. Just got to plot Sideswipe's and I'll be good to go.

I haven't forgotten any of my other fics in progress. Slowly but surely, I will finish those. (I'm looking at you: Apple a Day, With Benefits, Wayward Sons, Critical Mass and all the other oneshot series that're languishing).

And hopefully, I'll have some updates to offer along the way. (As well as flash fiction). *fingers crossed*

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Phew. September has come and gone. I feel like I blinked and missed it. 2013 is more than half over and I feel like I sneezed and missed most of that. Where is time going? Alas.

Anyway. What's on tap for October, you ask? Last month, I successfully completed WWE: Skywarp, an update to the Numerology 'verse (Batman and Superman, which I need to edit before I post), and a couple of WWE side-fics which also need to be edited.

For October, I think I'm going to stay in the swing of things and keep working on War Without End. Drift isn't really talking to me but Sunstreaker's gotten impatient so I'll work on his part first. I started an update to Apple a Day so I'll try to finish that, too. I have two more pieces in the Coping Mechanisms series (the one that's predominantly Bluestreak/Jazz) that need to be typed up, and a Drift/Bluestreak PWP that needs to be finished up, too. Somewhere in there, I might find time to work on Critical Mass or With Benefits. *fingers crossed* since free time is coming at a premium now. I'm working longer hours and taking on side jobs to help cover some unexpected costs which means less writing time. So updates from me will slow to a trickle, I'm sad to say.

In other news, my original livejournal/dreamwidth are ready to go live. From now on, I'll be posting all updates and authorial ramblings on my original verses on those journals: [personal profile] n_wilkinson  and n_wilkinson.dreamwidth.org. October is the month right before NaNo, so it's the month where I choose the fic I'm going to work on and get it plotted out, researched, and ready to go. I'll either be working on Fugue of Shadows, the sequel to Requiem of Janus, an untitled Superhero fic, or Break of Day Part II. I'll talk more about this in my original journals. I hope to see some of you there! :)

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So it's August now. Phew. Where did July go? For that matter, where did 2013 go? I'm looking at my goals for 2013 and lemme tell ya, it's looking pretty grim for success. Seven months in and I've finished two of them? Not looking good. I guess I'm too easily distracted.

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Late post is late. This year is going by so fast I didn't even realize it was July until today. Holy Primus on a pogo stick.

In which I whine and babble and discuss my July goals. Be afraid.  )

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June already? Where did 2013 go? I swear it's flying by and leaving me behind.

What's on tap for June. Let's start at the top. lol

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It's September now! Man, 2011 is flying by. So, it's time for a monthly update, namely what I plan on getting done this month.

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It's August! It's the first Sunday in August! It's the perfect time to discuss what's going on.

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Sep. 14th, 2009 11:37 am
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Yeah, so I updated on Saturday and yes, I'm just getting to announcing it. I'm a slacker, what can I say? 

And this week, it was both fanfiction and original fiction. Huzzah!


1) Shattered Children Chapter 16
2) Shattered Chidlren Interlude 8
3) Seireitei Monogatari Drabble 136 - Gin/Grimmjow 
4) Unwritten Final Chapter

Original Fiction: 

1) War of the Animum: Hourglass Four

And as for announcements, Shattered Children is finally complete. So I'll be updating a chapter every three days until it's finished. to commemorate the four-year anniversary of it. Wow. Four years. That's a hell of a long time.

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I updated again! Huzzah! Again, only fanfiction as I haven't written anything original in a while. Not to mention my site is in the midst of undergoing reconstruction. Trying times. Sorry!


1) The Beautiful Lie Chapter Eight: Decision
2) Seireitei Monogatari Drabble 132 Thanks for the Memories

Fanfiction News!

I've made it a personal goal to finish Shattered Children, so I'm focusing exclusively on that. So far, I've managed to finish chapter 14 and I'm about halfway done with chapter 15. There's only 16, the interlude, 17, 18 and the epilogue to go. At this pace, I might finish before September. Hopefully. I do need to re-read through the story to make sure I'm not contradicting that (though I went a tad too far back and started rereading Shattered Dreams, lol)

Afterwards, I plan on devoting time to finishing The Sweetest Downfall and Chronicles of Valentine. I'm hoping to knock some of this unfinished business out of the way to leave me more time to work on other stuff.

My goal? To only be considered actively working on six fics at max (including original fiction). Right now I'm working on fourteen and that's just too much. I don't have enough time to get anything since I'm spreading it over too many. So, to finish a bunch of half-started and get to the good stuff.

More to come later.

Update News

Aug. 2nd, 2009 12:23 am
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Update Day! Huzzah!

Just some fanfiction this time. No original fiction to offer. Why? Because my original site is about to go kaput and I don't have anywhere new to post it yet. Which means we might see a good bit of it transplanted here. Fun times.

Anyways. The updates!

New story for all you Bleach fans out there. Unwritten, a ficlet series with the pairing Hitsugaya/Ukitake. Yep, Toushirou takes the lead this time around. Sexy timez.

