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Title: Iridescent
Characters: Urahara, Shinji, Yoruichi, past UraAizen
Rating: T
Warning: spoilers, slight OOCness
Words: 4503
Description: “What do you want most?” As if there was ever any doubt.
Sequel to "
Anthem of Our Dying Day," "Tomorrow in a Bottle," and "Burning in the Skies"
Inspiration, title, and cut text taken from Linkin Park's Iridescent.

You were standing in the wake of devastation. You were waiting on the edge of the unknown. )


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a/n: Special thanks to ancientlybroken for giving me for the idea for this fic!

Title: A Silence in Winter
Pairings: Hitsugaya/Karin
Rating: T
Words: 3,112
Warning: Het, Angst, Character Death
Description: There are probably worse tortures, but right now, Toushirou can't think of one more heart-breaking than this.

In the end, his love for her wins out.  )

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a/n: Readers might recognize some of these scenes as pieces of prior flash fiction. I've fleshed them out, added a few more scenes, and made one cohesive fic out of it. This is also another Seireitei Monogatari drabble. Please enjoy!

Title: Lies and Promises
Characters: Ichigo/Kisuke, Yoruichi
Rating: M
Warning: Angst, slash, smut, liquor, spoilers
Words: 3017
Description: Just this once, Kisuke tells himself, but in the end, they're both lying for the sake of a promise.

Kisuke's not stupid. He just knows how to play the game as well as everyone else. )

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a/n: Last update until Monday and it's one of my OTPs. Bleach-wise anyway. *grins* This is another of my Seireitei Monogatari collection and was originally intended to be an epic. But alas, it is no longer to be so. Please enjoy! Also NSFW.

Title: Lest We Forget
Characters: Urahara, Aizen, past relationship
Rating: M
Warnings: sex, slash, AU-ish
Words: 3,212
Description: Aizen is too smug. Too self-assured. Too strong to ever defeat.

The game has only just begun, my dear.  )

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a/n: Another bit in the Seireitei Monogatari series here. It's a shorter one, but I've been informed it's still rather tasty. :) Enjoy.

Title: Accidental Seduction
Characters: Renji, Ichigo
Rating: T
Warning: language, implied boy/boy, food not-quite-porn
Words: 479
Description: It shouldn’t be this hot. It is.

This is almost torture.  )
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a/n: Read the warnings, please. If you read my fic Buyer's Remorse, then you should be able to handle this one just fine. But it is dark. And creepy. And has something like torture in it. And nonexplicit noncon. Serious stuff. I've warned you. Be warned.

Title: Nobody's Victim
Characters: Yumichika, Ikkaku, Yumichika/?
Rating: M
Warning: character death, nonexplicit noncon, slash, het
Words: 5,614
Description: Friends will kill for you. Best friends will help hide the bodies.

Yumichika continues to pace. It reflects the whirl of his thoughts, the control that has continued to slip through his fingers. )

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a/n: As promised, here's the second part of Past Imperfect. Enjoy!

Title: Past Imperfect (Epitasis)
Characters: Ichigo, Urahara, ensemble
Rating: T
Warning: character death, angst, AU-ish
Words: 7012
Description: Sequel to
Protasis. Ichigo abandons his future and heads into the past with one goal in mind – save Urahara Kisuke.

He has to play this right, or it will fail. He will fail.  )

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a/n: Another drabble from Seireitei Monogatari for you, my fine readers, today. I hope that you enjoy! The countdown continues. :)

Title: Love the Way You Lie
Characters: Gin/Byakuya
Rating: M
Warnings: boysex, spoilers
Words: 1703
Description: Byakuya has words for ears that can no longer hear them.

Gin always smells of blood.  )

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a/n: Another piece in the countdown to 200 in my Seireitei Monogatari series. Please enjoy!

Title: Past Imperfect (Protasis)
Characters: Ichigo, Shunsui, ensemble
Rating: T
Warning: character death, angst, AU-ish
Words: 2281
Description: The war has been won, but at a price that seems too costly to pay. Everything has been traced back to a single, defining moment. And Ichigo makes a choice.

You call this a victory?  )

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a/n: A bit of rearranging and ta-da! An update! This was beta'ed by the lovely azardarkstar. And now the countdown to 200 for Seireitei Monogatari has officially begun. This would be considered number 190. This is very NSFW and one of the smuttiest het scenes I've ever written. Enjoy!

Title: Love Games
Series: Falls after Closer and Somnambulist
Characters: Ichigo/Benihime, implied Ichigo/Urahara
Rating: M
Warning: het, implied slash, implied threesome, PORN
Words: 2,091
Description: Fair is fair. Especially when it comes to Benihime and her human.

Benihime gasps; Ichigo moans. Reiatsu surges in the room.  )

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a/n: Here's another drabble from my Seireitei Monogatari collection. Please enjoy!

Title: Burning in the Skies
Characters: Aizen/Urahara, Shinji
Rating: M
Warning: boykisses, massive spoilers
Series: A Thousand Suns, sequel to Tomorrow in a Bottle
Description:  Kisuke wakes from a memory, wondering what’s truth, what’s lie, and if he’ll ever forget either of them.
Dedication: For Emyrei, who wanted this pairing.

Kisuke almost wishes he could wake up screaming, terrified and guilty like so many others, as opposed to waking with this hole in his chest and a growing sense of emptiness.  )
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a/n: Today I bring you another drabble from my Seireitei Monogatari series. This one is NSFW.

Title: Somnambulist
Characters: Ichigo/Urahara, hinted Zangetsu/Urahara and Shirosaki/Urahara
Rating: M/NC-17
Warnings: boysmut, voyeurism, self-lovin’
Series: Somnambulist, sequel to Closer.
Description: Ichigo’s been having dreams lately. One's too real to be mere fiction and a little too close to home.

