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a/n: Can't remember now how I got inspired for this, but it hit me out of nowhere and demanded attention so there I went. Enjoy!

Title: Better than Misery
Universe: MTMTE, Season Two
Characters: Ratchet/Rodimus
Rating: M
Warnings: Non-Sexual BDSM, Sticky Sexual Interfacing, Bondage, Spanking and Paddling, Painplay, Technically Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms
Description: It was static mesh, temp plating on an open wound, but Ratchet could not deny Rodimus, and maybe that was the problem.

Now you're out there with no target // So your friends become your aim // But there is no one left around you // So there is no one left to blame )

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a/n: I don't even know how to tag this one, ya'll. So I did my best. Very NSFW commission here. Heed those warnings. 

Title: Shake Before Using
Universe: MTMTE, Season Two, Pre-Mutiny
Characters: Getaway/Tentacles
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Noncon, Tentacles, Plant-based Tentacles, Oviposition, Alien aphrodisiac, Jelly Breasts, Hatching of Alien Eggs
Summary: There were some things that not even the universe’s foremost authority in escapology could avoid, Getaway lamented. And a gigantic forest made of hungry, handsy vines was apparently one of them.

Commission for Anonymous

Primus. Getaway had heard stories about things like this. Mostly from deeply hidden porn-vids or terrible smut datapads. He didn’t think stuff like this was real. )
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Title: The Frame That Feeds
Universe: IDW, MTMTE
Characters: Ratchet/Perceptor/Drift/Sunstreaker
Rated: M
Warnings: vampiric energon consumption, sticky sexual interfacing, double penetration, oral sex, aftercare, facesitting
Description: Triple the vampires, triple the pleasure. If more mechs knew about the side effects, they’d be volunteering, but frankly, Ratchet’s gonna keep this little secret all to himself.

Commission for Anonymous.

Based on (https://robo-hunter-chaim.tumblr.com/post/130685241071/horror-month-6-some-good-ol-fashioned-vampire) by robo-hunterchaim

Vampiric mechs – and thank you Swerve for that term – apparently enjoy feeding in groups. )
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Title: Play By Numbers
Universe: IDW MTMTE/Ex-RID, post-Dark Cybertre, pre-MTMTE S2
Characters: Starscream/Rodimus
Warnings: Sticky Sex, Dom/Sub tones, Facesitting, Unreliable Narrator
Rating: M
Description: Rodimus is the Prime that never was. Starscream is the leader no one wanted. Together, they just might be enough, at least for each other.

Part Two – Lies for the Liars
Starscream sat back, bracing himself against the rusting wall of the rented room. Technically, they’d had their overloads. They should go their separate ways. But Starscream felt oddly reluctant to go. )
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Title: Trust In Me
Universe: MTMTE, Season Two
Characters: Megatron, Rodimus, Alien OC
Rating: M
Warnings: Oviposition, Goo Tentacles, Sticky Sex, Egg-Laying
Description: Another planet. Another alien species decimated by the Cybertronian war. Only this time, there’s actually something Megatron can do about it – by offering his own frame to overcome a long-held personal bias.

Commission for LarryDraws

He had given his word he would do this, however, and Megatron intended to follow through. The Cybertronian War had resulted in the destruction of over ninety percent of the Offerran’s incubation pods, and without them, the Offerrans could not procreate. They were a dying species, listlessly seeping their way to extinction. )
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Title: Hook Me Up
Fandom: Transformers MTMTE
Characters: Drift/Rodimus
Rated: M
Warnings: Dom/Sub Play, Bondage, Dirty Talk, Sex Toys, Orgasm Delay, Blindfold, Oral Sex, Sticky Sex, Minor Spanking, Aftercare
Description: Every once in a while, Rodimus puts his trust in Drift’s hands, and he has never once regretted it.

Commission for Ruenesca.

Rodimus braced, waiting. He yearned, and shivered as Drift's fingertips glided around the curve of his aft, over his hip, then up his side, removing them just before he would have caressed Rodimus’ spoiler.  )
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Title: A Ghost Between Us
Universe: MTMTE, S3, sequel to “Come What May
Characters: Drift/Rodimus, Megatron/Ratchet, past Drift/Wing, briefly Perceptor
Rated: M
Warning: Sticky Sexual Interfacing, Sparkling Ocs, mentions of egg-type mechpreg, facesitting, angst and fluff, angst and smut
Description: An embarrassing mistake picks at an old wound for both Drift and Rodimus, as they are forced to confront Wing, gone but not forgotten in Drift’s spark.

Commission for Anonymous.

Do you love him for who he is, or who you want him to be? )

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a/n: Creative title is creative.

Commission for a wonderful anonymous person. This is very NSFW.

Title: Tied Together
Universe: MTMTE, pre-Overlord
Characters: Drift/Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus, Whirl
Rated: M
Warnings: Sticky Sexual Interfacing, Knotting Mod, Cumflation, Oral Sex, Shower Sex, mentions of egg-type mech-preg
Description: With two shifts off in a row together, Drift and Rodimus spend the evening indulging in some of their favorite kinks.

It was about the journey, not the destination, as Rodimus would say.  )
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a/n: This is part one of two, and part of a larger series that I'll get to eventually. *sweats over WIP list* Anyway. Tis very nsfw. Enjoy!

Title: Play By Numbers
Universe: IDW MTMTE/Ex-RID, post-Dark Cybertre, pre-MTMTE S2
Characters: Starscream/Rodimus
Warnings: Sticky Sex, Dom/Sub tones, Facesitting, Unreliable Narrator
Rating: M
Description: Rodimus is the Prime that never was. Starscream is the leader no one wanted. Together, they just might be enough, at least for each other.

