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Title: Generosity
Universe: G1, Behind the Scenes
Characters: Bluestreak/Jazz(/Ironhide)
Rating: M
Enticements: Threesome, Overload Delay, Aftercare, Sticky Sex, Master/Petplay
Description: Ironhide gets invited for another session with Bluestreak and Jazz. 

The message, when it arrived, was seemingly innocent, but Ironhide knew better than to assume anything like that from Bluestreak.  )
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a/n: Now I gotta add the warning that these aren't written in any kind of order since it's not really a chronological novel. So this particular bit takes place before Bluestreak and Jazz hook up. Enjoy!

Title: Show and Tell
Universe: Behind the Scenes, G1
Characters: Ratchet/Prowl, Bluestreak/Ironhide
Rated: M
Enticements: the usual suspects, plus sex toys, and washrack fragging
Description: It’s all fun and games, until the game gets boring, and then the fun can really begin. Monopoly has never been so saucy.

Prowl made quite the fetching picture, trapped on the edge as he had to be. All Bluestreak could see was his back, his doorwings, the curve of his aft, and the subtle shifting of his hips, as he rocked himself on Ratchet’s thighs. )
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Title: Take Five
Universe: G1, Behind the Scenes
Characters: Bluestreak/Jazz, Ironhide, Ironhide/Jazz
Rated: M
Enticements: Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Fisting, Oral, Dom/Sub
Description: Ironhide considers there’s no luckier mech, when Bluestreak invites him to watch as he and Jazz indulge in a very special kink.

Ironhide would forever be proud of himself for helping these two get their heads out of their afts and realize where they could find exactly who they were looking for.  )
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Description: Bluestreak and Jazz discuss the invitation Ratchet offered them, while Jazz tries to be as enticing as possible.

Behind the Scenes 07 - When Opportunity Knocks

Ratchet and I will have a lot of fun plotting what we’re going to do to the two of you. )
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Description: Ironhide has a concern, but Prowl is ever the distracting picture, one too enticing to resist.

Behind the Scenes - 05 - A New Mission

They just spun themselves their own way, and Ironhide reaped the benefits of a sexy and adorable free show. )
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Title: Over the Edge
Universe: G1, Behind the Scenes
Character: Ratchet/Prowl, Wheeljack/Ironhide
Enticements: Edgeplay, Painplay, Dom/Sub themes, BDSM, Power Exchange
Rating: M
Description: Wheeljack is more than happy to accept Ratchet and Prowl’s invitations, but sometimes, he just doesn’t understand them.

Behind the Scenes -- 04 -- Over the Edge

What did that feel like, Wheeljack wondered. To be catapulted straight toward another overload while still reeling from the one before it. )


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