Ichigo isn’t sure why he’s so certain; he just knows that he’s himself and not another facet of his personality. It’s his hands and his lips and his tongue tracing circles on a collarbone, the sharp taste of the geta-boushi’s sweat on his lips. )
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a/n: Greetings! Here's another drabble from my Seireitei Monogatari collection of shorts. It's an addition to a longer series within the collection. Also, this is very much NSFW. Enjoy!

Title: One Way Street
Characters: Ichigo/Grimmjow, Renji/Ichigo (onesided), Urahara
Rating: M
Warnings: masturbation, boykisses, boysmut, voyeurism, angst
Description: Part of the Gravitation series. Renji thinks he might be a masochist, or if not, then he’s at least a little sick in the head.
Dedication: For [livejournal.com profile] mandalee1013 , who reminded me of the sexiness that is Renji and how much more I need to indulge.

Renji bares his teeth, feeling like a cornered, wild animal. The last thing he needs is Urahara-san piling guilt on top of the shame that’s already making a nasty nest inside of him. He knows he’s some kind of sick bastard; he doesn’t need Urahara-san as a witness to his perversion.  )
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a/n: This is another oneshot/drabble from my Seireitei Monogatari series. It is the sequel to The Duality of a Man. Please enjoy!

Title: All the Right Reasons
Characters: Stark/Kira, Ichimaru
Rating: T
Warning: boykisses, slight OOC
Words: 2148
Description: There was no point in leaving Soul Society if Izuru wasn’t going to change. Sequel to The Duality of a Man.
Dedication: For Darkness_Immortal, who requested this pairing.

Izuru had come to Hueco Mundo because it was better to be the traitor Soul Society expected of him than endure Soul Society’s fake pity.  )
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a/n: Today I bring to you another oneshot! It's not part of the Seireitei Monogatari series but it is a part of the Never Been Kissed universe and a sequel to Slow Dance, another Ukitake/Rukia oneshot. Which means it's not only NSFW but it's also hetsex porn!

Title: And With This Hand...
Pairing: Ukitake/Rukia, with background Ichigo/Byakuya
Warning: for hetsmut, possible spoilers, light references to slash, fluff
Words: 5096
Description: Jyuushirou should have known that nothing ever goes the way he plans.
Dedication: For sykopaths for being the 40K hit to Pandora's Box!

It was a question that considered much more delicate thought than asking Byakuya for permission. While Jyuushirou was certain that Rukia would say yes and that their feelings were mutual, he also couldn't fathom a proposal that was anything less than perfect.  )
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a/n : Here's another piece from the Seireitei Monogatari series of drabbles. This one is part of an interconnected series called Two to Tango.

Title: Then Comes the Carriage
Characters: Ichigo/Ukitake, Shunsui, OFC, hinted Ura/Yoru/Shun
Rating: T
Warning: fluff, slashy kissing
Words: 2327
Description: Sequel to Blissfully Everafter. Jyuushiro’s been sulking, and Ichigo will be damned if he knows why.
Dedication: For Taka, who wanted this pairing.

Jyuushiro felt a little disappointed, but Ichigo laughed and squeezed his hand briefly. “Don’t look like that. We wanted kids, remember?” )
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Another one from the Seireitei Monogatari series of drabbles. This is not only NSFW but it is also hetsex porn! *gasp* Watch out for the het porn. *grins* Enjoy!

Title: Slow Dance
Characters: Ukitake/Rukia
Rating: M
Warnings: Het smexin’, fluff
Words: 1,392
Description: Sequel to May and December, part of the Never Been Kissed series. By the gods, she makes him young again.
He’s had visions and fantasies of things being perfect. Slow and sensual, gentle and smooth like it should be.  )
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Greetings friends! I return with another drabble from the Seireitei Monogatari series. I'm actually quite fond of this one despite it being *gasp* het. I really like the way it turned out. Enjoy! Warning: this is NSFW

Title: I Claim This Land
Characters: Shunsui/Matsumoto
Rating: M
Warning: hetsmut, hetkisses, some OOC
Words: 1141
Description: Rangiku had staked this land for her own. And now was the time to claim it.
For ravensrising, who requested this pairing.

He was intoxicating spread out for her like this. )
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a/n: So awhile back I was chatting about possible pairings in Bleach and I seem to remember stating a certain fondness for Tatsuki/Soifon, of which I hadn't written or read yet.

Well, this little drabble here from Seireitei Monogatari is what gave birth to my love for the potential in that pairing. Yuri is not something I write much, not for lack of liking, just for lack of experience (and admittedly, lack of request). But now... now I might have to try it a bit more.


Title: Fight Like a Girl
Characters: Tatsuki, Soifon, hints to Soifon/Yoruichi and Ichigo/Byakuya
Rating: T
Warning: Slight crack, hints to future girl lovin’
Words: 1607
Description: Soifon makes a new friend. The world beware.


Soifon blinked at her in slack-jawed surprise. As though the possibility of a mere human blocking her attack was beyond her comprehension.  )
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a/n: Thank the gods for betas who keep track of all your documents and re-discovered flash drives that have old copies of all your older files. Phew. Thanks to that, I can bring you one of the many oneshots from my Seireitei Monogatari series today.

Still no word on when I'm going to be getting the laptop fixed. I can't really press since the guy looking at it is doing it for free, so all I can do is tap my heels and wait. Woe.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

Title: Desperate Measures
Characters: Aizen/Ichigo, random Shinigami
Rating: M
Warning: OOC, cracktastic
Description: Forgive and forget had never proven truer.
Dedication: For Demion69, who wanted a sequel to I Surrender

Ichigo, still stuck between being offended and pleased, finally settled for something in between. Irritation.  )


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