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Title: A Steady Hand
Universe: IDW, post-Dark Cybertron, ex-RID/TAAO, Play By Numbers ‘verse
Characters: Ironhide/Starscream
Rated: M
Warnings: Sticky Sex
Description: Sometimes, you just had to take one for the team. So when an overworked, overstressed Seeker starts ranting to invisible things, his Chief of Security decides its high time he steps up to the plate.

Starscream might not’ve been the leader everyone particularly wanted, but he was the one they had. He had the potential to do a halfway decent job of it, too, if he gave himself half a chance. )

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Title: Chasing Cars
Universe: MTMTE, Season Two
Characters: Drift/Ratchet(/Rodimus)
Rating: M
Enticements: Threesome, Sticky Sexual Interfacing
Description: Secrets lingers in the nooks and crannies of a mech’s spark. Secrets that once outed, are impossible to ignore, especially when it comes to the tangled affections three mechs share.

Commission for Ruenesca. I may have gone a bit overboard with it. ;)

Sparks were complicated things. )
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Title: Place for my Head
Universe: IDW, RID, pre-Dark Cybertron
Characters: Bluestreak/Jazz, Sky-Byte, Blurr
Rating: M
Enticements: Sticky Sex
Description: There were all kinds of vices in the universe, ways to cope or forget, and Jazz had spent his nights in one berth or another, indulging in his. He never would have thought he’d find a kindred spirit in Bluestreak.

Jazz supposed mechs hid all kinds of things behind their smiles.  )
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a/n: C'mon. Ya'll can't say ya didn't see this coming. ;)

Title: Seven Minutes in Heaven
Universe: IDW, Truth in Advertising
Characters: Bluestreak, Jazz, Blurr
Rating: T
Description: This is entirely Starscream’s fault. And as soon as Jazz escapes this closet, he’s going to make Starscream pay. He only has to survive being this close to Bluestreak without making a fool of himself…

He was starting to suspect that this was not a glitch, but sabotage. Sabotage by the name of a smirking, smug Seeker who was going to need a new paintjob and quite possibly a new spike by the time Jazz was through with him. )
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a/n: Can't remember now how I got inspired for this, but it hit me out of nowhere and demanded attention so there I went. Enjoy!

Title: Better than Misery
Universe: MTMTE, Season Two
Characters: Ratchet/Rodimus
Rating: M
Warnings: Non-Sexual BDSM, Sticky Sexual Interfacing, Bondage, Spanking and Paddling, Painplay, Technically Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms
Description: It was static mesh, temp plating on an open wound, but Ratchet could not deny Rodimus, and maybe that was the problem.

Now you're out there with no target // So your friends become your aim // But there is no one left around you // So there is no one left to blame )

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Title: Wired for Sound
Universe: MTMTE
Characters: Vos/Tarn
Rating: M
Warnings: Dom/Sub, Bondage – verbal and physical, Sticky Sexual Interfacing, Genital Punishment, Genital Piercings, Painplay, Overload delay and denial
Description: Tarn might be the master of sound, but Vos had long since learned how to master his silence.

My half of an art/fic trade with @ugly-nicc

Vos could taste overload in Tarn's field, yet his commander held back. Mastered himself.  )
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Summary: In the wake of Obsidian’s second attack, Starscream makes a decision that may ruin everything.

Truth in Advertising – Chapter Thirty-One

Starscream didn’t mind if Blurr was angry with him, so long as Blurr was alive. )
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a/n: I don't even know how to tag this one, ya'll. So I did my best. Very NSFW commission here. Heed those warnings. 

Title: Shake Before Using
Universe: MTMTE, Season Two, Pre-Mutiny
Characters: Getaway/Tentacles
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Noncon, Tentacles, Plant-based Tentacles, Oviposition, Alien aphrodisiac, Jelly Breasts, Hatching of Alien Eggs
Summary: There were some things that not even the universe’s foremost authority in escapology could avoid, Getaway lamented. And a gigantic forest made of hungry, handsy vines was apparently one of them.

Commission for Anonymous

Primus. Getaway had heard stories about things like this. Mostly from deeply hidden porn-vids or terrible smut datapads. He didn’t think stuff like this was real. )
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Summary: Starscream returns home, expecting nothing, and is surprised when Blurr has something important to say.

Truth in Advertising – Chapter Twenty Eight

This was so much easier. Starscream went to that place, where he was cold and empty inside, and found it felt like home. )
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Summary: Blurr confronts Starscream about what he found in the Seeker’s basement, and lines are drawn.

Truth in Advertising – Chapter Twenty-Six
Everybody Lies

You are welcome to dissolve this partnership if you feel you can no longer walk in step with a monster. But do remember that there are worse things lurking beneath the streets of this city. )
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Title: A Sticky Wicket
Universe: Shattered Glass IDW MTMTE
Characters: Original Female Character, SG!DJD including Tarn, Tesarus, Helex, Kaon, Vos, and Nickel
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Description: Josie is already having a crappy day when she tumbles through an inter-dimensional vortex and appears on a spaceship filled with towering, yet surprisingly friendly robots.

Commission for an anonymous person. Inspired by the fanon idea that the Shattered Glass DJD would be devoted to caring for Decepticons, rather than punishing them. The planet Raetaen is only mentioned once in passing, but it is copyrighted to me, as part of one of my original universes. 

HWe are the Decepticon Justice Division, and it is our creed to care for any who need our help. )
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Summary: Starscream makes a deal with Bumblebee and the Autobots. Blurr stumbles upon one of Starscream’s secrets.

Truth in Advertising – Chapter 25
Courtesy Call

Swindle was up to something. Blurr just wished he could read between the lines to figure out what it was. )
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Title: The Frame That Feeds
Universe: IDW, MTMTE
Characters: Ratchet/Perceptor/Drift/Sunstreaker
Rated: M
Warnings: vampiric energon consumption, sticky sexual interfacing, double penetration, oral sex, aftercare, facesitting
Description: Triple the vampires, triple the pleasure. If more mechs knew about the side effects, they’d be volunteering, but frankly, Ratchet’s gonna keep this little secret all to himself.

Commission for Anonymous.

Based on (https://robo-hunter-chaim.tumblr.com/post/130685241071/horror-month-6-some-good-ol-fashioned-vampire) by robo-hunterchaim

Vampiric mechs – and thank you Swerve for that term – apparently enjoy feeding in groups. )
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Summary: Blurr and Starscream hold a press conference, and display a united front.

Truth in Advertising – Chapter 22

Battle for the Sun

Starscream was right, even if he was, well, Starscream. )


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