Sep. 1st, 2017

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 Well, I didn't get everything done in August that I wanted, but I still made a lot of progress! I added over 100 pages to the Megatron/Rodimus Harpyformers piece, I finished a Twins/Megatron piece in the Barbarian AU, and I got more words down on the Bluestreak/Rodimus piece set in Play by Numbers. Woohoo!

So what's on tap for September? 

My first focus is gonna be on my InsectiQueenSunstreaker plot. That's the one calling to me the loudest, so I am going to put as many words on it as I can before the muses run out of steam. 

I've sort of changed my habits lately. My goal has been to finish a fic before I start posting it. I have enough WIPs as it is, so I don't want to post anything until it's done. That means you might wait a little longer for some new material, but once it arrives, just know you won't have to wait long for updates. Sort of takes the pressure off. 

So now the muses are doing this thing where they work no-holds-barred on something until I get a huge chunk of it done and then suddenly they get bored and wander off to a new project. XD I also have a plethora of projects that I'm bouncing among and I just don't know what'll get done first:

Raise the Bar - Truth in Advertising's sequel
Topsy Turvy - Harpyformers MegaRod
Uncharted Territory - Harpyformers BlurrStar
Trial by Sword - Sands of Fate, Barbarian AU, Deadlock/Drift's story
Enchanted - One Wish prequel
War Without End - Sequel
Plus a handful of oneshots that I poke at here and there. 

Anywho. That's what I'm focusing on right now, but I still have tons of other WIPs and projects. Plus I'm taking my first-ever vacation in a long, long (we're talking years if not a decade) time in the middle of September. I'm bringing my computer with me, but I don't expect to spend much time turning it on. XD

Still waffling the idea of going back to Tumblr. Miss the interaction, don't miss at all the drama and harassment. I keep going back and forth on this. Still on Twitter at least. I'm doing better mentally. I don't want to ruin that by rejoining a site that helped contribute to my breakdown in the first place. :/ Was considering opening up some kind of Discord chat for people to pop into if they wanted to ask me a question directly? But then that sounded kind of vain so I set it aside. Eh, I'll think of something. 

Onward to fall! 


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