Part One – Scars and Souvenirs

Optimus isn't always right. He just thinks he is.  )

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a/n: This is all Eph's fault. This beautiful picture was drawn and I simply had to write the story that went with it. :3

Title: Glitter and Gold
Characters: Starscream/Rodimus
Universe: IDW, Play By Numbers ‘verse
Rating: M
Warnings: sticky sex, oral sex, lingerie wearing robots, bondage, bit of dom/subness
Description: Back from another trip around the galaxy, Rodimus arrives with a surprise for Starscream that stops him in his tracks.

How was he supposed to stay grumpy and distant when Rodimus was this adorable? )
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Title: Come What May
Universe: MTMTE, pre-The Dying of Light
Pairings/Characters: Drift/Rodimus, Ratchet, Velocity
Rated: M
Warnings: Sticky Interfacing, Facesitting, Mechpreg with Eggs, Fluff
Summary: Drift returns to the Lost Light to address his past, and ends up rekindling the flames with Rodimus, setting them both on the path to an unexpected, but welcome surprise.

the first of two commissions for a wonderful person off Tumblr.

It wasn't easy. Nothing worth doing ever was.  )
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I woke up at 3am with a sudden realization regarding a character in MTMTE and it kept me up for an hour as I thought about it. XD

As always, take me with a grain of salt. :P

Read more... )
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Title: The Devil Inside
Universe: MTMTE, Season Two, post Ratchet's Leaving, pre-#50
Characters: Drift/Ratchet
Rated: M
Warnings: Sticky, Breath/asphyxiation play, bit o' knifeplay
Description: Ratchet wanted this. He wanted Drift to pin him down and frag the Pit out of him.

Drift's smirk did things to him. )

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For the-flurry-of-dancing-flames
Prompt: Trepan and Chromedome, "Are you sure you want this? Once we start there is no going back.”

Promises and lies. Good times and bad.  )

For Otterwillow
Prompt: g1 hook and scraper- “I can’t always think of witty comebacks”

There was no point in fleeing.  )

For vulpismajor
Prompt: Magnus/Megatron/Rodimus, “I thought we were dating?”

He was running out of time.  )

For smuttybugggu
Prompt: Starscream/Grimlock

Winning extends to everything.  )
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For mistress_pirate
Prompt: Lady Crysan, “Exes and Ohs,” Elle King

Her name was Lilith, and once upon a November, she had been Crysan's one and only.  )

For Reikainspirit
Prompt: MTMTE, Cyclonus/Tailgate, with a very assertive!Tailgate, Cruel to be kind/Letters To Cleo?

With strength came an unexpected stamina.  )

For Fuzipenguin
Prompt: Ratchet's upbringing, "If you drain all the Energon out of someone, they'll die."

Ratchet never wanted to be a medic.  )

For ladydragon76
Prompt: Starscream/Blurr, TIA verse, waking up/snuggles

That hardly counts as an argument.  )
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For Lightscreener
Prompt: Ratchet/Scavenger

It was never going to be okay again.  )

For copperzealot
Prompt: Bluestreak/Stunticons, Preferably something sweet/positive. Just happy.

Every one of them had their own charm.  )

For Nkfloofiepoof
Prompt: Grimlock/Starscream, knotting

Starscream lost count of the overloads somewhere around the fourth.  )

For Radio-Cybertron
Prompt: Rodimus/Megatron, Snow Patrol “Run”

Don't talk.  )
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Opinions, I have them. Feel free to ignore.

I liked this issue. Then again, I've liked this whole series and both seasons. Sure, I have things that annoy me or that I disagree with, but as a whole, MTMTE is one finely put together series, not just for Transformers, but as a Science Fiction comic in general. It makes you think, it makes you realize the grey areas and that has always been my favorite theme to read.

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Don't mind me. Just dropping of some meandering observations here, as I don't feel comfortable doing so on my Tumblr, for all that they aren't even that scandalous. XD. Feel free to ignore.

But in the midst of the current arc of MTMTE, season two to be more precise, I have to admit, I'm loving the whole Autobot Megatron arc. Not that I think he's an Autobot. He only took the Autobot badge because when you divide the world into factions, if you're not one, then you are the other, and only one of them is safe. Not even Neutrality would have been a safety net.

I know that in all likelihood Megatron is not going to stay an Autobot. And I am fine with that. If even it proves he's been playing the Autobots all along, I would not be surprised in the slightest. For Soundwave's sake especially.

But I do hope that we don't just return to the status quo. That some of Megatron's changes are genuine. That he still wants what he's always wanted, but now recognizes some of the methods he used weren't right. I don't want to see him returning to the rampaging madman, to the genocidal terrorist. I want him to work for the freedom of all Cybertronians without resorting to violence first.

I want him to be the fanfiction Megatron we all deserve rather than an endless cycle that we keep getting in canon. XD. Especially given the dark path Optimus is taking himself on right now.

That's just my two cents and hopes for the future. Don't mind me.... ^_^
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Title: Silver Linings
Pairings/Characters: Cyclonus/Tailgate, mentions of Lost Light Crew, Rodimus, Megatron
Universe: MTMTE, Season Two, sequel to Daylight Robbery
Rated M: sticky sex, non-explicit mentions of past noncon, panic attacks
Description: Cyclonus knows that recovery is a solitary burden, but it becomes one easier to bear with the unwavering support of Tailgate beside him.

Commission for notanevilmastermind

There was something comforting about Tailgate's presence, the warmth and weight of him.  )


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