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For Lightscreener
Prompt: Ratchet/Scavenger

It was never going to be okay again.  )

For copperzealot
Prompt: Bluestreak/Stunticons, Preferably something sweet/positive. Just happy.

Every one of them had their own charm.  )

For Nkfloofiepoof
Prompt: Grimlock/Starscream, knotting

Starscream lost count of the overloads somewhere around the fourth.  )

For Radio-Cybertron
Prompt: Rodimus/Megatron, Snow Patrol “Run”

Don't talk.  )
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For Gamercat
Prompt: Prowl/Sunstreaker

Trust was simpler. Easier to identify.  )

For jenn-oddballpunk
Prompt: Jazz and Ratchet

Why do you have a tail? )

For daniellethehanyo
Prompt: Starscream/Thundercracker/Skywarp/Jazz/Prowl

We miss you.  )

For yamiquietshadowflow
Prompt: Lugnut/Strika+other Decepticons, “I dunno if I’d describe the crushed helm of one’s enemy as a romantic gift, but if they find it sweet…”

Who says romance is dead? )
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For roseymoseyberry
Prompt: TFP Optimus/Ratchet

It started with the little things.  )

For rayearthmagic
Prompt: TFP Wheeljack/Ultra Magnus

I suspect you are about to engage in some behavior that is against medical recommendations.  )

For meridianbarony
Prompt: IDW Optimus/Jazz

Have I told you how glad I am to have you back? )

For TheAirCommand
Prompt: Starscream/Blurr/Rodimus/Knock Out

Four people didn't fit into a berth very well.  )
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For Sunnybutte
Prompt: TFA Waspinator/Starscream, pheromones/impregnation/oviposition

In the end, it was about survival . )

For Fulcrumisthebomb
Prompt: G1 Rodimus/Magnus, Hurt/comfort

The least he could do was give it his best shot.  )

For Notanevilmastermind
Prompt: Ratchet/Sunstreaker/Sideswipe, Video games

Ratchet plays and Ratchet wins.  )

For Rizobact
Prompt: Prowl/Jazz, handfeeding

There's a twist at the end! )
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For Notanevilmastermind
Prompt: Ratchet/Twins, "don't worry, that's a perfectly normal reaction"

This time, there's no one to save him.  )

For i-am-menial
Prompt: Mechs react to Optimus Prime's changed voice

This wasn't going to be pretty.  )

For superkermit3421
Prompt: the Autobots rallying around the Twins

They were Autobots, weren't they? )
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For Gamercat
Prompt: Optimus/Skyfire, "Never Look Away," Vienna Teng

He looked lonely.  )

For I'm In Love With Dark Fiction Anon
Prompt: Prowl and Optimus Prime, Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

I hate you. And then I love you.  )

For jenn-oddballpunk
Prompt:Jazz/Ratchet: Ratchet reacting violently when he sees Jazz fall on the battlefield.

Ya have such a way with words, Ratch.  )

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For Catesly
Prompt: Bumblebee/Thundercracker, "don't get caught"

It was worth it.  )

For Ruination-Anon
Prompt: Tarn/Deathsaurus/Star Saber, The spark is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?

This was a mistake.  )

For Officialbumblebee
Prompt: Cultural Differences Between Frametypes

Cybertronians were weird.  )
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For Kitty Anon
Prompt: Sunstreaker as someone's all too happy pet.

It was so much easier when Master told him what to do.  )

For histrionicstarscream
Prompt: Megatron and Starscream, 'forgiveness'

I didn't lose the game. I just didn't win.  )

For gaslight-dreamer
Prompt: Smokescreen/Rung, professional courtesy

Rung usually wins.  )

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For Rocking Anon
Prompt: AU where idw megatron was also an underground rockstar whose lyrics inflamed the sparks of his eventual followers

Orion wanted to hear for himself.  )

For Trail Anon
Prompt: Happy or Sexy Megatron/Trailcutter

Trailcutter should've been afraid.  )

For Jack3Dragon
Prompt: Ratchet/Perceptor, Perceptor has a crush

I do that on purpose, you know.  )
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a/n: Three more!

For Harlequin Romance Anon
Prompt: Orion
Pax is a disgraced Archivist who is forced to become one of the many pleasure bots in the Pits of Kaon. Megatronus is Champion and wants only him. Cue their falling in love and talks of rebellion.

Because Megatronus was as much a slave as Orion himself.  )

For Bett-splendens
Prompt: TFP Soundwave/Optimus, exploration

He should know that I did not ask for this, and I don't want it.  )

For Regrets Anon
Prompt: IronhidexMirage, post All Hail Megatron, angst

He didn't want to apologize.  )
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a/n: Phew. Got... 31? Yeah, 31 I think this time around. So here are the first three!

For Shockwave Fan Anon
Prompt: TFP Shockwave/Starscream, post-S3

Shockwave had learned to be patient.  )

For Prime Anon
Prompt: Optimus/Starscream, the trick is not minding that it hurts

I'm used to Megatron disappointing me.  )

For TalesAnon
Prompt: Sentinel Prime/Ratchet, caste system, rape

I never should have denied myself your presence.  )

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a/n: Okay. I lied. THIS is the last flash fic fill and I can't believe I forgot about it until I found it in my To Post folder. *bows* I am so sorry. Please enjoy!