There's an interlude for The Beautiful Lie, written by the lovely Azar Darkstar, who is also on livejournal. She will be the one contributing all the interludes.

And, what update would be complete without a chapter of Seireitei Monogatari? Excuse me, miss? features Shunsui and Ukitake in a very cracktastic scene.



Jul. 17th, 2009 12:22 am
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I updated like... awhile ago, but I never got on here to say so. I am such a slacker. Oh well, I'm not entirely sure anyways referring to this for updates anyways since other methods are much, much more reliable. lol

Original Update: None

Fanfiction Update:

1) The Butterfly Effect - Chapter Three - Prelude for the Straying Stars
2) Seireitei Monogatari - Drabble 128 - In the End - Shunsui/Gin - Sequel to Stray


I finally finished the extended version of Monster and have already edited through it and sent it on to the publisher. She's going to look over it and lemme know if it's what she wanted or not. I managed to expand a story that was a mere approximate 4000 words to over 32,000 words. Huzzah!

Now, I've started on The Seeker extended version and having much fun connecting it to War of the Animum, with Frost and Beryl making strong appearances. I think you'll like it. I know it's going pretty smoothly.

I started back working a bit on my fanfiction. Managed to pound out another chapter of Chronicles of Valentine and The Butterfly Effect as well. I'm also in the midst of a final edit through The Requiem of Janus so I can start sending that out to possibly interested parties.

I'll try to keep ya posted on how things go.

Enjoy the updates!


Jul. 5th, 2009 09:47 pm
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Ah, I am such a slacker. I updated a few days ago, but I am only just now putting it here. Le sigh.

Fanfiction Updates: 

1) Seireitei Monogatari - Drabble 127 - Recipe for a Villain
2) NEW STORY - Bleach  - Ties of Blood - Part One

Original Updates: 

1) NEW STORY - A Thousand Words -- Snapshot One -- Over and Over

I'm still hard at work at extended versions of both Monster and The Seeker. I'm in the second to last chapter of Monster and I'm outlining The Seeker as we speak. Excitement!

I should be meeting with my publisher sometime soon! And I finished another chapter of Chronicles of Valentine so we should be seeing that in a month or so.

Enjoy the updates!


Jun. 28th, 2009 11:22 pm
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So there was this thing. And then this other thing. Babies and apartments and cars and scams and headaches and..... siiiiiiiiigh.

I'm back now though. And with updates! Huzzah! In everything. I've worked hard to bring a bit of everything to you. Enjoy!


1) Seireitei Monogatari - Drabble 126 - Guilty Pleasures
2) The Beautiful Lie - Chapter Six - Escape
3) Chronicles of Valentine  - Part VI

Original Fiction: 

1) The Requiem of Janus - Final Chapter - A Bittersweet Threnody

Ah, and I'm still hard at work on that Monster Extended version. I'm on chapter 10 now and just about done. Only a couple more chapters to go.


Jun. 16th, 2009 11:56 am
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I did update today! Huzzah! I'm on time again.

I put another chapter up for my Bleach story, The Beautiful Lie. Chapter Five- Allies, and it's from Aizen's POV finally. I hope that everyone enjoys.

I think next week I'll finally get around to posting Chronicles of Valentine, the next chapter. After all, loyal readers have been waiting since October of last year. I'm usually better than this. *cringe*

Anyways, I'm successfully on chapter eight of my extended version of Monster. Well beyond 20K words. We'll see how much longer I can stretch it out. The ending is very, very different. But you'll have to wait and see until it's published.

And, I have successfully found a song for my IchigoxGrimmjow series in Seireitei Monogatari. I've been waiting for the inspirational song and I finally located it. Huzzah! "Too Many Words," by Sick Puppies. Seems like the Puppies are my inspiration.

Success all round!


Jun. 10th, 2009 09:55 am
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Late, late, late. I am nothing but ever late. Sorry!

Well, I did update this week despite furiously working on the extended version of my short story, "Monster". (Already in chapter four, woot!)

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Jun. 2nd, 2009 06:52 pm
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I'm on time this time! Surprise of surprises. *yawns* It's quick though!


1) Bleach - Seireitei Monogatari - 124 - The Thrill of the Chase - Kenpachi/Ichigo
2) Bleach - The Beautiful Lie - Ch 04 - Judgment
3) FFVII - Shattered Children - Ch 13 - The Fall From Grace

Original Fiction

1) The Requiem of Janus - Chapter Twenty-Four - Delusions of Grandeur

As of today, I will no longer be posting fics on mediaminer.org. My reviewage and readership is mostly nonexistent, and it's one less place to update, so I will no longer be using that site. I am still on ff.net, aff.net, and my personal site however. I hope to someday condense it down further. Thanks!


May. 28th, 2009 10:28 pm
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Wow, not only have  I missed a few days of fic review, but I've also outright missed my update day. I've been very slack, haven't I? 

Onto the updates then!

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It's update day. Which, in actuality, I say it's Tuesday though I upload and post everything late Tuesday night.

What have we this week? 

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