Mar. 1st, 2017

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 February was definitely a month of anxious change, and March will find me learning to settle into this new job and finding a new rhythm. I suspect the anxiety is going to linger until I get more confident. 

I'm back to that writer's block. I don't have any words. And I feel kind of... empty inside right now. Hard to get excited or interested in anything right now, which is making it doubly hard for those words to come. 

Commissions are still closed. I have a few that I owe, including the Postscript for Crown the Empire and the edits for a Ratchet/Drift/Rodimus, and I'll keep poking at those. I also have a Barbarian AU Commission that I need to finish. I have a few personal projects I might poke at, see if I can find the original enthusiasm I had for them. And of course, all of those WIPs lingering. 

Careful observers might note that I've marked several things on AO3 as complete now. They were usually ficlet collections or in the case of "A Happy Bottom" things that were always meant to be 'as inspiration strikes'. I'm marking them as complete because I don't know if I'll get inspired to add to them again. I deleted a couple original fics from there as well. 

If you've been looking to buy any of my published works, now's the time. By the end of March, I plan to unpublish all of them and tuck them away until I have both time and inspiration to actually give my original fiction the attention it deserves, along with promoting it and such. All of my original fic blogs are going on hiatus, too. If you continue to see A Royal Pursuit published anywhere, please don't buy it. My publisher went out of business and I have not received, nor will I receive, any royalties from the sale of that short story. 

March will still see some updates. I've been writing some things here and there, and polishing up the last of some things I wrote before the writer's block swallowed me whole. It'll probably be in huge update dumps though because I'm trying not to let disappointment set in. That's another story altogether though. 

Otherwise, it's all the same. Kinda sorta on hiatus. Nothing is abandoned. Nothing is up for adoption. Though there's a good chance fic ideas that I never wrote, or never started posting and only half-wrote, won't ever see the light of day. Still too early to say. 

Anyhow, massive thanks to people who are sticking with me through this... whatever this period is. I still hope that the muses come back because I know how frustrating and disappointing it is to be left with unfinished stories. 

See you next month!


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