Title: This Time
Universe: Justice League Animated AU/Young Justice AU
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Wally West, Batman/Flash
Rating: T
Warnings: a few kisses, some angst, a discussion
Description: One of the hardest parts of being together, is knowing that they belong to their costumes first.

For Mistress_Pirate's FFF#63 prompt of BatFlash, don't believe everything you hear in the tabloids

One more bright light to stave off the dark.  )

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a/n: So many fills! But we are slowly approaching the end. Enjoy!

For: BlindDateAnon
Prompt: MegaOp, not Bayverse, blind date

He needed to get out more and stop pining for a mech he couldn't have.  )

For Bat-Anon
Prompt: Penguin/Riddler. Palinoia and Recrudescence

Don't you ever get bored? )

For Rayearthmagic
Prompt: Rescue Bots Chase attempting (again) to be funny.

Did you hear about the astronaut who broke the law of gravity? )
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a/n: Phew. Been July since I last updated this. I'm sorry. >.< But now it's a flash fic fill and now it's an update and I'm rather pleased with this so I hope you are, too. Enjoy!

Title: Dedication
The Art of Self Destruction
Characters: Megatron, Optimus Prime, background Decepticons
Rating: K+
Warning: innuendo, UST
Description: Optimus receives his new brand and title from Megatron personally.

For dellessa's Flash Fiction Friday #63 prompt of TFA, Megatron/Optimus, complications

Because it would be inappropriate for the Decepticon Second in Command to bear an Autobot badge, don't you think? )
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a/n: Three more fills ahoy!

For BingeStudyAnon
Prompt: Targetmaster Recoil/Kup, Recoil has heard the slanderous rumors before, that the only way to get a senile old vet like Kup to agree to a caregiver was to dress him up like a gun.

They were both old. Practically ancient. )

For Ladydragon76
Prompt: Blurr/Jazz/Starscream, this is what happens when we play those kinds of songs

Starscream absolutely was not jealous.  )

For Jack3dragon
Prompt: Ratchet/Deadlock

He should have listened to Orion.  )

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a/n: This is simultaneously a flash fic fill and an update. ^_^

Characters: Sideswipe, Ratchet, Sunstreaker, Skyfire
Rated: K+
Description: Ratchet's chastisement holds more weight, and Sideswipe realizes an apology is needed.

For [personal profile] fuzipenguin 's flash fiction prompt of Skyfire/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker, best intentions

Misconstruction – Part Three

Guilt increased tenfold. Ratchet was right. Primus damn it, but Ratchet was right and they owed Skyfire more than gratitude.  )

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a/n: Three more flash fic ahoy! I'm gonna keep the ball rolling on these, I hope. Self-edited.

For WallyNut Anon
Prompt: Starscream and cotton candy

How did humans not die from eating this stuff? )

For Jeegoo
Prompt: Ratchet/Optimus Prime/Jazz, pinning him between them

I told you that if you did not take some time for yourself, I would find a way to encourage you to relax.  )

For Rizobact
Prompt: Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, and pool noodles

Villain! You dare turn your back on me? )
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a/n: Three more flash fiction fills, ahoy! One is cute and adorable, the other is mildly nsfw, the last is NSFW LIEK WHOA. Also, these are barely self-edited. Enjoy!

For kitsummer
Prompt: Starscream/Drift, “you are seriously terrified of heights?”

You're not scared, are you? )

For Skywinder
prompt: Tracks/Ultra Magnus, what took you so long?

You are even more beautiful than I remembered.  )

For ephdraws
Prompt: Megatron/Rodimus, be careful what you wish for, it might come true

He was almost adorable like this. )
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a/n: Three more down, eighteen to go. Phew. Busy, busy. These are mostly SFW and barely edited. Enjoy!

For Fulcrumisthebomb
Prompt: Drift/Perceptor, discovering a new kink

What part of 'do not touch' was unclear to you? )

For PirateAnon
Prompt: G1 Optimus/Starscream, pirates

You're definitely off to a good start.  )

For Bias is not Obvious Anon
Prompt: Universes collide and all the Megatrons are hitting on TFP Optimus

There can be only one.  )


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a/n: The first three of twenty-four flash fiction. Wahoo!

For: Prattanon
Prompt: Megatron and Optimus Maximus. How are you like your gestalt members? How have you differentiated yourself from their attitude and values?

Nowadays, they'll let anyone wear the badge.  )

For Nkfloofiepoof
Prompt: Grimlock/Dinobots/Starscream, He didn’t quite understand until that moment just what it meant that the Dinobots were a package deal

You know, the strangest thing happened today.  ) 

For MegaMom Anon
Prompt: Megatron is preggers, who's the baby daddy featuring the Decepticon version of *Maury

Because, errr, he didn't know.  )


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